Thursday 16 December 2010

Just Me

I know most of you that read this blog read it because of my adorable baby girl. But for those that are not super crazy about kids, especially all that breastfeeding stuff, I thought I will do a post on me for a change *grinz*

This december has been really hectic for me. I recently got back my thesis after the examiners have had a chance to look at it and it's not positive. They didn't fail me (THANK GOD!) but they needed me to do a lot of editing and corrections to it. It is a real downer on the morale if ya know what I mean. This means I have to postpone going out to work full time and work on this for the next few months. Sigh.

Anyway since Christmas is coming, I thought I will postpone looking at my thesis and work on preparing for the Christmas party that is coming up. I volunteered myself to be in charge of the welcome gifts.

Door gifts in the making...

I finished all 24 of the actual product in 2 days. Have to admit I'm actually pretty good at crafts. Haha. Will post more on the end product in the xmas party post. I'm actually looking forward to it seeing this year's theme is HATS and all. Plus me and sis will be coordinating the gift-exchange/secret santa segment. Hopefully everything will turn out well =)

Besides working on the party, I was also roped in by the sister to volunteer at the Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home. They have a parent's corner which has a blank white wall that requires painting. Sister has very little talent in the painting department so she asked me if I wanted to help out. If you didn't already know by now, I love kids. And I love painting. So of course I said yes. However, we underestimated the amount of time and effort needed though. Hopefully we can finish the whole project in one day. More on that in another post.

Anyone free on the 20th Dec 2010 (Monday) and want to help paint a wall?

Don't know if I love or hate Xmas. On one hand there's all the gift giving and sales. On the other hand, there's the itching fingers and emptying bank account... Love, hate, love, hate?? *both palms facing the sky, one hand goes up while the other goes down and vice versa*

Don't we all? *laughs*
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