Thursday, 31 December 2020

School Holiday Fun & Christmas 2020

We usually travel overseas during the year end school holidays. But with the borders still closed and lots of leave to clear, we decided to bring the kids to explore Singapore instead. 

We checked off many places in my checklist of fun places that I have always wanted to bring them:

[Nestopia @ Sentosa]

We also brought them to Nestopia, which is operated by Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort. It was free because we redeemed National Day tokens. 

Nestopia requires some competency in climbing and the structure is too small for adults to access. Hence, it's not very suitable for children who are too young and are not yet independent climbers. 

Nevertheless, the littlest girl was super determined to climb and since she had her older siblings to take care of her, I allowed it but with clear instructions to her siblings to 'take care of mei mei!".

The lucky littlest girl had her 2 siblings following her everywhere like her personal bodyguards! 

The littlest girl actually wanted to climb to the highest part of the playground but i felt it was just too ambitious as it was really high up. 

I told the siblings to bring their baby sister down and the littlest started wailing because she was not ready to stop climbing! Nevertheless, the siblings dragged her to the ground for her own safety. 

She had to contend with climbing the lower structures under our watchful eyes. 

The play time was only 45 minutes but it was more than enough time due to the scorching heat. The kids were more than happy to leave and get ourselves some ice cold drinks to cool down! 

[Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay]

I changed the kids' sweaty t-shirts to their Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) t-shirts before leaving Sentosa for the GBTB. The Flower Dome is always decorated according to the seasons and this time, it was the Christmas season! We love to utilise our GBTB membership and visit the domes every festive season! 

We love the Flower Dome for its 365 days a year lovely temperature for viewing flowers and other displays! It has definitely become a tradition for us to visit every season 😊



Christmas starts in November for us this year, as it does for us almost every year. Some of our decorations were already up before December! 

The kids were tasked to put up our 10-year-old Christmas tree, which will be seeing its last run this Christmas (some parts are so worn out that we have been keeping it up with lots of tape!). 

The tree gets adorned with presents, which the lucky kids have an abundance of! 

Christmas dinner was a simple zhi char takeaway we ordered via Grab Food, which is just the kind of dinner my family likes. 

My side of the family came to our house on Boxing Day for BBQ! My talented brother was the Head BBQ Chef! 👨‍🍳

My other brother (the sister's hubby) made his famous cheese fondue, which has become somewhat of a tradition at least once a year! 

The food was so yummy! We even had lobsters 😋

The family also celebrated my boy's birthday! My boy is so used to having log cakes as his birthday cake by now 😂

We had a gift exchange this year and presented mum with a brand new TV to replace her old and pixelated one! She was very happy 😊

All in all, despite COVID and everything, I'm still very grateful that our family is healthy and we all still get to keep our jobs. I'm thankful for God's blessings and count them one by one 😁

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! May Jesus be the light of your life as He is to me 😊


Our memories of our past Christmas celebrations:

Monday, 28 December 2020

My Boy's Birthday Staycation at Sofitel Singapore City Centre

Our last staycation of 2020 was at Sofitel Singapore City Centre. The hubby had booked the Family Staycation package via Klook to celebrate the boy's birthday.

On arrival at the hotel, we noticed that there were big bears everywhere, placed in strategic locations to remind you to keep a safe distance! 😂

We arrived at around 2pm and expected a queue but there wasn't any queue at all. We headed directly to the counters to check in. After getting our room key cards, we headed to check out our rooms.

Our club rooms were on the 19th floor, which offered nice views of the surrounding area. Our rooms were also very spacious and could easily fit a cot for the littlest.

There was a bathtub in the bathroom, which is now a must for every staycation that we book! 😁

Although we had unblocked views from our room, they were mainly of the high-rise buildings beside the hotel. However, if you stand in a certain part of the room and squint, you may just see a glimpse of the sea 🤣

Our rooms had all the typical amenities, especially a Nespresso machine, which was much appreciated by the coffee-loving hubby.

The hotel also prepared a bag of masks, hand sanitiser and wet wipes for each room. The toiletries in the bathroom was also Lanvin (branded eh)! 😂 

Our Family Staycation package also comes with up to 2 kids tents per room. However, if you requested for a cot, they will not be able to accommodate the tents in the same room. 

We informed the hotel that we were celebrating the boy's birthday and although they said they couldn't do any decorations, they did attempt to put a birthday sign on one of the tents. They also gave us a tart, which the eldest girl quite enjoyed since the birthday boy only eats chocolate for anything 😜

We brought our own decorations to spice up the tents! The boy is recently into Minecraft, so here's his Minecraft-themed birthday! 😁

As we could register another adult and child for the 2nd room, the bro-in-law brought Cousin E to join the celebrations!

The kids really loved the tent! They enjoyed crawling in it and playing with the balloons that came with the Minecraft decor package. 

When it came time for Afternoon Tea, which was included in our package, we headed down to the restaurant. We sat at separate tables due to social distancing requirements. 

The Afternoon tea goodies came in a 2-tiered box. The first layer were the sweets while the second layer were the savouries. The hubby loves savoury food while I love sweet food so this was perfect for both of us! 

The boy only likes chocolate flavour anything, like I mentioned, hence he could only eat the chocolate cake and hot chocolate. 

I quite enjoyed both the sweet and savoury bites, though I preferred the sweet as you would imagine. I also enjoyed my pot of TWG tea, which went really well with the food. However, it was quite a lot of food, we had to take away half of it to the room to eat later. 

After tea, the cousins spent time playing together in separate rooms. 

They had so much fun! I was happy for any chance that they get to bond with each other because being close to your cousins is a real gift, as I myself can personally attest to! 

Since the boy loves chocolate, the hubby and I bought a slice of chocolate cake from the Starbucks at Level 1 of the hotel. I surrounded the chocolate cake with some of the Afternoon Tea bites that we brought back from the restaurant and decorated everything with Minecraft decor! The boy was so happy! 

Cousin E didn't stay for the night as she needed her mummy's milk so it was just the two eldest in the tents at night. 

I actually thought the 'princessy' eldest girl would give up sleeping in her tent in the middle of the night and join her grandma on the king bed but she didn't! She said the tent was so comfortable that she enjoyed sleeping in it! 

Mum-in-law also reported that both of them whispered secrets and giggled for about an hour before falling asleep in their tents. It was the first time that the Mum-in-law could enjoy a good night's sleep on the king bed by herself! 

The next morning we got up early to have our breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. 

Coincidentally, it was also the start of Phase 3 where people can finally dine in groups of 8 instead of 5. This was significant for us as it meant that our family could finally dine together! No more split tables! 

We got a huge table in the part of the restaurant that offered us nice views of the neighbourhood. We ordered our breakfast by scanning a QR code.  

Breakfast was OK, nothing to really shout about except for their TWG tea. 

We wanted to go swimming after breakfast but we didn't manage to book a slot. However, the hotel suggested that we try our luck at the swimming pool itself, in case any guest did not turn up or did not utilise the full 1.5 hours per session. 

Since our package came with late check-out at 4pm, we decided to try our luck for the session with the most likelihood of available slots (due to the typical 12pm check-out time): 11am-12.30pm. We headed to the pool at 11.30am, crossing our fingers that there will be available slots. The staff informed us that there were 3 slots available, but there were 5 of us. However, after waiting for just 5 minutes, a couple left the pool and there were enough slots for all of us! 🙌🏻

The pool wasn't very big but there was a wadding area that's good for the little ones who may be scared of jumping straight into the deep end. 

The water was cold but the kids jumped in readily since they were all wearing their insulated swim suits. 

You can see my littlest girl swimming independently in the water with nothing but arm floats 😊

My girls are natural born swimmers just like their mummy *beams* 🤩

There was also a warmer jaccuzi that we also enjoyed as a family. 

When the session came to an end at 12.30pm, we headed back to our room to wash up and have our lunch (which the hubby and I bought from the nearby Keisuke). 

When I talked to my boy later that day, he told me he had a great time and loved his birthday. After patiently waiting the whole year for his birthday to come, I hope it was worth the wait 😁



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