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HK VIII Day 4-5: Hong Kong Disneyland with Littlest Baby

[DAY 4]

As a big Disney fan, I need my regular dose of Disney Magic every year 😂

Although we've been to Disneyland many times, this is the first time that we're bringing a baby under 1 year old! Oh my... wish me luck! 😣

When we visited Hong Kong Disneyland previously in 2016, my older girl was still very willing to dress up as Snow White. She is now a tween and has completely outgrown her princess dress-up days! *sob* Thankfully, she is still ok to wear Minnie headbands with me! 😂😍

Family photo at the entrance!


Our main purpose for re-visiting Hong Kong Disneyland is to visit the new Marvel attractions at Tomorrowland! The hubby is a big Marvel fan and was finally less resistant to Disneyland as a result 😅

Stark Industries

Ant-Man & The Wasp

Our first ride of the day was Ant-Man and the Wasp. I love that the decoration was detailed and true to the film! There was no queue when we went so we could go on as many times as we liked!

Excited to ride the Ant-Man and the Wasp ride!
In our capsule and ready to shoot some targets! 

The best part about the ride was the fact that I could bring my baby to ride it as many times as we wanted! I still can't believe that they were super ok with me carrying my 7 month old littlest girl on the ride! I was also very amazed that my baby was so cool with the darkness and flashing lights too. She did not even flinch and looked really excited as if she is a part of the action as well!

Very fun ride and definitely worth the many many times that we went on it! 😁

Iron Man Experience

The hubby's favourite Marvel character is definitely Iron Man! We were really excited to experience the 4D ride!

Iron Man Experience

Unfortunately the baby can't ride this, hence, you'd need to do the parent switch (one parent rides and then switches with the other parent).

One of the 5 pods for the ride

To be honest, I didn't like that they only opened one pod when there were 5 available. I get that they didn't want to open all 5 due to manpower and efficiency as there were not a lot of guests but the minimum should be 2 at least. This is probably the only Disneyland I've been to that opened only 1/5 of their ride. Makes me wonder how long they will survive with such dwindling visitors to the park.

The ride itself was quite good and the hubby actually went on it twice! This is really rare for the hubby who hardly ever go on any ride more than once. I told you he's a big fan of Iron Man! *laughs*

Heroic Encounter with Iron Man

We queued for about 30 minutes just to meet with Iron Man in person and believe me, it was worth the wait!

Introduction to Stark Expo and Iron Man's secret technology

In the middle of the speech, which was in Cantonese, Iron Man made his appearance!

We met Iron Man! Yay!

This was definitely a highlight of our visit!

Hyperspace Mountain

I don't have any photos of this and that's really sad because it was probably the first and last time my kids went on Hyperspace Mountain. I managed to convince them to go, and they both teared at the end of the ride because they were so scared! Guess they're like their parents and hate roller coasters in general 😄

They are probably never going to trust me again when I tell them a ride is "not scary"... 😔


Mickey & the Wonderous Book

We went to watch a show at the Storybook Theatre!

Enjoyed a super cute ice-cream before the show
The Storybook that's the heart of the whole performance
Jungle book
Rapunzel and Ariel's duet

The songs were in English but the dialogue and the rest of the show was in Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles. I had to translate for the kids for most of the show as they couldn't really see the subtitles and didn't understand Cantonese. Other than the language difficulties, it was a great show!

FYI, the princess castle was under construction when we went and will probably only be ready earliest 2020. On first glance, I thought it was going to be princess Jasmine's castle, which will be so cool! Unfortunately it will be a combination of various castles put together to form one unique castle.

Transformation in the process

They are also going to build a Frozen-themed land in the coming years! Will bring the littlest back when she is old enough to like Frozen 🤣

Cinderella Carousel

The boy has never been on the Cinderella Carousel so this is just for him!

Super excited to be on the horses 🎠

In case you're wondering, I was on the carriage with the littlest baby 😀

Royal Banquet Hall

We usually eat at the Royal Banquet Hall when we visit because of the princess decor!

Simple meal with a Disney twist
Dim sum

Food is pricey and taste very ordinary but that's how it is dining in a theme park.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The baby was allowed to ride the Winnie the Pooh ride!

Winnie the Pooh ride

Once again, she was unfazed by the darkness and the flashing lights. In fact, she looked like she was going to sleep! 😄

It's a Small World

This is probably the only Disneyland in the world that you can ride this without a queue 😄

It's a small world after all! 
On our boat
Aladdin and Jasmine
Love the beautiful national costumes of people around the world


Meeting Moana

We bumped into Moana on our way to Toy Story Land!

Love our group photo! 

We continued walking away from Main Street, happy to skip the Flight of Fantasy Parade because we had already seen and even participated in it in the previous trip.


We really wanted to ride the Mystic Manor ride but it was down for some reason! So sad =(

Explorer's Club Restaurant

We decided to have our dinner at the Explorer's Club Restaurant and it was a good decision. The food was good and it wasn't very crowded.

Dinner at the Explorer's Club Restaurant
Yummy fried rice with prawn and satay


Toy Story Land was our last stop before we made our way back to Main Street for the evening parade.

Lovely photo of me and the kids

As I was busy taking photos, the hubby shouted to me that he spotted Buzz Lightyear!

Meet & Greet with Buzz Lightyear

By the time I rushed over, the queue was already closed and Buzz was finishing his shift 😢

We had to make do with waving and walking him out...

Hello Buzz! So sad that I missed out a photo with him 😞

Slinky Dog Spin

As Toy Story Land was about to close, the kids managed to squeeze in one last ride on Slinky Dog!

Round and round we go!

They were super sad that they couldn't go for one more ride.


We love Mickey Projection Show

There were no more fireworks as the castle is under construction, hence, in its place, they've got a new projection show at Main Street featuring Mickey Mouse.

It's a nice show but I still preferred fireworks.

Disney Paint the Night Parade

The finale of our day was the awesome night parade! Was definitely one of the highlights!

Flying Tinkerbell!
I think it must be really painful for her to be suspended like this!
Monsters Inc
Belle and Ariel! Love Ariel's float!
And I still have not gotten a photo with Belle! 😞
Left: Mickey and Minnie!
Right: Lightning McQueen and Mack! Love the level of detail that went into the Cars characters!

Minnie saw our head bands and waved directly at the girl and I while pointing at our heads 😄 That's why I love you Minnie! 😍

And that was the end of our magical day at Hong Kong Disneyland! 💙

Compared to our previous visit to Hong Kong Disneyland, there were a few things missing this time:
  • No castle, hence, no fireworks 
  • Very little character meet and greet; we didn't meet any princesses at all other than Moana (I suspect because there was no castle)
  • No Fairytale Forest (therefore no meet and greet with Tinkerbell or any of the villians who live in the forest)
  • No Festival of the Lion King musical

It's really sad but overall we still had a fun experience with other highlights of the day!

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[Day 5]

We said goodbye to the happiest place on Earth before heading to the airport. We had a great time while we were here and thank God for a very safe trip!

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Our last meal in Hong Kong before heading back to Singapore 😋

This is my eighth trip to Hong Kong and am very certain that it would not be my last! Till next time! 😁


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HK VIII Day 3: Disney Explorers Lodge

We decided to join the locals at a very traditional Hong Kong Cha Chan Tang just 5-minute walk from our hotel. The moment we stepped into the cafe, we knew right away that we were fish out of water. Locals have the habit of going to the same cafe for breakfast so they know who are regulars and who are foreigners like us. Everything here is in Chinese/Cantonese so thankfully we read and speak the language!

Simple but tasty breakfast that the locals typically eat for breakfast

This breakfast was the cheapest of all our meals in Hong Kong! 😄

After breakfast, we prepared to check out of our hotel to go on to Disneyland! This Disney fan needs her annual dose of Disney magic! 😄

We like to stay at the Disney official hotels for its amenities and proximity to the park. Previously we stayed at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel so this time we decided to stay at the newly built Disney Explorers Lodge for a different experience.

Entrance to Disney Explorers Lodge
Interior reminds me of Africa
Left: We got a Priority Admission Pass for certain attractions, which was one of the perks of staying at the hotel;
Right: Love the crafty Mickey rings that they were giving out to the kids while waiting for check in. 
Our very cute room card

The hotel was very deserted when we arrived as a result of the drop in tourism ever since the start of the protests. We were able to check into our room immediately, which was located on the same level as the lobby.

We booked the Standard Double Room via Agoda and paid S$235 per room per night (no breakfast). We didn't find it expensive as compared to other official Disneyland hotels that we have stayed at, this is one of the cheapest. The room can accommodate up to 4 adults on 2 queen beds.

Two queen beds and they even put in a bed rail to prevent a baby/child from falling off
Baby girl enjoying herself on the bed
Left: Super cute handmade Chip and Dale;
Right: Disney Explorer Lodge toiletries box. Love it! ❤️
The sink is located beside the bed and has a stool for little kids
The bathroom is simple with the usual Disney bottles
Bedroom slippers and bathrobes are provided
Love that the bin allows you to separate recyclable trash and regular trash! They should have this in every hotel! 
The awesome view from our room! 
Selfies with the baby, who was in a really good mood!

We had a little bit of time so I brought the kids to Nemo's Recreation Reef to participate in the craft activity that they organised. There're different activities at different time slots so do check their schedule for more details.

Nemo's Recreation Reef,
most ideal for kids 2 to 10 years old
Sunken ship play structure
Climbing up and into a fish net
Little area for smaller children
Slide down the slide
Busy working on their craft activity, which was a door hanger

It was a small play room but kids still had fun. They liked the craft activity a lot!

When we were done with the activity, we rejoined the rest of the family to head to Citygate Outlets in search of shopping and food. We took the hotel's free shuttle bus to Disneyland Resort Station and took the MTR to Tung Chung Station (transfer at Sunny Bay Station).

In the Disneyland train from Disney Resort Station to Sunny Bay Station

Shopping wasn't that fun as it wasn't a sale period but we still managed to buy winter boots for the kids and I for our upcoming trip to Nagoya. We had a simple lunch at the food court and headed back to the hotel for a swim in their pool.

The Disney Explorer Lodge in the evening
Beautiful waterfall
Noodles and pool toys were provided to guests for use
Both us and the kids love the pool noodles! So fun!
Baby and grandma watching at the side

I have to say, the pool is definitely smaller and a lot less fun than the pool at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel as the latter has a slide! But not to worry, if you have time you can go visit the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel pool as guests of any of the 3 official hotels can visit and use the amenities of the other hotels during their visit! Another great perk of staying at the official Disney hotels!

The Disney Explorers Lodge is nice and new but I still prefer the princess vibe of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. If I get the chance, I will stay there again 😄

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Download the printable itineraries of our previous trips to Hongkong in 2014 and in 2016;
Check out our full list of kid-friendly attractions in Hong Kong
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