Wednesday, 21 September 2016

CocoLatte Pockit Stroller

I've been wanting to write about our latest stroller but haven't had the time till now. It's by far the only stroller that we've ever owned that can fit into my backpack!

Yup, it's the legendary Pockit, the world's smallest folded stroller.

There are two brands (that I know of) that produces the Pockit stroller: Goodbaby and CocoLatte. I bought the latter because it 1) was cheaper (I paid only S$199), and 2) was not out of stock.

The key difference between the two is probably the material and colour of the seat (CocoLatte does not have as many colours) but it does not affect the functionality of the stroller so I'm not bothered by it.

CocoLatte Pockit Stroller
(ordered on Qoo10)
Look at how small it is!

The smallest fold as seen above requires you to fold the two back wheels in but you can also choose not to fold it in (it's a faster close).

Here's a video of how the Pockit works (by GoodBaby):

I bought it when my boy is about 1.5 years old and he rides in it till now.

My boy testing out the stroller for the first time

I brought it to Tokyo and packed it into my backpack as I had planned to bring onboard the plane. It was the first time that I was able to bring his stroller onboard the plane and use it the moment we landed.

Left: Pockit stroller kept in my backpack;
 Right: We brought both our lightweight strollers for the trip so that both kids can nap whenever they wanted.

The seat can't be reclined though so your child may have difficulty sleeping. My kids sleep anywhere as long as they are sleepy so it didn't pose a problem for us (as you can see below).

My boy sleeping soundly in the stroller while we had our dinner

I sometimes carry it around in a big recycle bag and it works too. Because it is so easy to carry around, I've taken a bus with my two kids and the stroller alone and had no problems =)

The Pockit stroller fits nicely into my recycle bag

In summary, the pros and cons of the stroller are:

  • Small enough to fit into your backpack/ big totebag
  • Does not take up space in your car boot/ storeroom / etc
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to navigate and push
  • Relatively inexpensive (cost about S$200-300)

  • Very small canopy and basket
  • Seat cannot recline
  • Require some practice to open and close the stroller
  • Cannot hang heavy things on the handle
  • Not suitable for babies younger than 6 months
  • Not suitable for children heavier than 15kg

Overall, if you're looking for a toddler stroller that's compact and light then I highly recommend this.

If you need a stroller that can serve as your trolley or baby's bed but still lightweight then you might wanna consider my Peg Perego Pliko Mini (will write about it soon as I love it just as much! =D). If you need a heavy-duty double stroller, you can consider our Baby Jogger City Select, which is great for when both kids need to nap.

Yes I know, that's a lot of strollers in one house! (*laughs*). We have owned at least 5 strollers in the time that we have become parents and these are the ones that I really love =)

Happy stroller-strolling everyone! =)

Monday, 19 September 2016

Our First Home (3): Craft & Study Room

We wanted our 3rd room to fulfill a lot of functions. It had to accommodate:
1) our computer table (aka multi-purpose table)
2) a craft corner for me
3) a wardrobe to put the kids' stuff
4) a bookcase for our books
5) a place to hang laundry (the hubby didn't want it to diminish the aesthetics of our balcony)

So while I call it our craft and study room, it is really our japalang-whatever-does-not-fit-in-other-rooms-goes-in-here room *laughs*


Unlike the other rooms in the house, this room probably went through the least transformation other than a wall fan and a change of windows and wall colour.

Left of the room
Right of the room


We used the same window treatment (Combi blinds from Contempo) and wall colour as the kids room to continue the colour scheme and overall design.

Our craft / study / multi-purpose room

The Study Corner

Computer table placed on the right side of the room
with our press features decorating the main wall below the air-con
This is mostly the hubby's corner,
with me only using the pop-out table for my various craft projects.

We got our computer table from VHive and we liked that it had a pop-out table that can be used when we need it and tucked away nicely when we don't.

The side-table next to our computer table was initially from our bedroom and I nearly threw it away because it was all yellow and ugly. Until I got the idea to cover it with wallpaper from Kaison. Now it is so pretty and provides us with additional storage space =)

Storage boxes that I got from IKEA during a sale and properly labelled
(no box goes unlabelled in my house! *laughs*)

The Craft Corner

I have always wanted a craft corner that allows me to access my craft materials easily and conveniently (I don't have to dig through a large box to find what I need!). Hence, I made sure that organisation was the priority for my craft corner! =)

Left: If we need to house a guest temporarily, the pop-out table that I use for crafting can be moved to the wall, which then gives us a big space to put a mattress.;
Right: My craft corner on the left of the room.
Decorated with a map of the places I have travelled to so far, my favourite Tin Tin art that I got from Vietnam, family photos and the certificate of my highest educational achievement (which I never had a chance to display till now!)

I love my scratch-the-countries-I've-been-to map (even though the hubby doesn't *boo*). It shows me how much more of the world that I have yet to explore and keeps me going at work! *grin*

Beneath my displays are my craft materials (and other collectibles), organised neatly in boxes and clearly labelled. Everything in its proper place =)

Left: My art canvases (of art in progress) and easel (all from Art Friend);
Right: Boxes piled in and on top of my pink Kallax that I got from IKEA during their IKEA Family sale. So pretty right? =)
Left: Who doesn't love a good IKEA Raskog trolley for all my art supplies! I can push it anywhere in the house to do my art.;
Right: These cheap and good containers (cost 50 cents only!) from IKEA can be hung at the side for additional storage.

I've always wanted to be more proactive with our family's recycling efforts so I got a black container from IKEA for our recyclable waste.

For those of you who are wondering how you can organise your paint and brushes, you can consider cutting up cardboard and putting them into your container to divide the space into little compartments
(see my tutorial on organising paint for more details).

The Cabinet / Laundry Corner

Since the hubby did not want our laundry to be hung in the balcony, I decided to install our laundry drying stand in the least prominent corner of our house (you won't even realise that it is there unless you enter the room). I love our laundry drying stand as it is so space-saving and convenient to use! Do note that we only hang our outdoor clothes here. There's another laundry rack in the kitchen for other stuff like towels and underwear.

Left to right: Our bookcase from VHive (S$269);
Laundry drying stand from Isetan (S$40);
2-door wardrobe from VHive (S$499).

We actually wanted a darker brown for our wardrobe but decided to settle on this lighter one because it was on sale for less than S$500! It was too good a deal to pass up! I can always change the colour using wallpaper from Kaison in future =)

Left: I'm amazed that all my books could fit into this bookcase, with more than enough space left for more
(not that I'm going to buy since I've got the Kindle);
Right: My girl's "going out" clothes and our growing collection of Lego
We love comics like Baby Blues and Sherman's Lagoon. Not forgetting the soon-to-be extinct manga (this is only 5% of our actual collection, which is in the storeroom)

And there you have it; Four rooms in one! It's such a joy to see my vision of the room coming to pass =)

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This post is part of my series on Our First Home where I'll share our renovation and home decoration ideas and review our renovation company and various vendors.

Join us on our journey as we make a house our home =)

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Monday, 5 September 2016

Our First Home (2): Kids Room

The kids room not only had to accommodate my kids' stuff, it had to also accommodate my mum-in-law, who will stay with us whenever she is not at her own home (which is a lot *laughs*). Hence, the room should look bright and cheery without looking overly kiddy.


Blank white wall with a wall fan that the previous owner kindly left for us
The old railings


We went with a lighter shade of blue so that it will brighten up the space but yet fit with the rest of our house (which is mostly blue, grey, black and white).

Toy corner with a small art wall above for my cross stitch and my girl's art pieces (she doesn't have many now but she will soon have a lot once I start sending her for art classes)

We also loved how our blue tri-coloured (3 different shades of blue) Combi blinds enhanced the room and made you feel like you're in the ocean. It matches perfectly with the main star of the kids room: the multipurpose bed!

The Combi blinds and custom bed.
My girl chose the colour of the bed herself =)

It's a special custom bed that we bought from Nova. I actually wanted to go for something smaller and cheaper but the hubby wanted two beds, lots of storage space and a table for my kids so this bed made more sense. Thankfully our kids room was big enough to fit this "monster" bed with more than enough room on each side =)

The table has side shelves that can hold books or magazine and can also be pushed inside when not in use. Very convenient!
More than enough shelves for my kid's things
(for now it's my girl's things because my boy is still young)
Left: My old dresser beside the stairs for their (kids and mum-in-law) clothes. The stairs are storage spaces too!;
Right: View of the bed from the left.

My white dresser is looking really ugly so I gave it a make over by covering it with wallpaper that I got from Malacca (RM19.90 only, cheap and good!).

Love how it looks with the rest of the room! =)

We decorated the room simply with some art pieces I did and wall stickers of crowns and my girl's favourite mermaid.

Clockwise from left: My girl sleeps on top and if you notice, she needs to have her own dedicated fan (she's exactly like her daddy like that);
Art that I painted for the kids;
She told me where to stick what, I just made sure they passed #TheMadelineStandardofOrganisation *grin*

It's mainly my girl's decoration for now since the brother is still young and does not sleep in the room yet. I'm sure the kids room will evolve as the years go by and it will probably look nothing like how it does now!

Oh and if you're wondering where their wardrobe is, that's in the next post.. Watch this space ;P

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This post is part of my series on Our First Home where I'll share our renovation and home decoration ideas and review our renovation company and various vendors.
Join us on our journey as we make a house our home =)

You can also follow me on Instagram via the hashtag #houseofkmjj! =)

Monday, 22 August 2016

Our First Home (1): Master Bedroom & Bathroom

Getting our first house together was a looong (too long >_<) and tedious process. We knew we wanted a resale 5-bedroom HDB flat because we liked being able to choose the location, level, view and structure of the house. We searched and by the grace of God, found the right one slightly below valuation =)

We placed a deposit in December and had to wait 3-4 months for the actual transaction (that's the norm for resale flats). Our renovations started at the beginning of April and were promised that it will only take 2.5 months. However, the whole renovation was only completed at the end of July! Four whole months! *grr*

Thankfully the renovation was completed (honest review of our ID & company in a separate post) one week before our rental contract was up (lucky we rented!) and we moved from our rental place to our new place at the end of July.

Since a lot of my friends/ readers are or will also be going through the same process, I thought I'll document our journey before and after for your reference =)

Our home is still work in progress but I thought I'll start with our master bedroom because it was the first room that I had finished after we had moved in (it's the room I spend the most of my time in!).


One of the corners of our room after the owners had moved out
Left: entry into the bedroom;
Right: The bathroom before renovation
After demolition



The husband wanted a black and white bathroom so our Interior Designer (ID) came back with a few designs and we picked the one we liked the most:

3D Mock Up courtesy of our ID

Our ID brought us to pick our tiles and though I wanted more colour in the bathroom, I was out-voted by the hubby and our ID *sigh*

Contractors in the midst of putting up the tiles

Although we bought the accessories (e.g. toilet bowl, towel rack, shower, sink, tap and mirrors) ourselves from various shops, our ID provided the installation for free.

We were quite pleased with the final look!

Our master bathroom =)
Tons of hanging space above our toilet bowl
Our shower area with my chosen side rack to put our toiletries

The glass divider was supposed to have a door but we did away with it so that the toilet will not feel so cramped (it's already sooo small; I'm not complaining though, I have less to clean!).

We chose black and grey for our doors to go with the black, grey, blue and white colour scheme of our house.

The bathroom door (left) and the master bedroom door (right)
(all the room doors are the same)


I've always wanted a walk-in wardrobe and since we couldn't knock down the kitchen wall to open up the kitchen (will talk about that later), we used the money we saved from that to build our mini walk-in wardrobe =)

3D Mock Up of our bedroom courtesy of our ID
Actual drawings of our wardrobe dimensions by our ID
(who did not take into consideration the limits of our floor area until it was time to install and ended up having to switch the original design and rebuild it. This was just one of the many delays of this project..*sigh*)
Choosing the colours of our wardrobe
(black and blue, in sycn with the rest of the house)
The wall that divided our bedroom into two

In all fairness, although our ID took forever to get our wardrobe done, at least it was done really well.

Before and after!

The moment we moved in, I couldn't wait to organise our wardrobe (yes the OCD kicking in *laughs*)! Took me a good 4-5 days to get it organised just the way I like it #theMadelineStandardofOrganisation =)

Left: My side of the wardrobe (all colour-coordinated and neat;
Right: Hubby's side of the wardrobe (with a shelf and drawer that's mine). Less colour-coordination but at least he attempts to keep it relatively neat =)

Surprisingly, it was the hubby who decided that an open wardrobe would look nicer. I'm not complaining; I get to see (and display) my beautifully organised wardrobe any time I want! *laughs*

Clockwise from left: The look of the wardrobe from the bedroom door;
Keeping things clean and organised with cloth boxes that are labelled clearly so that you'll always know where everything is;
My little beauty corner =)

If you have an open wardrobe like ours, it's good to buy cloth boxes from Ikea, Japan Home or Mini So like I did because they will keep your things free from dust and make your wardrobe look less cluttered.

For the icing on the cake, I put the full length mirror at the corner next to the bathroom. And this is no ordinary mirror; it stores my entire collection of accessories!

My super awesome full length mirror
(bought on Qoo10 by the bro-in-law but they decided later that a dresser fit their lifestyle more so this became mine =D)
Look at all the storage!
There's even a place to store your rings and studs!

Gotta say, getting ready every morning is a real pleasure =)

For the rest of the room, we kept it relatively simple (I'm no minimalist and don't ever want to be one so to me, this is simple).

Our combi blinds from Korea that we got from Contempo at a good price during their annual sale
(They made a mistake with the measurement of the blinds in our room but were willing to fix it for us free of charge)
Our bed
(the same one we've been sleeping on since we got married)
The thing about resale flats is that at least it's big enough to fit my queen bed AND a toddler bed.
Was super happy that it fit just right, with some space on the other side for our safe/ side table.

I was a bit apprehensive that our room will feel cramped since we were wanting a lot in just one room. However, although it looks pretty cramped in the photos, our room actually feels quite spacious =)

Our small TV Console that can accommodate our DVD player, TV Box and Speakers with more than enough storage for everything else
(we don't have cable TV in the room so I've been catching up on all 10 seasons of FRIENDS on DVD)
The aircon installation guy told me that the heat from the TV could cause condensation in our aircon and affect its functioning. His recommendation was to install a shelf, which was what we did.
My kids enjoying a movie in our room

Totally love our master bedroom! Hope that you had enjoyed touring it =)

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This post is part of my series on Our First Home where I'll share our renovation and home decoration ideas and review our renovation company and various vendors.
Join us on our journey as we make a house our home =)

You can also follow me on Instagram via the hashtag #houseofkmjj! =)
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