Monday, 29 June 2015

22 Crafts Made Using Daiso

Everybody loves Daiso because everything in Daiso costs only S$2 (S$1.20 only in Japan)! With so many items for sale, Daiso is heaven for mummies like us looking for a good deal.

I've always looked to Daiso for my crafting needs, as do a lot of the Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB). I've decided to compile all of our craft posts for your easy reference! Be inspired and have fun crafting! =)

22 Crafts You Can Make Using Stuff From Daiso:

1) Rainbow Blocks

Photo credit: Mum in the Making

Promote imagination, colour recognition and stacking with these easy to make yet very pretty rainbow blocks!

Learn how to make these with Diaso wooden blocks & watercolour paints here!

2) House-Building Blocks

Photo credit: Mum in the Making

Build your dream house, complete with a fence and trees with these draw-it-yourself house-building blocks. Just draw whatever you like! And you can easily make it even if you can't draw really well.

Learn how to make these with Diaso wooden blocks & permanent markers here!

3) Name Blocks

Photo credit: Growing with the Tans

Teach your kids how to spell their name and other words with yet another way to transform your wooden blocks. Who says spelling has to be boring?

Learn how to make these with Daiso wooden blocks here!

4) Colour Sorting Game

Photo credit: Xavvy-licious

Teach colour word-recognition with this easy to make colour sorting game.

Learn how to make these with Diaso sticky memo, laminating paper & magnets here!

5) Under the Sea Fishing Game

Photo credit: MadPsychMum (that's me!)

Instead of the usual fish, I decided to make different marine animals for my girl to fish. They are so cute yet small enough to bring out with you for your kids to play with when they are bored.

Learn how to make these with Daiso multi-colour felt & magnets here!

6) Felt Play Scene

Photo credit: Mum in the Making

Make a play scene for your animals with felt. You can make a river for the crocodiles, a jungle for the monkeys or a sea for the marine animals (such as those in #5). What is a story without the scene right?

Learn how to make this with Daiso felt & thread here!

7) Button Snake Activity

Photo credit: The Js Arena

Another activity you can make to keep your child busy is this button snake that will train your child's hand-eye coordination as well as instill patience as he/she threads the button ribbon through the felt.

Learn how to make this with Daiso multi-colour felt, ribbons & buttons here and here!

8) Finger Puppets

Photo credit: Joey Craft Workz

Why buy finger puppets when you can make your own? These are easy enough to do, even for your kids!

Learn how to make these with Daiso finger gloves, multi-colour felt & embroidery threads here!

9) Horse Hood 'Costume'

Photo credit: Mum in the Making

Going to a farm-themed party? This is perfect for transforming clothes that you already have without spending a ton of money.

Learn how to make this with Daiso felt & threads here!

10) Continent Map

Photo credit: Homeschool@SG

This is really expensive to buy so why not make one? The difficulty level can be quite high because you have to trace and cut them to exact proportions but the sense of achievement is incredibly .

Learn how to make this with Daiso felt & threads here!

11) Light Box

Photo credit: Growing with the Tans

Spark your child's curiosity and excitement with this fun light box. Everything looks better with illumination doesn't it?

Learn how to make this with Daiso containers, LED touch lights & marble accents here!

12) Shadow Box Wall Decoration

Photo credit: A Juggling Mom

Love scrapbooking but don't know where to start? Get a simple shadow box, fill it up and you're done! Easy to do and pretty to display.

Learn how to make this with a Diaso shadow box here!

13) Inspirational Frame Wall Decoration

Photo credit: MadPsychMum (that's me!)

Have an inspirational quote or favourite bible verse that you would like to display? Just print it out and frame it. It is a great present for friends and family as well.

Learn how to make these with Diaso photo frames & decorating tapes here!

14) Wooden Door Signs

Photo credit: MadPsychMum (that's me!)

I love displaying door signs as much as I love making them. They can be given as a gift for friends and family or even to display in your own house or office cubicle.

Learn how to make this with Diaso wooden boards & decorating tapes here!

15) Personalised Magnets

Photo credit: MadPsychMum (that's me!)

Ordinary magnets are so boring so why not spice it up with some personalisation? Add stickers and photos to magnets and make them one-of-a-kind.

Learn how to make these with Diaso magnets here!

16) Personalised iPhone Cover

Photo Credit: Sakura Haruka

This is an awesome idea for those of you looking for a one-of-a-kind iPhone cover for your handphone. It's unique, pretty and best of all, very easy to do.

Learn how to make this with Diaso iPhone cover, decorating tapes & gemstone stickers here!

17) Beading Necklaces

Photo credit: Homeschool@SG

Let your child make their own necklaces with these DIY necklace-making kits. Your child learns hand-eye coordination, patience and best of all, a sense of accomplishment.

Learn how to make these with Diaso necklace-making kit here!

18) Under the Sea Party Bag

Photo credit: Mum in the Making

Make pretty party bags to fit the theme of your party by painting and embellishing paper bags. Cheaper and more environmentally friendly than plastic bags in my opinion!

Learn how to make these with Diaso paper bags & watercolour here!

19) Easter Gift Bag

Photo credit: Catch Forty Winks

Here's another variation of the party paper bags, this time by sticking washi tape and decorations. You can make bunnies for Easter, Xmas trees for Christmas, or even mandarin oranges for Chinese New Year.

Learn how to make this with Diaso paper bags, wooden pegs & decorative tape here!

20) Christmas Wreath

Photo credit: A Juggling Mom

Make this Christmas Wreath for a fraction of the price! You can decorate and even personalise it in any way you like.

Learn how to make this with Diaso wreaths, plastic vine leaves & ribbons here!

21) Art

Photo credit: MadPsychMum (that's me!)

Daiso sells good quality canvases and acrylic paints for just S$2. I prefer buying a whole set from Art Friend (see #22 below) rather than individually from Daiso though.

Learn how to make this with Diaso canvas & paints here and here!

22) Paints Container

Photo credit: MadPsychMum (that's me!)

I was looking for a container to put my paints and I couldn't find one that I liked so I decided to make one using Daiso's famous containers. This only cost me S$4!

Learn how to make this with Diaso magazine containers here!


We hope that you have been inspired by these ideas! We've got more to come so stay tuned! =)

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post, although all of us wish it were. We are just a group of very creative SMBs who are hard core Daiso addicts and who love to share our ideas with other budget-conscious parents. All creative works are 100% ours.

Friday, 26 June 2015

DIY Under the Sea Fishing Game

I saw this online somewhere and loved the idea so I went to Daiso (like everybody else) to get the materials to make this fishing game. All you really need is adhesive felt, magnet and rope.

Multi-colour adhesive felt and magnet band from Daiso

I didn't want to make the usual fish because I thought that was too boring. So I ended up making a few of my favourite sea animals. It's relatively easy to do but might take some time especially if you are a full-time working mother like me!

First, draw the shape of the animal at the back of the felt. If you're cheapskate like me and want to save on felt, you can divide the felt into two and draw the front of the animal on one side and draw the back on the other side (you can use the first shape to outline the second shape, it's the same).

Drawing the shape of a squid on the felt
Drawing the shape of the crab

Second, cut a small piece of magnet and put in the middle of the two pieces. Remove the backing paper and line up both pieces of felt together. This can be a bit difficult so try to remove the backing paper slowly.

Magnet in the middle of the felt

Third, add details such as eyes and lines.

I added line details on this prawn so that it looks more realistic

And there you have it! My nine sea animals that I have made for my girl =)

A fish, a crab, a prawn...
A crab, a squid...
A turtle, a starfish, a jellyfish...
A prawn, a seahorse, an octopus...
Cute magnetic fishing game! =)

To make the rod, I used a simple pencil, rope, washi tape and "hook". Instead of the usual hook, which I feel is very ugly, I made a simple heart with a magnet in it.

A very simple rod
(This still needs some work but I was too lazy to do it haha)

When my girl first saw it she squealed in excitement! "So cute!" she exclaimed. And promptly played with it immediately.

Picking up the sea creatures with her rod

You can also draw up a whole underwater background, stick it on a magnetic board or the refrigerator, and tell a story using the animals as your props =)

If you like this Daiso craft, I've got a whole list of Daiso crafts on the blog next week! Stay tuned! =)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Un, Un, Un, Underwater World

It's the school holidays, that's why Underwater World Singapore (UWS) is giving its local visitors a bundle deal which includes an entry to UWS, a buffet at Island Cuisine and other perks for just S$19.90* (see end of post for terms and conditions of promotion). That's 65% off the original price!

"Wah not bad leh, good deal!" I thought, when I first heard of the promotion. The folks at UWS kindly invited me to review the bundle, of course I said yes! =)

We were told to arrive early so that it was less crowded. Added to the fact that it rained very heavily that morning (almost thought that it would ruin our day), the place was still quite deserted when we arrived at 10.30am.

Property of the Underwater World Singapore
Underwater has its own dedicated parking which in usual Sentosa fashion is not cheap

We went straight to the Dolphin Lagoon first as the 11am show was about to begin. In the good ole days when the hubby and I were still dating and Sentosa was one of our hangouts, the Dolphin lagoon is its own attraction located between Tanjong Beach and Palawan Beach (yes, that far away!). Nowadays it has been relocated to UWS. The dolphins are the same (still pink and very cute) but the arena is a lot smaller and less natural (no seaview).

Dolphin Lagoon
Spacious arena where audiences watch the dolphins perform 
Girl happily watching the show

I ignored the light drizzle and chose to sit right infront so that I can see the dolphins up close.

Getting the dolphin to do tricks
So pink, my favourite colour!!
It doesn't look like a typical dolphin, does it? Still cute though.

Nowadays, the show also included two very adorable and narcissistic seals that are constantly trying to get you to clap for them.

"Yes hi everyone, I'm a seal!"
"Look at how high I can jump!"
This looks exactly like something we see on a circus ticket. Good job seal!
Not to be outdone, dolphin showed off his balancing powess too
Was up close and personal to all the action!

Although the seals were amazing and very good at their craft, I personally felt that the pink dolphins should have been given more "air time" in the show. The dolphins at the old Dolphin Lagoon used to do a lot more tricks and the focus was on them. Maybe they didn't want to overwork them, which I can understand.

After the show, we explored the Underwater World, which has not changed much since the last time we were here in 2006 (almost 10 years ago!).

The touch pools are still the highlight of the visit and even I got to touch the small shark and stingrays. Girl didn't dare to touch the stingray but she did hold the starfish.

Touching the stingrays in the touch pool
Much larger stingrays and mantarays in a deeper pool that's harder to reach
We know because the hubby tried. Just as well.
Girl trying to touch the fish
(you can buy fish food to feed them as well)

We discussed the possibility of having one of these aquariums in our home. The conclusion? Better to see it at other places other than our home *laughs*

Girl has grown up so much!
Girl and grandma with the "mysterious" fish
The Sea Angel is sooo tiny!
Learning about crabs
This one is huge!
Slimy octopus
(girl looked scared, maybe she thought it might jump out and grab her!)
She wanted to take this picture with the glowing jellyfish
Lots and lots of clownfish

Girl enjoyed the tunnel very much and clamoured to go again and again. Baby Boy fell asleep though. The blue waters must be very calming.

In the famous tunnel that gives Underwater World its name!

Hubby and I noticed that the fish, sharks and stingrays were huge! Larger than when we saw them 10 years ago. I don't know if these are the same fish but they sure got big!

With my girl at another aquarium
Family photo before we left for lunch

You know it's lunch time when your stomach is growling! We had a nice lunch buffet at the Island Cuisine, located right next to UWS.

The Island Cuisine faces the sea so that you can have a nice seaview while you dine
Good selection of local delicacies, with vegetarian choices as well
Picking out what to eat
Trying their chicken curry with fried rice
Steamed dim sum, fried tofu and the vegetarian selection
Close up of our food
(this is just one of many plates hehe)

For the price, the buffet spread was not too bad. Our favourite? The Otah!

Fried carrot cake, potato and otah
Enjoying my yummy otah

There wasn't a lot of food that my girl can eat though. Most of the dishes had chilli in them. My girl ended up just eating a bowl of soup, a little bit of beehoon, a bit of kueh, a few pieces of nuggets and that was it. Then again my gourmet food taster has above average standards when it comes to food so it might not be the same for your child.

She did enjoy the ice cream at the end of our meal though. Not spectacular but good enough.

The usual trio of Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry ice cream

We felt refreshed at the end of our visit! It was a great morning well-spent =)

Mum-in-law with her two precious
(check out the cable cars in the background)

Check out UWS June Holiday Sum of Fun Promotion for more details on this bundle. This promotion ends on 28 June 2015 so do purchace your tickets before then!


For those of you who would like to try your luck, we are giving away 2 tickets (which permits complimentary entry into Underwater World Singapore and a one-time buffet at Island Cuisine) to FIVE lucky winners each!

Prize sponsored by Underwater World Singapore & Island Cuisine

Participants must follow the following steps and adhere to the Terms & Conditions (below) in order to qualify:

(1) Leave a comment on this blog post on who you'd like to bring to Underwater World Singapore and why
(2) Enter the above entry into the Rafflecopter widget below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The other entries are optional but you may enter them for more chances of winning! Good luck! =)

Terms and Conditions of this giveaway:
  1. This giveaway ends on 21st June 2015 (Sunday) and is only open to readers living in Singapore.
  2. Participants must complete the entry above and enter it into Rafflecopter in order to qualify. Other entries entered into Rafflecopter must also be completed (I do check!). Incomplete entries will be disqualified without notice.
  3. Limited to one participation per person (i.e. no multiple emails for the same person). Facebook or Instagram accounts with little or no friends (i.e. started for the sole purpose of joining contests) will be disqualified without notice according to the discretion of the organiser.
  4. Limited to one prize per household.
  5. The winner will be drawn randomly via Rafflecopter and must respond within 48 hours after being contacted by me otherwise another winner will be drawn.
  6. Winners must utilise their prize within 3 months after receiving the tickets.
  7. Each winning ticket does not include the additional perks as stated in above poster.
  8. Tickets are only valid for communicated date of visit. Winners must retain and present the invite for entry to UWS and to redeem buffet meal at Island Cuisine. Tickets can only be used once.

Additional terms of the June Holidays bundle promotion (applies to both winners and all visitors):
  1. Promotion is only applicable to local residents of Singapore. (i.e. Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, Holders of Employment Passes, work Permit or Dependent's Pass).
  2. Promotion is valid for both adult and child.
  3. To qualify, visitors are required to produce relevant identification, subjected to one admission ticket per local ID.
  4. This promotion is not applicable with any ongoing promotions or group tours.
  5. This promotion is only valid for watching the dolphin show. Charges are applicable should visitors wish to participate in the dive or have contact with the dolphins.
  6. The point-of-exchange for promotion is at Underwater World Singapore ticketing counter.
  7. UWS reserves the right to refuse redemption, entry and/or participation if the above conditions are not fulfilled.
  8. UWS Shall not be liable for cancellation of any programmes due to wet weather or unforeseen circumstances.
  9. Island Cuisine will offer local delicacies in a buffet format daily from 11.30am - 3pm (Last seating: 2.30pm) and 5.30pm - 9pm (Last seating: 8.30pm). Island Cuisine is not a halal certified restaurant. Dishes do not contain pork/lard.
  10. UWS reserves the right to substitute the buffet meal with another item of equivalent value.

Disclosure: Complimentary entry tickets and lunch were received from Underwater World Singapore for the purposes of this review and giveaway. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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