Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Pororo Park Opens in Singapore!

Despite having the flu and not feeling well two weeks ago, I brought my girl to the media preview of Pororo Park (a few days before the grand opening) so that she can be one of the first to check it out. My girl loves Pororo even though she can't remember most of the names of Pororo's friends (and neither can I! Haha!). When I told her that we would be going, she beamed with excitement. I really didn't want to disappoint her.

Pororo Park Singapore
Marina Square #02-29
At the entrance, super excited to enter!

Socks are compulsory for both parent and child there so I had to buy a pair for $2.50 (reasonable I thought). The first to greet us was the Pororo Express! Girl couldn't wait to get on =)

Girl and another boy were the only ones riding the Pororo Express!
Yay! =)
A staff will follow the train to ensure the safety of all the kids

After the ride, my girl was immediately attracted to the Shark's Ball Pit, which was filled with a gazillion blue and white plastic balls.

Left: ready, aim, throw!
Right: "swimming" in a "sea"

The girl was also mesmerised by a replica of the Pororo's House!

The kid-size entrance to the Pororo's house!
 Hanging out in a kid-size living room and laying down on a kid-size bed

Everything is small and cute in the Pororo House, including the toilet! I didn't manage to get a good picture because everyone was crowding around it but trust me, it was cute!

My girl played at the play structure next and I'd have to say it was really small compared to a lot of the other indoor playgrounds that we've been to.

Play Structure
My girl having fun exploring the play structure
Soon she will be too big for this so she has better enjoy it while it lasts! I think overall she quite like it.

There was also a room for birthday parties or special activities like story-telling.

Multipurpose room that can be used to host birthday parties or enrichment classes

As with the small play structure, the toddler area was kinda tiny as well. But I suppose it's better than nothing.

Very cramped toddler corner

There's a theatre at the back where kids can watch their favorite Pororo characters perform at certain times of the day (find out the show times and visit during those times so that your kids can catch the show).

A theatre in a castle!

We arrived late so we missed the shows, although fellow parent bloggers told me that we might not have been able to enter anyway as there were so many people.

Thankfully we were still able to catch the character meet-and-greet!

Girl was so afraid of the real Pororo that she would rather take pictures with the fake one (-_-)

It took me a while but I finally managed to convince her to take pictures with (*google*) Petty!

I told my girl she is the "girl Pororo" because I don't know her name! *laughs*

On hindsight, girl probably didn't want to take pictures because she didn't see her favorite character, Loopy the beaver (we call her hamster because she really looks a bit like one! Haha). Oh well.

Too bad Baby Boy was really sick and couldn't go because he would have totally loved Pororo's house, the train ride and the toddler area.

Well, at least there was a goody bag we could bring home for him, thanks to the kind folks at Pororo Park.

Girl holding her goody bags!

She went home and the first thing she did was open one of the items in the goody bag and fix it up immediately.

A proud girl with the finished product
Close up of the pop-up stage
(cost $14+ and comes with an activity book. Can be bought at the Pororo shop at the Pororo Park)

Overall, my personal opinion is that the playground is too small (so do manage your expectation). There were also not enough places for parents to sit to watch the kids near the play structure or Pororo's House (most of us were standing around awkwardly while watching out for our kids). The entry fee was also quite pricey (higher than most indoor playgrounds) and it didn't cover unlimited play. There was also a cost for accompanying adults (which is something that I don't get. Maybe it is to limit the number of adults in the park to prevent over-crowding? I don't know..). Definitely be prepared to spend about $100 if you're going with two adults and two kids and eating in their cafe or buying their merchandise.

Nevertheless, Pororo Park is still worth a visit for those of you/your kids who are hard core Pororo fans. For true fans, there is no price you can put on meeting your favorite character! (I'm a big Disney fan so I completely understand that haha).

However if your kids are not Pororo fans, I would suggest to give this a miss. Probably better to go to the free indoor playground at Marina Square or outdoor playground at Gardens by the Bay.

Disclosure: An invitation to this media preview was received from Pororo Park Singapore for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions and text are my own.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Pure Relaxation at the Civil Service Club Changi

We recently stayed at the Civil Service Club @ Changi and I must say that it was a very relaxing experience for our whole family. The new Civil Service Club (CSC) at Changi is very happening and posh and nothing like the raggedy, second-rated chalets that we're used to when we were younger.

Civil Service Club @ Changi

We drove for about 1-1.5 hours (Changi is so far from where we live!) via the PIE before we finally arrived at CSC at Changi. On arrival, we parked our car and headed to the check-in/admin office at Block E to check-in.

Very tiny waiting area for checking in and out of the rooms
(Personally, I find the space very cramped. If there are a lot of people, it could really be chaotic here)
Left: A club for civil servants;
Right: Free orange juice for guests while you wait
Wearing our matching mother-daughter outfits

After we got our keys, we headed to the chalet block to check out our room (the family suite).

Information on the free shuttle service to CSC displayed in the lift

The family suites are all located on the second floor. My first impression of the room was, "wow, this place is freakin' spacious!"

Paranomic view of the kitchen to the balcony
The spacious living and dining area

A staff will come by almost immediately after you have entered the room to do a logistics check with you (just to ensure that your room has everything that it is supposed to have). Do make sure that you pay attention because you don't want to have to pay for something that was presumed that you lost when it wasn't even there in the first place.

Clockwise from left: Good size fridge (you can definitely squeeze all your BBQ food in there), microwave and even a baby chair for your baby or toddler;
Coffee and tea, including the Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsules, are complimentary;
Cutlery, utensils, pans, knives, etc (remember to count and make sure that they tally with the logistics list).
Spacious and open kitchen and nice breakfast bar

Each family suite can accommodate up to 4 adults and 2 kids and has two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, TV, safe and hair dryer. Social media addicts will be happy to know that there is free wifi as well.

Left: Master bedroom on the left, the other bedroom on the right. Common toilet in the middle has 2 doors and can be conveniently access by the second bedroom;
Right: Simple set up of the TV and dressing table in the second bedroom.
The second bedroom with twin single beds aka the kids room
Clockwise from left: The common toilet with shower facilities;
Each bathroom comes with standard toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, shower cap and cotton buds;
The master bedroom toilet, which is the mirror image of the common toilet.
The master bedroom
The master bedroom is nicely situated next to the balcony so you can enjoy the sunrise conveniently in the morning =)
Media centre
Left: You can request for a cot for your baby =)
Right: The balcony stretches from the master bedroom to the living room. Comes with two sets of outdoor furniture for entertaining.
The kids love hanging out on the balcony!
Beautiful view of the sea and the swimming pool from the balcony

When the girl saw the pool, she couldn't contain her excitement and clamoured for us to change her into her swim suit. "Let's go NOW!!!" It was a good thing we did because it started raining about 30 minutes after we got to the pool.

The not-so-nice thing about the pool is that everyone above the age of three needs to pay $2 each to use the pool (there is free entry only for CSC members). Shouldn't chalet guests get at least a couple of complimentary coupons?

In any case, it was a good thing I brought some money with me and in we went.

Pirates ship playground next to the pool
My girl loved the playground!
Clockwise from left: Girl enjoying a refreshing splash in the kids pool;
The adult pool;
The excitement on my girl's face. Need I say more?
Water fountains along the edge of the kid's pool

All the pools were good but nothing beats the jacuzzi pool with water jets, warmer waters and the best view of the sea =)

Clockwise from left: Girlee peering over the edge of the pool curiously;
Cautiously threading into the pool;
Baby Boy was initially a bit frightened of the water jets
(this pool can be quite deep for toddlers so do watch out for them).
Hubby and Baby Boy, who was in a great mood
Me and my two babies

Almost on cue, it started to drizzle! We tried to brave the drizzle as we were enjoying ourselves too much to leave but it soon became apparent that we had to go. Sigh =(

After washing up, we went to pick the mum-in-law from Pasir Ris MRT before heading to the famous Changi Village to da pao (take away) our dinner. I mean, why squeeze with the crowd when we can dine in air-conditioned comfort back at the 8-seater dining table of our family suite?

We had such a nice and relaxing (not to mention delicious) dinner that I had completely forgotten to take pictures of it! You'll just have to take my word for it! =)

We finished with drinks and chit-chat at the balcony under the (limited) stars (thankfully the rain had stopped). It was a great time of fellowship! =)

View of the balcony at night

As there are a total of 3 TVs (that can access the internet and MIO Stadium) in the family suite (and our family is made up of TV addicts), each of us was kept entertained with our favourite shows.

Top, left to right: Hubby watching his favourite Chelsea vs Liverpool match in the living room;
Girl watching someone fix up the Lego Elsa's castle on Youtube;
Baby Boy watching his favourite cartoon of all time, Pocoyo, on Youtube;
I finally get a turn when Baby Boy got bored and watched my favorite The Ellen Show on Youtube.

Soccer-deprived hubby was so happy that he watched his matches until past midnight! Me? I slept soundly with Baby Boy until the sunshine peaked into our room the next morning! =)

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. The close proximity to good food (i.e Changi Village) and entertainment makes it a great place to spend a weekend. Even the mum-in-law was impressed and said she wouldn't mind coming back again =)

Another thing I liked about the family suite was the large open space. It was so big that people can hold birthday parties here (case in point, the room next door held a 1st birthday party while we were there. Gave us an idea to hold a small solemnisation ceremony there next year, more about that later).

Do consider booking a family suite for your family at CSC Changi, I'm sure you will enjoy it. If you're a civil servant and/or a Civil Service Club member like me, you'll get to enjoy special room rates as well! Each family suite cost only $298 per room per night for CSC members. Do book early though, especially if you're looking at peak periods, because the rooms get fully booked really quickly!

We'll definitely be back and might even stay at the 3 bedroom seaview villa the next time. Can't wait! =)

Disclosure: Complimentary one night stay at the Family Suite was received from The Civil Service Club for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Cheekaaboo Protective Swim Wear

Now that we live in a condominium (for a year at least), swimming has become a weekly or biweekly affair. But like every concerned parent, I am always concerned that they will get sun burnt when the sun is shining bright or that they will catch a chill whenever the wind blows.

Hence I was very keen to try out the swim wear collection by Cheekaaboo, which is specially designed to not only shield your child's skin from harmful UV rays, it also keeps them warm.

Swim wear from Cheekaaboo for my girl and my boy
(as well as a pair of goggles for my girl)

Both kids tried out their swim outfits and they fit them quite well even though I chose them online =)

Left: My girl is wearing the Cheekaaboo Twinwets 2-piece suit in pink-purple;
Right: My boy is wearing the Cheekaaboo Kiddies Suit in blue
(Note: the outfit is worn upside-down. I had mistakenly assumed zip means in-front haha. Apparently not =P)
Even though the material is thicker than most swim suits (in order to ensure that your child is kept warm), the swim suit was still flexible enough to allow my boy to be as active as he wanted!
Having fun with water guns in the water!

I was initially afraid that the thicker material might hinder their movement in the water but they looked like they were not bothered at all. In fact, they played like they always do and did not shiver as much when they first entered the water. I was also more relaxed whenever they got out of the pool and the wind blew because I knew they were protected from the cold.

Showing off her jumping!

The girl also got to try out her new pink goggles.

Pink goggles with a cute little bee on top
Close up of the bee
(photo bomber alert in the background...)

Overall, I was quite happy with the products from Cheekaaboo. The material is quite comfortable and of good quality while the prices are pretty reasonable.


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