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Pout Hair Care for Kids

You know how it was when we were young and our parents refused to let us keep our hair long? The minute that it grew past our shoulders, my mum would be like, "time for a haircut!" Her rationale was (and still is) that kids simply can't take care of their long hair!

Yes, it's a valid point; however, that did not undo the fact that I had always wanted long hair. And so I did, when I finally convinced my mother that I could "take care of my hair."

Fast forward to today when I am now also a mother of a girl and have decided, against both grandma's wishes, to allow my girl to keep her desired hair length (which was long of course). Which meant that they were proven right and my girl often ended up with very dry and unkempt hair that looked and felt like grass! I've had to spend countless times running my hands through her hair to untangle it! That always caused her to yelp loudly ever so often when I tugged too hard! *whoops*

Putting conditioner on her hair has also been a regular occurrence for my girl. However, even with the conditioner, I somehow feel that it wasn't enough.

That's when Pout contacted me (coincidentally, I was going to buy a bottle of conditioner from them online) to inform me that they had created their own line of hair care products for kids! I was excited to review it. Perhaps this was the solution to the problem of my girl's unruly hair. I just hope that it was just as good, if not better, than the swimmer's hair care range that they sent me last year.

The first thing that I thought after receiving the Pout Hair Care range was, "OMG so cute!!!"

The carousel and fantasy themed Pout Hair Care range catches your eye immediately! They're really cute!

Made in Australia, the range has been designed specially for kids and contains more than 95% of natural ingredients.

Blueberry Potion Natural Shampoo with knight in shining armour (left) and Strawberry Magic Natural Shampoo with pretty princess (right)
(I suppose the blue is for boys and the pink is for girls? Don't think it matters though haha)
Green Apple Whoosh Hydrating Conditioner with flying witch (left) and Peaches and Cream Natural Detangler with a fairy girl (right)
The bottles come with little stories of each character at the back (so that you can read to your child) as well as simple directions on how to use it

We tried the Strawberry Magic Natural Shampoo first because the princess is just toooo cute and perfect for my girl.

Washing her hair with the Natural Shampoo

The moment I lathered the shampoo on her hair, we could both smell a wonderful fruity smell! The girl was like, "mmm, smells like oranges mummy!" I have to say, her hair really does smell very good after that!

Chronic poser needs to pose, even if her back is turned! *laughs*

The Hydrating Conditioner was then lathered on after washing away the shampoo. The instructions said to run your fingers through the hair with the conditioner, leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off.

The end result was actually really good. My girl's hair was a lot less dry and easier to manage. It had a shine to it so much so that there really wasn't a need for the Natural Detangler, but I thought I would try it anyway.

Spraying the Natural Detangler on her hair
(you can see how shiny it is even before we started spraying!)

Personally, I don't think you need spray the Detangler everyday if you use the shampoo regularly. It's more for the days when you need a quick fix to the hair so that it's easier to comb and tie. Which is still useful if you think about it =)

Check out their combo deals which are 20% cheaper when you buy a shampoo and conditioner together. You'll also get stickers for every purchase.


On a personal note, I really think the shampoo alone is good enough! The conditioner and detangler serves to enhance and make the hair even better but may not be necessary depending on how bad your child's hair is.

I'll definitely consider getting the Pout Natural Shampoo for my girl to protect her scalp and hair (I'm kinda addicted to the smell as well!). Never too early to invest in her beauty regime right? Yes, my girl is beyond blessed to have a vain mother like me who will allow her to grow long hair and then pay good money to keep it nice and shiny. The irony! *laughs*

Disclosure: Complimentary Pout Hair Care Products were received from Pout Singapore for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Koh Samui Day 3-4: Hinta, Hinyai, Shopping & Seafood

It is our 7th Wedding Anniversary today! This trip was supposed to be in celebration of our anniversary, though with three "lamp posts" around, it hardly feels like it. Maybe one day we'll be able to travel just the two of us again and relive the days of our honeymoon *laughs*

Anyway, it was off this morning to the only touristy place that the family was willing to go. I made sure that everyone was lathered up in sunscreen and mosquito repellent before allowing them to head out.

All prepared with sunscreen, repellent, sunglasses and a hat!

We drove to Hinta & Hinyai also known as grandfather and grandmother rocks respectively. Why? Because the rocks resemble the male and female genitalia respectively!

Entrance to the street leading up to the Hinta and Hinyai rocks

The road to Hinta and Hinyai can be quite narrow. There are carparks available but you'll need to pay about S$1.50 per entry (a guy will come collect it from you once you have parked). Then you'll need to walk down a long street of stalls before you'll arrive at the beach where the unique and very natural rocks are located.

It wasn't hard to spot the Hinta rock. It was standing right there, basking in the noon day sun.

This way to Hinta
Tada! Looks just like it doesn't it!
Too hot to be impressed!

The Hinyai, however, was much harder to spot (much like the female orgasm actually! Hard to know if it is the real thing or not! *laughs*).

This way to the Hinyai
We initially thought it was the structure on the left (looks like it doesn't it? *laughs*), only to overhear a tour guide telling his guests to walk to the edge (almost to the water) of the rock that we were all standing on and look upwards.
There were too many people standing around it so I could only take a small portion of it (right).
Apparently water even flows out of it like the real thing! Crazy! 

While I was checking out the Hinyai, the hubby (who was less enthusiastic about rocks and more interested in catching crabs) was near the water trying to spot some crabs to catch.

The hubby pointing out some crabs to my girl
The usually scaredy-cat was unafraid of climbing up the rocks to join her daddy
It wasn't easy getting the boy up the rock for this family shoot! Love it though! =)
Grandma with her grand-kids and the open sea
 (it was soooo hot we had to carry umbrellas to shield us from the sun)
My girl is just damn good at posing.. *laughs*

We walked to the beach to collect some seashells and rocks for my girl to bring home as souvenirs and did so for about 5 minutes before declaring, "Let's go! The sand is too hot!"

She managed to find some nice ones to bring home =)

The best thing to do on a hot day like this (actually it was hot everyday in Koh Samui!) was to eat coconut ice-cream!

Left: The whole street was filled with coconut ice-cream sellers;
Right: Putting toppings onto our coconut ice-cream, served in a coconut shell!
Looks so good doesn't it?
Keeping ourselves hydrated with coconut juice

We needed to cool down from the heat so off we went to our favourite shopping mall, Central Festival Samui.

Central Festival Samui

It's the biggest shopping mall in Koh Samui and have everything you need including a supermarket, 6D theatre and a small children's playground.

Playground at Central Festival Samui
Kids enjoying themselves on the slide
Climbing up the spider web and rocking on real sand

It's a nice playground for the kids to release their energy before we continued the rest of our shopping.

It's a must for us to visit supermarkets whenever we're overseas! Look at the variety of fruits and the 9 different kinds of pineapples.

We also loved the Thai food at Food Park (their food court), where the food is surprisingly cheap and good!

Pad Thai and Morning Glory (kang kong) at Food Park
My mum-in-law loves the braised pork. She said it was very succulent and tasty!
The really awesome Tom Yam soup (very spicy though!)

We had this for both lunch and dinner yesterday so we thought we'll try something new today. We ordered take away from Baan seafood Thai-Chinese food, located just next to the carpark entrance to Central Festival Samui.

The usual Thai favourites and a spaghetti for my girl in case the rest of the dishes were too spicy for her

The food was not too bad. It may have been better if we had eaten it at the restaurant but we had taken a liking to the large dining table in our apartment where we could eat comfortably and be ourselves.

When the sun was setting and it was finally less sunny, we changed into our swim gear and headed to the pool once again!

My kids just love the pool!
Playing with the foam pills that turn into different animals when immersed in water. Mum-in-law bought it from Daiso for the kids to play with at the pool
View of the beautiful sunset from the pool.
I should attempt to paint this one day!

After the sun has set, we decided to drive to Mit Samui Restaurant for dinner. As usual, the hubby was craving his favourite seafood feast. We had passed by so many times and had seen so many people eating there. "Must be not bad," we thought.

Clockwise from left: They claimed to be the biggest seafood restaurant;
Mit Samui Restaurant is opened from 11am onwards;
Tanks of fresh seafood to choose from;
Steamed fish!
King Prawns! Not too bad! :)

Compared to Phuket or Bangkok, the standard of seafood here is not really as good in my opinion. It didn't taste terrible but it wasn't fantastic either. Maybe because their main customers were tourists and a lot of them don't know any better. However, for us the seasoned travellers, I have to say, we have had better!

But well it was still a good last night in Samui; I really can't believe that we are going home! Time flies when you're having fun indeed.

We will miss you Samui!
Wearing our matchy matchy family outfits and posing with the beautiful scenery one last time (sad)

We headed for the Samui Airport and returned our rental car (we had to pay the airport a small fee to help us to call the rental car company to come and collect the car from us at departure).

After checking in, we roamed around the airport facilities, which looked more like a resort than an airport!

Not the typical fully air-conditioned airport terminals that we are used to seeing!

We still had an hour to kill and the weather outside was scorching hot so we settled at Swensen's to cool off.

Left: So happy that she gets to eat ice-cream!;
The waffles ice-cream we ordered. Yum!
Girl had her own kids ice-cream which was supposed to look like Mickey or Minnie.

When it was almost time to board, we proceeded to the waiting area to wait for our plane to be called. In the process, we discovered that Bangkok Airways provided a special air-conditioned waiting area for their customers that comes with a small (albeit very dirty!) play area and complimentary drinks and snacks!

Clockwise from left: Posing with the super cute mascot of Bangkok Airways;
Look out for the Courtesy Corner where food and drinks are free;
My girl, helping herself to some orange juice.

Essentially you could just skip Swensens and spend your time sipping coffee and having muffins and cakes here for free! Damn, if only we had known earlier!

We took the tram to the plane and minutes later, we were on board and ready to fly back home.

Departure from Samui Airport
Kids having their simple meal of sausages and potato, which came in a box that had the cabin crew's personalisation on it!

When we arrived in Singapore, I was happy to be home. Much as I love to travel, there is truly no place like Singapore.

I'm already planning my next trip though! So looking forward!!

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How I Met Your Father

I wrote about our story briefly 4 years ago but I thought this time, I will share with you the longer version, which incidentally was illustrated in our Wedding Guestbook. Yup, I had wanted my guests to read our love story while they wrote down their well-wishes for us =)

And so kids, without further ado, here is the story of How I Met Your Daddy..

Our Guestbook
ChocoLiquor was the theme of our wedding because I love chocolates and your daddy loves alcohol

Daddy and I first met at the steps of Singapore Indoor Stadium where we were attending Sun's concert with our separate cell group members.

The first time I was introduced to your daddy

Not long after, our cell groups merged and we became cell group members.

Daddy became mummy's cell group member

Your Yi Yi (my sister) was also in the same cell group and she started noticing things.


You see your father is the kind that, the more he likes you, the more he will laugh and tease you. Much like what he does to you kids (especially you Girlee) and his close friends. Super irritating! Your Yi Yi noticed that he kept teasing me and when I'm super irritated, he has a look of glee on his face which irritates me even more! *grrr*

And I remembered clearly that it was in the MRT
I didn't believe her haha
So I pondered over what she said..
I'm not sure if this is what your daddy did but that's how it was in my head haha
We started sms-ing each other on our Nokia phones (no Whatsapp then!)
And spent a lot of time talking on the phone..
.. Till really late at night.
So late that your Po Po (mummy's mummy) scolded your mummy!

We started meeting up regularly, having dinners and buying presents for friends. This went on for a few weeks until one day, daddy and I were at the old Borders (now Marks and Spencer) at Wheelock Place.

We started reading a book together
(can't remember which book)
And we got really close
And daddy conveniently put his hand on mummy's shoulder
Daddy and mummy at the same spot at Borders Wheelock Place, a few weeks after we got together.

And that was it. There was no "will you be my girlfriend?" or "shall we get together". Your daddy only conveniently held my hand and declared indirectly that all his girlfriends stayed so far (-_-").

Daddy stayed at Sembawang while mummy stayed at Tiong Bahru
Those were the days when we were so poor that we were both still taking public transport
(I still do until recently)

We spent most of our dating days in Orchard or along the Singapore River because they were near your mummy's house in Tiong Bahru (daddy had to send mummy back home every time. Baby Boy, you must learn to be gentlemanly like your daddy!).

Our favourite spot at Spaggeddies in Tanglin Mall, also no longer there any more. We were so poor that this was considered a luxury that we can only eat once or twice a year!
(you kids are so lucky, we bring you to restaurants at least once a week!)
We loved the Singapore River
Mastered taking selfies without a front facing camera as it was not in existence then
(Surprisingly, all these photos were taken by your daddy. Not bad right haha)

On 7 July 2007, your daddy surprised me by proposing to me on the darkest beach of East Coast Park.

Made using light sticks
(the heart was made by breaking the light sticks and pouring the liquid out into tealight containers)
"Will you.."
(The beach was too dark to take any pictures of this so I could only recreate it with cartoon hehe)
Your daddy forgot to hold the flowers that he placed on the sand next to the light sticks
Had to gostan (reverse) and get his flowers
Before asking me the question again. I was in utter shock and couldn't believe what was happening.
Of course I said yes!
Daddy putting the engagement ring on mummy's finger

We then made plans to get married on 2 May 2009.

Well-wishes from our guests in our guestbook
Our bridal photo shoot was done in Johor Bahru because it was so much cheaper!
Young and skinny! *laughs*
Fulling my secret desire of being 還珠格格 (huan ju ge ge)
Even though this photo was heavily photoshopped, it is not fake!
We actually waded into Kota Tinggi Waterfall for this photo!

Many thanks to my lovely bridesmaids/BFFs for helping me to come up with such a unique and meaningful guestbook!


I had previously written about our actual wedding day so I won't go into more details about it. It was quite a tiring day but I was happy and partly because I was the skinniest (and maybe prettiest? No I reject that! I'm still pretty!!! *laughs*) that I ever was (I'm shallow like that *laughs*).

Our wedding wasn't the grandest but it was meaningful and memorable. The presence of God was so strong in the main sanctuary of Grace Assembly of God that it became the turning point for my sister who decided there and then that she would return to Jesus. I was so happy because that was exactly what I prayed and asked the Lord for. I told God that if He didn't grace our wedding with His presence, everything we have done would have been futile and meaningless. Thank God that He did, and till this day, I still have people telling me that they were very blessed =)


Finally, to the love of my life (although now you have to share the title with my two other loves) who makes it his goal to ensure that all my dreams will come true..

Yes, it has been 7 years! Wow, how fast time flies!

Here's to many more years of making our dreams into reality by the grace of God! I love you! =)


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