Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Say Hello to Baby Number 3

It is no secret that we've always only wanted 2 kids. A girl and a boy. The 好(hao) in Chinese, which means good, is made up of a girl 女(nü) and a boy 子(zi). I've also planned to close my baby-making factory at 30 and never to reopen it again.

Or so I thought 😖

There's our will and plans but then, there is also the sovereign will of God!

We were totally not expecting it because we were practising natural contraception. It had worked for us for 9 years so why shouldn't it work right?


I missed my period for a week and told the hubby that since I had never missed a period (except when I was pregnant or nursing), there were only two conclusions in my very logical mind:
1) I am pregnant, or
2) I have some illness that is messing up my system.

Although we were totally unprepared for the former, it is a much better outcome than the latter!

After 2 weeks of waiting for the period that never came, I finally took the pregnancy test.

Viola! As expected, the two lines appeared as clear as day!

As with all my pregnancies, such as when we announced that we were having my boy, I have been experiencing a lot of pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, aches... the usual. I re-read my old 'ranting' post (you can read it here) and realised that I'm experiencing almost everything that I've previously experienced when pregnant with my boy!

However, unlike previous pregnancies where I'm always nauseous but never actually throw up, I'm always gagging during this pregnancy!

By the end of week 10, I was actually throwing up! 😫🤮😱
This was really new to me because I had never experienced full on nausea before!

The first ultrasound scan where I heard my baby's heart beat for the first time!

But all that throwing up was worth it when I got to see my baby moving about happily during each sonography. And I think I have also gained the least amount of weight for this pregnancy as compared to my previous pregnancies! At 18 weeks pregnant, I am still able to fit into my regular stretchy clothes, which I don't think I was able to do so before. Hopefully I will be able to maintain a steady slow weight gain till delivery! *cross fingers*

Anyway, as I am nearing 35 years old, we decided to pay more than double for a detailed blood test to test for Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) and other chromosomal abnormalities rather than the usual screening scan. The genetic blood test cost us about $800 (so expensive!) but was more accurate than the scan yet less invasive than amniocentesis. Besides informing us on any possible chromosomal abnormalities of the baby, the test could also quite accurately tell us the gender of the baby as early as 2 weeks after the blood is taken!

My test result came back some time when I was 15 weeks pregnant and the test showed an absence of any Y-chromosomes in my blood, which meant that our baby is a girl!

YAY! You know how much I love pink right? *grin*

I can't wait to meet her! I mean, it's only 22 more weeks to go... right??? Argg, who am I kidding?! It will feel like eternity to me! *sigh*

Wish me luck!

Friday, 8 June 2018

Langkawi Day 1: Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa

It's that time of the year for our annual girls' trip with my mum and sister! Such trips are very precious to us, especially after the sister and I got married and moved out of our maiden home.

This year we thought we would explore Langkawi and decided to fly by Air Asia as it was the cheapest. It cost us S$194 per person (same price for adult and child), excluding baggage allowance and meals.

My kids are so blessed as my mum paid for their air tickets and accommodation for this trip as their birthday present!

Air Asia departs from Changi International Airport Terminal 4 and this is our first experience with the most technologically advanced of all the terminals.

Checking in our luggage through the automated machines
My first time using this! Very cool! 

The terminal itself was also very well-designed.

Such a cool bench!
Beautiful centrepiece display

When it was time to depart, we boarded the plane and departed at 10.55am. I was allocated separate seats from the mum, sister and kids. Although the kids sat across the aisle from me, it wasn't an easy task convincing my boy to sit with a stranger.

And this is why I tell my friends with no kids that I refuse to take a budget airline unless for flights shorter than 2 hours.

My well-travelled kids fell asleep almost immediately after takeoff!

The journey to Langkawi took approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and we arrived at 12.25pm at Langkawi International Airport.

Our AirAsia plane at Langkawi International Airport
Waiting for our luggage

The sister had booked Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, Langkawi via the hotel's website because of the perks that came with booking directly with the hotel. Such perks include complimentary airport transfer to and from the hotel, late check out until 3pm (based on availability) and 10% discount on food and spa.

Our complimentary airport transfer to the hotel came with towels and a bottle of water. 
Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa Langkawi

We were warmly greeted by a staff on arrival and given welcome drinks while the staff completed the check in process.

The main lobby
Our welcome drink 🥂 

Our room was not yet ready for us so we decided to check out the beach while waiting.

Hanging out on the beach chairs at the beach
Like a postcard right?

Our room was finally ready after about 1-2 hours.

Our resort-type room
Our room cards

We had booked the Garden Terrace room at MYR 835 per room per night (including breakfast and taxes) via the hotel's website. This was a special rate for Malaysians, Singaporeans and its Permanent Residents.

We booked twin beds so that my kids can share a bed while I had one all to myself! Woohoo!
Small living area
Massive bathroom
The wardrobe is located within the bathroom
Clockwise from left: Complimentary water and other amenities;
TV and study table;
Large balcony that we didn't get to use because it was way too hot!

After we had unpacked our luggage, we headed to Cinang Mall, the nearest mall to our hotel, for lunch. It was a really long walk and took us about 20 minutes! On hindsight, we should have taken Grab! Thank God that we managed to get there without fainting along the way from the heat!

Cinang Mall

We decided to eat at Old Town because it seemed like the only place that had food for my Chinese-food-loving boy.

Sweaty and hungry kids waiting for food
My noodles, which was not too bad

There was nothing much to do or buy at the mall so we started our walk back to hotel. We passed Gelato Cabana on the way back and decided to get their homemade ice cream!

My girl with her Langkawi Mango ice cream! Yum! 😋
Different flavours to choose from
Special Langkawi flavours

I chose Langkawi Banana but regretted it as the boy and I both preferred chocolate. I should have gotten double scoops!

In any case, the ice cream was a great motivator for my kids to walk the whole way back to the hotel without complaints. The minute we got back, we headed straight for the amazing pool, the highlight of our stay!

Lagoon-shaped pool
Large kids water playground
The theme of the design was 'dinosaurs'
My boy loved sliding down the slides and would spend most of his time at the pool doing so again and again
Water spray!
What's a water playground without a giant bucket of water that pours down on you every 10 minutes? 😬 
There's also a bigger slide for both adults and kids! Very fun!
Bubbling massage area for your aching back and legs
Love this photo of a very chill pool side
The hotel is located very near the airport so the kids get to spot aeroplanes flying in and out of Langkawi!

After swimming, we headed out for dinner at the Cba restaurant by the beach!

In matching Miffy t-shirts exploring the resort at night
(which is supposed to sound like 'sea bar'?) 
Beautiful evening view of the beach and the sea
Dining at the beach by the sea.
Very breezy and calming!

The kids enjoyed their spaghetti and fish and chips, which were nicely done and quite reasonably priced.

We ordered a pizza and some other main dish as well and our total bill came up to RM176. However, when I settled the bill on the final day, we only paid RM118.40 (this is probably due to the perks of booking directly from hotel)! I felt the whole experience was really worth the amount that we paid!

It was a great ending to an amazing day! ❤️

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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Climbing for Kids at My Little Climbing Room

We were invited to check out My Little Climbing Room, a place where little kids can try rock climbing.

My Little Climbing Room
Colourful walls to attract the little ones

I've always considered sending my boy for rock climbing since he loves to climb everything he sees. This was the best opportunity to test if he really likes it.

Putting on the safety harness
All ready to climb!

Each wall is coloured differently to represent different levels of difficulty. Within the walls are also different coloured climbing holds that creates different levels of difficulty.

Level 1 = kids can grab onto any colour climbing holds
Level 2 = kids can only grab onto one colour on the easy route
Level 3 = kids can only grab onto another colour but a more difficult route

To encourage the kids to try the different difficulty levels, they are given a chart to track their progress.

My Little Climbing Room Reward Chart

My kids didn't really care for it. They just wanted to climb free-style in any way they liked!

Interactive wall where the aim is to press the white dots projected on the wall
The aim of this wall is to climb through the hula hoops to get to the bell on top
The kids had to generate a random number on the iPad and climb to that number on the wall. The boy liked this one the most, unless because it wasn't as hard as some of the other walls.

Adults have to join in and act as a belayer when the kids climb the orange, red yellow and green walls. You'd get a little tutorial before that and don't worry, it's not that hard.

Me belaying my girl on the easy Orange Wall
It took a lot of coaxing for the boy to try this Red Wall and even then he was really scared to go all the way to the top! The instructors were patiently guiding him up the wall!
The Yellow Wall is the second hardest wall because it's slightly inclined. Initially the girl was very apprehensive about being able to climb it but she managed to do it! Proud of her! 
The Green Wall was the most challenging due to the sharper incline at the top. My girl tried her hardest but couldn't get to the top. Oh well, maybe next time. 

At a certain timing, the staff will organise a mass game to get the kids to move about. The kids loved the game!

Taking part in the mass game for all the kids

At the end of the session, they also got to keep a souvenir photo of their climb!

Free photo of each kid to keep as souvenirs

Useful information on My Little Climbing Room:

  • Weekday sessions are unlimited play time and weekends sessions are 90 mins.
  • Max capacity is 15 children at each time (online booking is encouraged to secure slots).
  • Each admission pass admits one child and one adult (i.e. for each paying child, an adult admits for free). Additional adult at $5 each.
  • Multi passes (5x or 10x) may be purchased over the counter.
  • Multi passes may be shared: this means you can use 5 x Multipass for 1 child and 1 adult for 5 sessions OR 5 children and 5 adults in 1 session OR any other combinations.
  • Although it was built for kids, the whole facility is rated safe even for adults that are much heavier.
  • The walls are built by the parent company of Climb Central (the one at Kallang Wave Mall @ Sports Hub). 
  • They do parties too!

If your kids have never tried climbing before, you can give My Little Climbing Room a try, especially if you live in the Northeast or East area. For us West dwellers, it's just too far and inconvenient! Maybe we'll find something similar in the West 😃


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Disclosure: Complimentary admission was received from My Little Climbing Room for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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