Thursday, 27 June 2019

Playdate at Jurong Lake Gardens Forest Ramble Playground

We arranged a play date with the boy's buddy (you know, the one who is only 7 days older) at the new playground at Jurong Lake Gardens. It has been at the top of my to-go list ever since it opened this year.

The playground, also known as Forest Ramble, is located between North and South carpark but from experience, the North carpark is nearer to the playground.

Do note that although it is an outdoor playground, it is closed every Monday for maintenance.

Forest Ramble consists of 13 play areas and each area is designed to get kids to mimick an animal's behaviour in nature. The area is also aptly named according to the animal that inspired it.

For example, the most prominent play structure in Forest Ramble is a tree house playground known as Snake Play due to the slides!

Climbing up and sliding down the slides at Snake Play
Feels very organic and even has trellis with climbing plants that I'm assuming will eventually climb to the top and provide additional shade for the play structure
Jumping off the slide
There is a slide for climbing UP rather than sliding down!
I think the designers observed that a lot of children love climbing up the slides so rather than dissuade them, they decided to encourage them!

The kids spent a lot of time playing at Snake Play after they had explored the other play areas beside it.

Navigating the ropes course at Monkey Play
See-saw made of wood at Squirrel Play. Very unique!
Learning how to balance on a log just like a squirrel at Squirrel Play
Jumping and balancing on bouncy boards
Climbing into a play structure that looks like a bird's nest
Little maze at Crab Play
(careful don't bump your head!) 

In the middle of Forest Ramble, near the water play area, there are toilets, bathing stalls and a nursing room. There are water coolers for you to refill your water bottles as well.

Water play area near the toilets
(I personally don't find this hygienic and refused to let the kids play here for more than 5 minutes)

We walked on to explore the other part of Forest Ramble where the flying fox and swings are found!

Bouncing on trampolines at Frog Play
Selfie with the baby under an umbrella because it was simply too hot!!
Climbing into the bird's nests at Heron Play

The kids loved the flying fox, which was smaller than the ones at West Coast Park but just as fun!

Helping my boy to get on and pushing him

Another unique feature of Forest Ramble is the four-way see-saw and swings of every kind!

Four-way swing/see-saw at Butterfly Play.
Best played with two opposing children of equal weight (such as the boy and his same-age buddy)
Left: Big swing that can accommodate more than one child;
Right: my girl enjoying the regular swings. 

For those who enjoy lazing around, there is also a hammock area where you can chill, enjoy the scenery and read a book.

Hammock area

The kids played non-stop for almost 3 hours and yet we did not manage to finish exploring the whole of Forest Ramble (we missed out exploring Sound Play and a merry-go-round). They were so exhausted by the time the daddy came to pick us after his work!

Obviously that meant that we also did not have time to visit Clusia Cove, a water play area with sand about 10-minute walk from Forest Ramble!

It's a good thing that we live nearby; we will definitely be back! ๐Ÿ˜„


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Friday, 14 June 2019

Esplanade PIP's PLAYbox & Superwings at Suntec

I had a lot of plans to bring the kids out during this June holidays since I've still got maternity leave. One of the places on my list was the Esplanade and Gardens by the Bay.

We realised we had never taken a proper outdoor photo with the 'durian'. We usually take the underground linkway to Esplanade but decided that it was shorter to get there from above.
Sitting on lighted up balls

At level 4 of Esplanade is a children's play area known as PIP's PLAYbox.

Small little area decorated to stimulate imagination
There's a small treehouse where kids can climb up and read books
My kids preferred to colour at the colouring table
My baby wants to be a part of the fun too!
Long table for colouring images related to Singapore

It's a small but nice and FREE place to hang out! ๐Ÿ˜Š

At around noon, we decided to head to Suntec to catch the boy's favourite Super Wings in action! Super Wings are aeroplanes that can transform into two-legged robots and help kids in need all over the world.

Super Wings, a World of Adventures at Suntec City
Waiting patiently for the show to start
Jett, Ditzy, Donny and Jerome
(when your child loves something, you learn the names of the thing they love ๐Ÿ˜„)
Dance, dance, dance

It was a very simple performance but the boy LOVED it! He raved about it while we queued for pictures with the characters! I guess that's all that matters! ๐Ÿ˜„

Toys'r'us was also selling Super Wings beside the stage and the doting Mum-in-law couldn't resist getting a Jett luggage for the boy! My kids are too blessed!

Super in love with his Jett luggage, which he is going to use to keep all his Super Wings toys!

With every $30 spent in Suntec, your child is entitled to free 15 minutes play at the Super Wings playground.

Simple playground with a lot of balls
The boy had fun climbing up and down the structures

This playground is more suitable for younger kids like my boy who enjoyed himself.

We had a very late lunch at Suntec before proceeding to Gardens by the Bay. I had planned to walk there but as we were all exhausted by then, we decided to take the train from Esplanade Station to Bayfront Station.

First time the kids were able to stand at the head of the train and see the tracks of our MRT system

When we arrived at Bayfront Station, the kids simply couldn't walk anymore so I have had to push them in my trusty Baby Jogger City Select.

Thank God that I decided to bring it otherwise we wouldn't have made it to Gardens by the Bay.

Beautiful picture of MBS, Singapore Flyer and the Supertrees

To be honest, we were at Gardens by the Bay to visit the Children's Festival featuring Toy Story 4. However, by the time we arrived, the kids were more interested in ice cream than Toy Story (I'm so sad that they are not fans of Toy Story like I am!), so we just decided to have McDonald's ice cream and go home (the daddy came to pick us).

On hindsight, it was probably a bad idea to squeeze so many activities in one day (I'm like that too when I travel and have had to learn to loosen up and let go haha ๐Ÿ˜…). In any case, at least the kids had a really fun day ๐Ÿ˜œ


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Friday, 7 June 2019

Journey to Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East

Thanks to my company's corporate pass (which I managed to successfully ballot woohoo!), we got to visit Wild Wild Wet for the first time last year (this was just before I found out that I was pregnant and thereafter was too tired to finish this post, hence the delay ๐Ÿ˜…).

Looks really fun!

View from Downtown East
Check out the slides, especially the almost vertical yellow one in the middle!
Kids spent most of the time at tbese kiddy slides!

The kids also love the big water playground located at the other end of the water park.

Playground in the water for the kids
Big bucket of water!
Fun slides!
With the kids in the playground structure
More slides!

As with most water parks, there is a lazy river called Shiok River in Wild Wild Wet as well.

Shiok River
I love lazy rivers because you don't have to do anything except to float ๐Ÿ˜„

The girl and I also went on some of the bigger slides that used rafts which allowed groups of 4-6 people. It was really fun!

This water park is great if you stay in the East and have corporate pass or NTUC card where you can get it at a cheaper rate. Otherwise, I think the Jurong East Swimming Pool (see my post) is good enough for those of us who live in the West as it has slides, playground and a lazy river for just $1-2 per person!

Nevertheless, I think it's still a worthwhile place to play for the kids! Definitely should go if you can! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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Friday, 24 May 2019

Admiralty Park & Northpoint City Playgrounds

Since its opening, I've been wanting to bring the kids to Admiralty Park Playground to check it out. Now that I still have maternity leave, the hubby and I decided to bring them on a weekday when it's less crowded.

The kids were in love with the playground! It was so big that even the older girl enjoyed herself very much!

Left: These metal slides were the tallest in the playground. It took both kids a lot of deliberation and courage before finally deciding to give it a try (and loving it ever since);
Right: A smaller slide in contrast. 
Climbing up the nets between the slides.
Very smart use of otherwise wasted space. 
Lots of climbing structures to challenge older kids
Slides hidden in the floor keep things interesting
Peekaboo slides to prevent claustrophobia and for parents to keep a better eye on the kids
More climbing structures and slides
This rock wall looks easy but is actually quite challenging for my 5.5 year old boy. Towards the end he needed my help to pull him up otherwise he might have fallen. The girl had no difficulties at all though. 
I call this structure the DNA helix cos it looks similar

Due to the height of most of the structures, this playground is more suitable for the older children ages 5 to 12 years old (although the teenagers and Polytechnic students also play here). Younger kids might find the stuctures too challenging for them.

The kids loved this mini flying fox the most! Adults around the size of the hubby or I can even ride on it (check the weight limit before attempting)

The playground also had slides with rollers so that you can roll down if you wanted to.

Roller slides

It got too hot for us (adults) and the baby after an hour so we headed to Yishun, where the hubby and his family used to live.

It was a long time since we had visited Northpoint, which is now called Northpoint City because it has become so big!

We found the boy's latest craze, good ole Pacman, at Timezone! The boy was so excited and he and the daddy earned a lot of tickets from just one game!

I knew that there was a water playground at the roof based on the last time that I had brought my eldest girl here but man, it has gotten a major upgrade! There are slides now!

Good size water playground!

Left: Baby girl can't have fun yet but I'll definitely bring her back when she is older;
Right: Big bucket that floods the playground periodically with water!
They are treating this like a pool ๐Ÿ˜’

The only thing we didn't like about the playground was the shower facility as it was not divided into males and females. My girl couldn't bathe with privacy so we just let her wash with her swim suit still on and got her to change in the toilet.

We had dinner at the very famous 925 Chicken Rice stall nearby, which was and still is one of the hubby's favourite chicken rice stalls in Singapore.

It's really not often that the kids get to hang out with us on a weekday! They had a blast! ❤️


This post is part of my MadPsychMum Fun in Singapore Guide to all things exciting for kids! 
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