Sunday 24 August 2014

Penang Day 2: Adventure Zone & Swimming

We awoke after a night of restful sleep to have our breakfast at the Garden Cafe at Level 1.

Garden Cafe
Large outdoor sitting area, which may be warm so dress light
(Photo credit: Golden Sands Resort)
The bread and pastries table
Clockwise from left: Baby Boy met the hotel mascot and poked his beak out of curiosity;
The cereal selection coupled with fresh milk;
Hubby and the brother getting Chinese food on their plates
The Garden Cafe also provides kid-friendly cups and utensils
Clockwise from left: A choice of 4 different types of spread for your bread;
My usual favourites, especially the chocolate croissant;
Baby Boy can't wait to eat as well!

There were hits and misses for this buffet (chocolate croissant and teh tarik were hits, pancakes were misses) but overall we enjoyed it.

After breakfast, we went to Batu Feringgi Beach to check out the water activities that they had to offer.

View of Batu Feringgi Beach from our room
Lounge chairs for hotel guests to admire the sea
If you swim in the sea, beware of jellyfish
(Although why would you, when the lagoon pool is so much better!)
With the beach and the sea in the background

The sellers kept hounding us to "take a boat ride" and go parasailing/jet skiing. We were interested initially until we heard the price and felt that it was a lot cheaper in Batam (which we'll be visiting again at the end of the year).

It was definitely more economical for us to enjoy our "water sports" at the pool =)

Baby Boy wearing the Golden Sands Resort Swim Suit we got him as a souvenir because he looked super cute in it (and because he really needed it)
Swimming in our favourite covered pool again because it was drizzling. Again -_-
It was her first time submerging her whole head into the water for this shot (she finally found the guts to do it)

We were hungry after a swim as usual so we headed to The Wizard of Food located opposite our hotel for lunch.

Baby Boy is hungry for some food too!
Sipping my orange juice while the girl drifts off to sleep (she was just too tired out from the swim)
Salad platter starter
(Looks damn good but tastes ordinary)
Clockwise from top left: mixed vegetables and tofu;
Small crab fried with local spicy sauce (delicious!);
Fried kuey teow; Fried banana and ice-cream for dessert

We headed to the famous Adventure Zone next, after my girl woke up from her nap.

To get more bang for your buck, you may want to purchase the Kid’s Passports when you check-in at the resort as it entitles your child (age 4-12 years old) to:

1) Three hours of play at Adventure Zone
2) Merchandise and restaurant discounts
3) Complimentary souvenir t-shirt
4) Complimentary lunch and free snack
5) Free ice-cream!
6) Complimentary ride on Segway for 10 minutes (applicable to two-day passports only)

At just MYR 60 nett for the one day passport and MYR 100 nett for the two day passport, that's quite a good deal! Your kids will love it here =)

Clockwise from left: Signboard outside Adventure Zone to point you to the way;
Registration and food counter;
Dining area for parents to drink coffee or tea while waiting for their kids
Shoe racks and lockers
Toilets with kid-friendly facilities
Decent size toddler play area strictly for children ages 4 and below
(This play area tends to get overtaken by the older kids but the staff will step in and restore order if that's a need)
Left: Baby Boy playing with hovering balls
Right: Second time down the slide. He still didn't like it.
Girl playing with the hovering balls (who doesn't like balls?)
The main play area that can accommodate both the older kids and even adults!;
Rope swing (left) and spinning circles (right)
She looks apprehensively at this tiny slide (as she always does for every slide) but the minute she tried it, there was no turning back =P

You can't blame my girl for being scared when you can hear the screams of kids going down the hair-raising slide next to it.

Big blue slide into hundreds of plastic balls;
It looks easy but it is actually really high and scary!
Hubby and brother-in-law climbing up the stairs to see if they can take on the big slides
(You can only see a blur image of a child sliding down because they are that fast!)
Look at the 90 degree drop!

The kids make it look easy because they are lighter and more flexible. It's actually a lot faster and harder for adults, who are heavier and less flexible! The brother-in-law hurt his back and waist in an attempt to take on the blue slide. Thankfully the much older hubby and I didn't try it!

We did, however, try the gentler (though just as fun) colourful slides located just beside them.

Reminds me of the big splash slides, it's pretty high up!
You have to carry your gunny sack up the stairs and sit on it to slide down

I LOVE THIS SLIDE! It was super fun. I think I went again and again like one of the kids. The girl refused to try it but I kept begging and bribing her (because it's weird for me to do it alone if ya know what I mean. Plus I wanted her to overcome her fear of slides). Finally after much persuasion, she overcame her fear and went down the slide with me! Great job girl =)

Walking across the netting bridge

If you're wondering why we were all in long sleeves, well, it is a requirement to wear a top with at least 3/4 sleeves and socks in this playground so don't forget to bring yours.

My girl and I had a blast! Baby boy not so much. He would much rather hang out at the balcony and watch the clouds go by..

Enjoying the rest of the beautiful afternoon in our room

We had dinner again at Long Beach Cafe because we enjoyed it the evening before.

Excited to taste the food!
This stall selling homemade spring rolls is very famous here
Look at the crispy skin that breaks immediately when you bite into it
The generous ingredients inside the popiah
Eating wan tan min again
Spicy prawns on a hot plate
Love the pancake from this stall; Cheap and good!
I ordered cheese and egg; see how soft and crispy it is =)

I'm beginning to understand why people love Penang =)

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Disclosure: Complimentary accommodation for 2 nights at the Executive Suite (we paid for the Executive Seaview room) at the Golden Sands Resort was received from Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd. for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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