Monday 7 September 2020

Staycation at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

I've always wanted to check out the new playground at Shangri-La Singapore hence we booked a staycation during the September school holidays when we spotted their Fun Family Playcation package on their website.

After our terrible experience at Hotel Michael, we made sure that we booked a hotel that can deliver the service that we expect of 5 star hotels. And Shangri-La always lives up to our expectations! 

The beautiful Shangri-La Hotel

The moment we arrived, we were led to the Front Desk and there was no queue at all. We could check-in immediately. The staff also gave us a complimentary upgrade to a bigger room (maybe because we are Golden Circle members and booked direct 😁). The family loved our Valley Wing Deluxe Room

Comfortable room for our large family
Nice sitting area with very comfortable sofas
King size bed and additional single bed
Left: the kids did not stop smiling the whole time we were here!;
Right: Separate changing area outside the bathroom
Love Shangri-La for their super large bathroom!
The kids loved the huge bathtub!

Our package came with complimentary entry to Buds indoor playground and Splash Zone (a water playground). We were given a link to book play slots (90 minute each) at both the indoor playground and Splash Zone. Thankfully, I managed to book the slots for the kids! 

Our package also came with a picnic basket, which you can bring to Shangri-La's own in-house gardens to have a picnic. Unfortunately, it started raining when we arrived, hence we can only picnic in the bathroom was watching the kids play in the bathtub! πŸ›

Our picnic basket full of delicious snacks
The bathroom is large enough for a picnic! Kids enjoyed themselves greatly! Not bad for rainy day plan B! 

We also appreciated Shangri-La's attention to detail and the little 'presents' that we received! 

Left: Shangri-La always ensures that they welcome every guest with a fruit platter!
Right: Complimentary delicious macarons! 
Clockwise from left: Complimentary kids toothbrushes;
 COVID-19 Care Pack with masks, wet wipes and sanitisers;
Kids bedroom slippers and toiletries.
The kids each received a play pack from Buds at the Front Desk! They loved it! 

The room had such a nice ambience that we decided to take OOTD photos in our room. 

Love this skirt from Love, Bonito and got a dress for the littlest girl so that she can twin with me! ♥️

The kids were given a map of Shangri-La at the Front Desk and told to go on a treasure hunt around the vast premise. Since it was still drizzling and we can't go swimming, we decided to follow the instructions on the map. 

We started our treasure hunt at the lobby, which greeted guests with a very realistic dinosaur display
Then we headed to Shangri-La's own waterfall
One of the tasks was to count white koi, but erm, how do you tell a white from a yellow koi? Are they the same or different?
Beautiful back drop for a group photo!

When the kids completed their tasks, they were given a cup of ice-cream each! So yummy! 

Exchanged the treasure map for ice-cream πŸ§πŸ˜‹

In the evening, we ordered in-room dining for dinner because we had $100 dining credits with our package. It was delivered to us on a table so we can eat comfortably! 

Clockwise from left: the in-room dining table;
Shangri-La is very famous for their laksa! Of course we had to order one to try πŸ˜‹;
Mac and cheese for the eldest girl, her favourite food. 
Satay that's so delicious!

Just for fun, since we will not be travelling so soon, the kids wore their yukata that we had bought in Japan. Maybe it can be their Halloween costumes? πŸ˜…

Dressing up just for fun!

The next morning, we headed to The Line restaurant for our breakfast. The kids were given a special opportunity to design their own pancakes in Bake! 

Bake is a small cooking area for kids to take baking classes 
They can eat their masterpieces for breakfast! 

We ordered the rest of our breakfast via a link to their order form. I enjoyed the food, which was good as usual. 

Pancakes and noodles, among the many things we ordered

After breakfast, we headed to the pool for a swim! You do not need to book a slot for the pool but there is a limit to the number of people that can be in the pool at any one time (the lifeguards will count and monitor). However, the pool is so large that this wasn't really an issue. You are also allowed to use the pool even after you have checked out if you wish to do so. Also, if all the guests showed consideration to each other (e.g. leaving when you see that others just arrived and you had already used the pool for an hour), everyone will have equal opportunity to use the pool. 

Left: Littlest girl wearing her Disney bathrobe I got for her ❤️
Right: Life vests for kids to wear. 
Kids enjoyed playing with the water fountains!

There are lifeguards at all Shangri-La hotels and they are very strict about water safety. You can swim with assurance that someone is looking out for you and your kids! 

I only managed to book afternoon time slots for Buds and Splash Zone hence we could only bring them to play after we had checked out. This was the highlight of the staycation! 

Buds by Shangri-La
Playground for the older kids
It's actually bigger than it looks from outside!
Lots of structures to climb, jump on and slide down
Love this space-themed playground
Volcano slide! πŸŒ‹
Rock corner with real stones
Suitable for little ones only with close supervision otherwise they might bump their heads or fall down
I love that there is a decent size toddler area for the younger ones!
My littlest girl enjoyed climbing and exploring
It's built for her size so I feel assured to let her roam freely while I sit back and relax 🀭
There's a performing room for the kids to showcase their talents!

The kids can also engage in art if that's what they like. My kids are super energetic and preferred to be on the move. 

There's also a decent size nursing room beside Buds! 

The nursing room was very pretty, clean and had adequate amenities like high chair

Buds was so fun that 90 minutes was really too short for the kids! They had no time to rest though because we had to get them dressed for Splash Zone! 

Splash Zone is a separate area from the swimming pool
Water playground!
This area is very suitable for younger kids
Love this pirate playground! Too bad it's not for adults 🀭
Sliding down the slides! Baby girl wanted to join in but she was too small, poor thing.
Climbing onto the pirate ship
The littlest girl had so much fun on the toddler slide and other toddler-friendly play areas!
Littlest girl loves playing with water! 
We were so tired after the 2 days of non-stop fun, but it was worth it, seeing the never-ending smiles on the faces of my children (they are so blessed!). Seriously, your kids won't ever be bored here! 

Let's just say that I'm a proud Golden Circle member and am no stranger to Shangri-La's trademark hospitality. You can read my Shangri-La experiences here:

This is not our first and hopefully not our last! Can't wait to stay with Shangri-La again 😁


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