Monday 2 May 2011

Our World Class Anniversary at Marina Bay Sands (I)

Two years ago today, we were married at a church in the heart of Singapore. So last Saturday, the hubby surprised me by saying that he had already booked a room at the most iconic hotel in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands. Initially the hubby was unwilling to bring baby (and his whole family for that matter) but I convinced him to let them share in our joy at least for a Sunday afternoon. So together with my baby and in-laws, we headed to the famous MBS that we've heard so much about but had never been to.

As it was Labour Day (May 1), which is a public holiday, the room type that we booked were all occupied. Hence the hotel was nice enough to upgrade us to the Horizon Grand room which boasts a beautiful city view and gigantic room.

The Horizon Grand room
And the bathroom was also nice and roomy.

The bathroom at MBS

Love the large tub that can easily fit two people (and I speak from personal experience *laughs*). If there's anything the hubby and I love, it's soaking in a hot tub.

Girlee was enjoying herself and having the time of her life when..

Enjoying the room

...the doorbell rang and it turned out to be a cake given to us to celebrate our wedding anniversary with compliments from MBS.

Celebrating our anniversary with complimentary cake from MBS

It was so sweet of them! The cake was very tasty and I was glad that my in-laws were there to share the cake or I doubt we'll be able to finish eating it!

We then decided to go swimming in MBS' Infinity Pool before it rains as the sky looked too greyish for comfort.

Getting ready to go..

The Infinity Pool is located on the 57th floor (or roof) of the hotel and we had to take two lifts to get there. But it was all worth it seeing as we got really great shots of us in the pool and the wonderful skyline.

Me & Girlee in the Infinity Pool
Great family shots thanks to a nice stranger
Family shots taken by my mum-in-law

And the best part was, Girlee did not cry! Not even once (as you can see in the pictures)! If you'd remember, she cried her eyes out during her first dip in a pool at Batam. But she did not cry when she went into this one. In fact, she was kicking around and enjoying the view together with us.

I'm so proud of her! Time to teach Girlee how to swim ^^

Girlee enjoyed swimming so much she was almost relunctant to leave the pool! But I insisted that she did as it started to get cold and she was still recovering from flu.

After swimming (left) and after a nap (right)

She was so happy and tired out she slept and slept in the nice cold hotel room and didn't wake up till I called out to her. I have never seen her in such a good mood.

Taking pictures using the extra large mirror in the bathroom

The hubby and I were all dressed up to go for dinner but before we left, I took a shot of both of us smiling into the mirror at ourselves.

I had a most enjoyable time with my baby! But it was time for her to go home with the in-laws so that her daddy and mummy could enjoy time alone with each other. I will miss her..

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