Tuesday 3 May 2011

Our World Class Anniversary at Marina Bay Sands (II)

After a nice afternoon spent with Girlee earlier and sending her home with her grandparents, the hubby and I proceeded to search for a nice restaurant to have our dinner. I was wearing my favourite dressy dress and he was in for some atas (Singaporean slang for 'luxury') cuisine, so we headed for none other than the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in search for some good food.

Walking passed all the high end boutiques that they've got there reminded me so much of Macau and Hongkong. I was so tempted to walk right in and buy a pair of heels or a nice dress but then my brain had to remind me that I couldn't afford it. Drats. Still, it felt good to walk around the premise in my LBD (little black dress), pearls and my LV Speedy, pretending to be all rich and famous (key word being 'pretend'). Haha.

We took a really long time to decide where to eat. Some were too expensive, some were too crowded. We finally decided to settle for either Mozza or db Bistro Moderne as my heels were killing me (sigh, the price we pay for fashion). Both had a lot of people checking out their menu, but db Bistro seemed to have less people so we decided to eat there.

db Bistro Moderne

db Bistro Moderne is a modern French-American restaurant founded by Chef Daniel Boulud, who's French by birth and American by immigration. His food is therefore a nice blend of the two.

We started our dinner with drinks in the form of French wine for the hubby and mango mocktail for me (I don't quite fancy alcohol) and bread that were compliments of the restaurant.

Mango mocktail & French wine
Bread at db Bistro MBS

The bread was warm and baked just right. I love me a nice warm and 'buttered' bread *grinz*. The waiter asked me if I wanted some more but I nicely declined, even though I really did want more, as I was afraid I would be too full for my actual meal.

At our request, our waiter recommended us the snail and chicken osyter fricassee as an appetiser to share (here's the rest of their menu).

Snail and chicken fricassee, the best chicken we've ever tasted!

We loved it! Especially the two chicken pieces (seen in picture) which are from the most tender part of a chicken's body. When you chew on it, the juices literally drips down your throat as you savour each and every bite. The hubby thought I was exaggerating till he himself took a bite and said it took over the starring role of the escargot, which was nice but not as nice if you know what I mean. Mmmmm.

Then came our main course.

I had the Steak Frites (top) while he had the Original db Burger (bottom)

The hubby finished the whole pot of fries by himself, which said a lot about how tasty it was seeing as he usually hates to eat fries. The patty of the burger was not your usual mashed-up-patty-of-every-other-beef-part-that-no-one-wants but was instead two layers of meat rolled together, i.e. braised short ribs and foie gras. The bun too was seasoned with a special sauce which made it that much tastier. Definitely a must try =)

My steak was fantastic of course. The meat was cooked to perfection as each cut revealed the nice pink colour that is reflective of its medium-well doneness. The chef kept the original taste of the beef by not over adding too much sauce so that you can savour its quality (for people who don't like eating steak without sauce, this one is not for you). I loved it!

I didn't get a chance to try their dessert, which I suspect is really fantastic seeing their rave reviews, as I was just too full!

The ambience was great and the service was excellent. So it should come as no surprise that you have to be prepared to pay for a meal fit for royalty. The escargot costs S$24 while my steak costs S$49. Our total bill came up to S$150 but it was certainly well worth every penny =)

With satisfied stomachs, we decided to take a nice stroll around the Skypark to check out how the place looks like at night.

At the Skypark at night

Sorry for the dark shot of me, I looked much better (and slimmer!) without flash *laughs*

When we returned to our room, the hubby took out my anniversary present, which was a diamond ring that he bought after trading in my smaller engagement ring he got for me back when we were much poorer in 2007. This one was much brighter and slightly bigger.

His anniversary present to me

He said he did consider getting me 1 carat but then we would have to eat grass for the next few months to a year. And you know me, I prefer spending the money on quality food and travelling.

We slept early on the uber comfy bed so that we can wake up at dawn the next day to go for another swim in the Infinity Pool. But the winds were blowing and it was freezing! Thankfully the jacuzzi was warm so we quickly jumped into it.

At the Skypark in the morning

The hubby was freezing and feeling sleepy. We didn't stay long as not long after it started to drizzle a little. Sigh. I was hoping to take one last dip in the pool before we checked out.

Thanks hubby for a lovely anniversary celebration. Here's to many more to come =)
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