Sunday 8 May 2011

My First Mother's Day

This year's the first time that I'll be celebrating Mother's Day together with the two mothers in my life.

There's the person who carried me in her tummy and brought me into this world.

My mother, Girlee's maternal grandmother.

It's so cliche but as a mother myself, I can finally understand how much my mother goes through to bring me up and love me. She looks after me when I'm sick. She listens to all my ramblings and offer great advice. Although we have our disagreements and arguments, she will never hold it against me. She cooks my favourite foods whenever I ask her to. She will always buy my favourite Coke Light and dark chocolates and then stash them in a secret location far from the prying eyes of my siblings so that I will have my favourite stuff to eat when I come over every week.

I love you Mummy!

And also, not forgetting the person who became my mother through marriage and has looked after me just like one of her own (I'm the daughter she never had).

My mother-in-law, baby's paternal grandmother

I'm so appreciative of all the things she had done for me and my baby girl. She will always volunteer to take care of Girlee so that we can relax and enjoy ourselves. She hardly complain or get angry. When I'm in need of something, she never fails to go all out to help me. She has made it her life purpose to serve her family and I really admire her for it. I can't count how many people are so envious that I have such a good mother-in-law with whom I have such a great relationship with.


You can say that this first Mother's Day has been really special for me.

Mother's Day bouquet from our church

I have a lot to be thankful for. I have two very wonderful mothers who love me. I'm very blessed to have a healthy and beautiful baby girl who's relatively easy to care for. She brings much joy to all our lives and I'm so thankful that she's mine.

The one who made me a mummy

I thank God for a wonderful experience that has literally changed my life. If you're a mother, or even a father, I'm sure it has changed yours as well.

So to all my readers who are mothers or mothers-to-be,

Happy Mothers Day!
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