Saturday 3 May 2014

Our Anniversary Staycation at Royal Plaza

The hubby surprised me with a staycation at the Royal Plaza on Scotts last week. He had booked the Club room but the hotel nicely upgraded us to the Executive Suite. The suite consisted of two rooms and was really spacious and comfortable! =)

Large living room with a very comfortable sofa
Drinks are free from the bar fridge! =)
Nespresso machine for your coffee (not just ordinary 3-in-1!) and TWG tea
Bathroom with a nice bathtub
The hotel specially prepared these twin swans to welcome us!
A nice family photo on the enormous king-size bed taken by the Mum-in-law
Chocolate lollipops with compliments from the hotel

Booking the premiere rooms meant that we had access to their lounge, which provided complimentary afternoon tea and evening cocktails.

Complimentary afternoon tea at the lounge on the 15th floor

After we each had a nice cup of coffee/tea/chocolate milk, we headed to the pool for a swim. The pool was really tiny though!

Swimming pool

The hubby was very ambitious and wanted to introduce Baby Boy to the water even though I warned him that he was still too young. And true enough, the poor boy cried and "demanded" to be taken out of the water!

Baby Boy's first time in the pool

Either he's still too young or he really doesn't like the water like his sister does (which could mean that he takes after his daddy!). Ah well.. we shall see.

After swimming, the Mum-in-law and my girl took the cab home so that they can rest while the hubby and I went to the lounge for the evening cocktails. Although the hotel mentioned on their website that kids under 5 years old are not allowed in the lounge during the evening cocktails, we had thought that a young infant who can't even sit up or eat would be okay. Turns out that babies are also not allowed as well so we ended up taking turns to go for the cocktails, which consisted of some desserts and a long list of wine and champagne to choose from.

Evening cocktails

At night, the hotel brought the cot that we requested to our room for the baby to sleep in. I love that our suite was so spacious that there was more than enough space for the cot.

Baby cot that can accommodate a child up to 3 years old

Baby Boy had no problems sleeping in the cot and only woke to feed a few times at night. Both of us could enjoy the huge king size bed without being worried that we would accidentally roll over or suffocate him.

I need to get me one of these king size beds! *laughs*

The next morning we woke up early for the breakfast buffet at Carousel.

Breakfast buffet

To be honest, I was expecting it to be a lot better. Sure there was a great variety of food, from Western to Cantonese to Japanese cuisine, probably one of the widest selection we've experienced so far. But the each item left much to be desired. I thought the bread and pastries selection was ordinary and there was an extraordinarily long queue (as usual) for scrambled eggs so I did not order any. The only thing I thought was at least a bit more special is the Japanese Teriyaki chicken prepared by the chef (as shown in the picture above). You would have to wait a long time for him to prepare it though so I would suggest that you check back every 10 minutes to see if it's ready or not (best if you can sit near him like we did so that when he was almost done, one of us would scoot straight to the counter and be the first in the queue).

All in all, I had a great staycation although I wouldn't go back because I still think staying at Orchard is still too close to home *laughs*


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