Sunday 29 April 2012

Our Hollywood Style Anniversary at RWS (I)

We headed to Resort Worlds Sentosa (RWS) for our anniversary this year because I've been complaining to the hubby that everyone's been there except for us. Last year we celebrated our anniversary at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) so this year we wanted something different and decided on Hard Rock Hotel Singapore.

At Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

We arrived early to check in but our room was not ready so we had to wait at the lobby.

Lobby of Hard Rock Hotel

When the room was still not ready one hour later, I started to get impatient as this is no way to treat your guests. C'mon, you're a 5 star hotel! Their explanation was that they needed time to turn over 200 over rooms but it's really no excuse because they could have hired more people. So I carried baby girl and tried to use her charms on them..

Me (to receptionist): Hi, is our room ready yet? My girl is making a lot of noise I can't take it.
Girlee (smiling sweetly at receptionist): I want swim!
Receptionist: Hello baby! Oh you want to swim? Ok I'll see what I can do. Just a moment.

The receptionist heads to the back office and minutes later emerged with our room keys! Can't believe that worked *laughs*

Headed up to our room in a very glitzy elevator

The hotel room we were given was much smaller than the one at MBS but was nicely decorated and had an amazing view of the pool.

Our room on the 6th floor facing the pool

The nice thing about the rooms here is its entertainment system (i.e. TV) that comes with external speakers to blast music or watch a movie. There's even an iPod/iPhone docking system to charge your phone while playing music out of it.

The bathroom with separated bath and toilet facilities

The bad thing about this room is that there are no rods (except for the ones at the door to hang towels) to hang our wet clothes so we ended up drying it on every surface we can find. That was really inconvenient especially since we had a lot of swim wear to hang out to dry.

Nevertheless, the good thing is that this room is very family-friendly because each room has a super-single pull-out bed for additional family members at no extra cost.

Left: Comfy sofa (which can act like a bed when needed); Right: Comfy pull-out bed;
These were used by my sister & her boyfriend when they stay over on the 2nd night.

After checking out our room, we headed down to the pool immediately because baby girl was very anxious to get into the water.

The small slide and water play area for children

The first thing that caught our eyes was this water slide at the center of the pool. We tried to let baby girl go down the slide on her own but she was just too afraid to do so.

Sliding down the water slide with daddy

So later mummy had to step in and slide down the slide with baby girl in my lap.

Because it was hard to land with her in my lap, I scraped my knees pretty badly. Yet I still did it again and again just because she said, "One more time, one more time!" The things I will do for you baby girl.

When finally I was too tired to climb the steps, we decided to soak in the man-made beach pool next to the slide.

They even have sand at the bottom of the pool

This pool is great for cleanliness freaks who want the feel of being at the beach but not all the dirt that comes with it. You don't have to worry about your kids getting swept away by the waves too. Love it! =)

It was also a perfect back-drop for floating on a 'pirate ship'!

Maiden voyage of her 1st boat-float thanks to Disney Junior

I took a long time to blow it up but seeing how happy it made her, I suppose it was totally worth it! =)

Baby girl was tired out after a few hours so we washed up and sent her and my mum-in-law to the monorail station to go back home.

At the Casino & Merlion

My mum-in-law is a real blessing to us! She came all the way there with us just so that she can bring baby girl home and we can have the rest of the night alone together.

Monorail at Imbiah station at the foot of the Merlion

Baby girl of course was initially too tired to care but once she reached home and discovered that mummy and daddy were not there, she kept asking for us. I missed her already! *pouts*

After they've left, we proceeded to watch Voyage de La Vie at the Festive Grand Theatre.

Voyage de La Vie

It was a circus performance cum mini musical; I'm the kind that prefers full musicals like 'Wicked' but the hubby really liked it since it had a lot more stunts and action than singing and dancing (song and dance are really not his thing).

We ended the night really early as I was too exhausted (didn't even have time to blog although I had planned to *sigh*).

The next day, my whole family went to pick baby girl up after buying breakfast & lunch for us. The minute baby girl saw us, she burst into tears and clung onto me and refused to let go. I suspect she was really hurt that we sent her off with her grandma and really missed us too =(

We cheered her up by filling her stomach with lunch (a hungry baby is a cranky baby) and brought her downstairs to swim.

With my brother, sister, JM, baby girl and the hubby

Don't know what's up with mothers but like my mum-in-law the day before, my mum also did not bring her swim wear so she couldn't join us in the pool *sigh*

More group photos in the sun

The boat-float turned out to be more useful and fun than expected. When baby girl lost interest and didn't want to sit in it any more, guess who thought it was their cue to take over?

Taking turns to sit on the boat-float

Well... everybody else, that's who! I tried it myself and it was really quite fun. Can't believe it could take our weight! *laughs*

It also came in handy for me to take shelter under the sweltering hot sun!

Yay, mobile shade for me! =)

We also had fun underwater with my waterproof Olympus.

Underwater shots taken by me =)

Turned out to be quite good don't you think? All done in just one shot. Gotta say I'm really good at this *laughs*

We had so much fun we only decided to leave when the sun shone so bright, it burnt into our skin. Baby girl, the sister, JM and my mother totally zonked out on the beds after the swim, leaving my brother, the hubby and I to visit the Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium (MEMA). The aquarium was not opened to the public yet so we could only see the exhibitions on display.

Maritime Experiential Musuem & Aquarium

The exhibition part was really small and boring. No wonder the entrace ticket is only $5 per person. It's very kid-friendly though, with a lot of activities for children and the young-at-heart alike to do. I would advise to visit only when the aquarium is opened though because it's really a small and boring exhibition without it.

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring RWS and the different stores along the mall.

We just had to pop by the largest Candylicious store in Singapore!

We went for dinner with the rest of the family at Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa to celebrate my birthday at the same time.

Hard Rock Cafe at RWS

The food was great!

Anti-clockwise (from left): Starter platter for 3-4 persons (we ordered to share); potato with cheese (love it!);
the hubby's main course = sirloin 'sandwich' (i.e. steak on garlic bread)
Clockwise (from left): The restaurant provided colouring crayons and activity sheets to entertain baby girl;
beef burgers for all of us (except for the hubby); Mac and cheese with chicken for my mum, sis, baby girl and I.

I really enjoyed the fellowship even more than the food (which was so good I felt so fat after it!)

Family photo taken by a staff member

My mum and bro left after dinner as they won't be joining us at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) the next day (they both have to work sadly). The rest of us stayed on and were supposed to play games till late at night but we were all so tired, we slept at 11pm! Can't believe it -_-

We are having the time of our lives so far. Can't wait for USS tomorrow! *Excited*

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