Monday 30 April 2012

Our Hollywood Style Anniversary at RWS (II)

We actually aimed to wake up early this morning since we slept sooo early last night but all of us happily ignored the many alarm rings until 9am. By then it was too late. We ended up reaching Universal Studios Singapore at 11am (which was considered late since the attraction opens at 10am and hordes of tourists were already there).

Universal Studios Singapore

It rained in the morning and I was so afraid it was going to ruin our day so I prayed to God for the sun and God sent the sun indeed! It was so hot that almost all of us got sunburnt!

Our first stop was Hollywood's 'Lights, Camera, Action!' show hosted by Steven Spielberg.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The stage set attempts to create a typhoon scene by using special effects such as fire and wind. There were unexpected parts which made the show very exciting! A definite must-watch show =)

Then the sister and JM wanted to go on the Battlestar Galactica at Sci-Fi City, which the hubby and I weren't interested in riding (we can't even if we wanted to since baby girl was with us) so we split up to go explore the grounds while they queued for the ride.

Took a picture with the hunky Egyptian guards at Ancient Egypt
(wooo check out the hot bods man! *giggles*)
Visited the famous Shrek castle at Far, Far, Away!

Baby girl's moody face is a result of the heat. Both she and her dad don't take to the heat very well. To entertain her, we brought her to ride some of the kiddy rides that she's allowed to ride. Her first ever ride in an amusement park is the Accelerator.

Waiting in line to ride the Accelerator

Baby girl looked apprehensive because we made the mistake of telling her not to be scared, which made her feel even more afraid than she was before! *sigh* Halfway through the ride she started crying to be carried so I had to break the rules and place her on my lap. After that she felt better and stopped crying and actually began to enjoy it. It was too boring for the hubby and I though (come to think of it, most of the kiddy rides were boring to us). *Sigh* The things we will do for our baby girl.

Next, we headed to Madagascar, which has the most kid-friendly rides of the whole park. Since baby girl is tall enough (above 80cm), she was able to ride most of the kiddy rides in USS except for the junior roller-coaster.

Yay, I'm tall enough to ride A Crate Adventure!

The only ride that I noticed in the whole of USS that is mild enough for pregnant women, hand-held infants and even persons in wheelchairs is the carousel ride.

Left: Photo-taking with the famous Madagascar characters;
Right: King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round

The nice thing about this carousel is that there is a safety belt so you don't have to worry about your child falling off. I thought that was very thoughtful of the manufacturers. Since there's a safety belt, her daddy wanted to put her on the larger Melman the Giraffe or Alex the Lion but baby girl wanted something much lower and smaller so we ended up with this:

She looked like she's in pain right? Well she is.

Girlee (in grimace): Pain, pain!
Me: Where pain?
Girlee: Star-mak (stomach) pain!
Me: Huh? Stomach pain?

Then my Mama Instincts kicked in and I realised she meant that she is hungry! It was already 12.30pm and we haven't had lunch yet! So I let her drink a whole bottle of Vitamin Water while we walked as fast as we could to the next food place down the street. Turned out to be Mel's Drive In! =)

Mel's Drive In Fast-Food Restaurant

Love the old-school feel of this place! Daddy ordered the Kid's Meal, which comes with fries, dinosaur-shaped nuggets, iced Milo and a cute lunch box. She perked up immediately after eating one fry after another (I don't usually allow her to indulge but since we're supposed to be in celebration mode, I just made sure she was well hydrated after). It was also a great place to take shelter from the sweltering Singapore heat!

After we've had our fill, we decided to go watch the Monster Rock show just next door. It was already 1.30pm and I was starting to wonder what had happened to my sister and JM. Turns out they went on both the Human & Cylon rides and the queues were so long it took them almost 2.5 hours! They joined us for the show, which was really boring but we stayed on anyway because the theatre was such a nice, dark and air-conditioned place for baby girl to sleep while we rest from all the walking in the sun.

After the show, we headed on to the ride we were all looking forward to:

Transformers the Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle!

The hubby and I queued for almost an hour while the sister and JM took care of baby girl and had their lunch. It was a long wait for the ride but it was so worth the wait! The ride was amazing! The effects were so authentic, it felt like we were in the battle even though it was only a simulator.

After queuing half-way, we realised that the 'Single-Riders' queue (for riders who are willing to ride alone, separated from the group) was much faster. So after we finished, I advised the sister and JM to go for the Single-Riders queue and they were out in like 10 minutes! We loved it so much, the 3 of us were back in the S-R queue for another round of Megatron-ass-kicking action (hubby stayed back to bond with baby girl)! =)

When we emerged 10 minutes later, there was the real Optimus Prime walking around taking pictures with all the folks! The hubby tried to get baby girl to shake the Autobot's hand but baby girl started crying like crazy even before the machine hand touched hers.

With the moving Optimus Prime!

Baby girl managed to calm her nerves after the photo to wave goodbye to the Autobot, who kindly waved back. She even blew him a kiss eventually! *laughs*

We made a stop to ride the Revenge of the Mummy (which was my scariest ride of the day.. yes I have a weak heart ok?!) before proceeding on to Shrek 4D!

Shrek 4D Adventure

This was the hubby's 3rd and my 2nd time watching Shrek 4D but I still love it every time! Baby girl however, enjoyed chewing on her 3D glasses more than actually watching the show. She did like the jerking action of the chairs and the spraying of water though. She must have thought it was one of those kiddy rides she's used to sitting.

After Shrek 4D, we split up again. The sister and JM queued for the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure (waterboat ride) while we rode yet another kiddy ride, the Dino-Soarin', at Lost World.

Dino-Soaring at Jurassic Park

Baby girl didn't like it initially because every time I let go of the button, the dino will drop and cause your heart to jump a little. But eventually she got the hang of it and was less apprehensive after her 2nd time on it. She said no to a 3rd time though. Has a weak heart just like her mummy! *laughs*

As it was already late, we weren't able to catch the last 2 attractions: Canopy Flyer & WaterWorld, which was really unfortunate since they both seemed like great attractions. I made a mental note to make this a priority the next time we visit again. Nevertheless, it was a great day because we still managed to clear all the other rides between the 4 of us despite the hordes of people at USS.

We thought we would leave earlier than the closing time but between eating and queuing up for rides, we ended up leaving the park just 15 minutes before it closed!

Thanks to the hubby, my mum-in-law and my family for a wonderful celebration together! I'm already looking forward to our next anniversary celebration! Till next year.. *grin*

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