Sunday 24 November 2013

The 3-Day Birthday Celebration

It was the hubby's birthday last Thursday and we had a long weekend of celebrations, starting with his favourite seafood dinner at Unique Seafood.

Too busy eating, no time to pose..
Cheese-baked lobsters and lobster with Ee-Fu noodles

Hubby specially requested for lobsters so his mother ordered 3 for him! And to top it off, his girl sang him a birthday song and gave him a big birthday kiss!

Celebration with cupcakes
(this is for show only as hubby doesn't like cakes.. I ended up eating all 3 of them!)
Family photo

The next day we both took leave to stay at the Orchard Hotel, which came complimentary due to the membership that the hubby bought.

Premium room at Orchard Hotel

My girl had been looking forward to this all week and was super excited to check out the room and the hotel's facilities. Since the weather was still good, we decided to bring her for a swim before we headed out for a late lunch.

At the swimming pool of the hotel

I didn't manage to take a picture of my bare, protruding tummy during my first pregnancy as at that time I was too self-conscious and depressed but I've since regretted not doing it! As this might be the last time that I'm pregnant and I might not get another chance in future, I decided to put aside my self-consciousness and to just do it!

"My baby brother is in my mummy's tummy!"

I guess you only live once so this time, no regrets! Anyway, there's always Photoshop.. =P

Anyway, that was one of the only photos we managed to get the cooperation of my girl as she soon got really impatient to jump into the pool! My girl has really improved a lot in her swimming and can now swim on her own with just her arm floats =)

Swimming solo!

Both her daddy and I agree that it is definitely time to sign her up for swimming classes starting next year. Just as well, since I will be able to get my weekly swim while she goes for her lesson.. kills 2 birds with 1 stone! =)

After our swim, we had a late lunch at the Noodle restaurant located at the first floor of the hotel. The noodles and dumplings were all handmade by the chef upon order so it came to us really fresh and springy. We both loved it!

My girl was so exhausted from the swimming that she fell asleep and missed out on the awesome handmade noodles!

It was a great time of bonding and relaxation. I think the hubby had a blast! Probably one of his best birthdays ever =)


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