Monday 5 May 2014

The Blog and I are One

When I first started my blog, I had no idea what I wanted to focus on exactly. At first it was blogging about my life as a young (and very newbie) mother, which later progressed to blogging on whatever I thought was popular. I even tried to include things that were never my strength (coming up with recipes for example! What was I thinking?!) just to see if it will work or not (of course it didn't but hey, A for effort ya?).

Thanks to a group of close blogging friends (you know who you are), I have gotten a lot of constructive feedback and began to define who I am as a blogger as time progressed.

What am I most well-known for?

1) My review of 120 nursing rooms in Singapore and overseas
This was, and still is, my proudest accomplishment! But I couldn't have done it without the help of my family.

2) My list of all my incredibly detailed travel itineraries
I'm also very proud of this list as I've put together a lot of the itineraries myself after many months of research, consultation with experts and planning.

3) My post on the Top 10 Worst Names to Name Your Baby
This used to be my most popular post of all time. I wrote it because I cannot imagine people calling their kids all sorts of strange names! Two years later I came up with the sequel (i.e. my linky on Baby Names), which you might wanna read too =)

Less well-known for but equally defines who I am:

1) My graduate research on pediatric cancer
2) My love of art and scrapbooking
3) Our visits to kid-friendly playgrounds
4) My fixation on all thing neat and organised!

But if you were to ask me to summarise what my blog is about, it's truly all in its name:
Mad = My nickname, my beliefs, my passions, my interests, my loves.
Psych = My background, my knowledge, my education, my career.
Mum = My parenting journey, my kids, my struggles, my dream-come-true, my purpose.

Simply put, my blog is me and I am my blog.

Summary of MadPsychMum

As I reviewed my blog at the beginning of the year, I decided that I would focus specifically on four of the above topics this year:

1) Breastfeeding 
Because I'm going through the whole process of painful nipples, engorgement and mastitis again with Baby Boy. It is this reason that I've gotten 24 mums to hop onto the "Why I Breastfed For" blog train and share their unique breastfeeding stories =)

2) Travel
Because I already have four major overseas trips planned for the first half of the year, with another two more in the works for the end of the year (and this is not inclusive of another Batam trip)! Travelling is my life and it's also one of the reasons why I'm a FTWM. Will be updating my travel page as we go along =)

3) Parenting 
Because I'm a parent? *laughs*

But seriously, my girl has been going through one of those Terrible Three phases and man, has she been testing my patience! And my creativity in coming up with all sorts of consequences for her bad behaviour *sigh*

4) Weight Loss
Because people like me do not magically lose the pregnancy weight by coughing.. *ahem*. See? Still there. T_T

What do you like about my blog?
What else do you think I should also focus on this year?

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