Monday 24 February 2014

Why I Breastfed For.. (Blog Train)

When I first started out breastfeeding, my aim was to breastfeed for at least 6 months (because WHO says so) and to stop at about 12 months (because society says so).

I know you think this is Baby Boy but this is actually Baby Girl at 2 months old after a session of breastfeeding!
(They look similar don't they?)

I didn't manage to stop at 12 months because my girl simply refused to stop so I continued on and only stopped at 18 months when my girl decided that she was not interested in breastfeeding any more (I was both sad and happy..).

On hindsight, I wondered why I felt the need to "force" my girl to stop breastfeeding at 12 months. Because society says so? Because I'm tired of breastfeeding? I don't know. And as I talked to different mums whose breastfeeding journey was either shorter or longer than mine, it seemed that there was always a story behind why mothers breastfeed for 1 week, 1 month, 6 months or even 48 months! Driven by choice or by circumstances, we all have a story to tell and I would love to hear it!

Hence, for 24 days in March, 24 Singapore Mom Bloggers will be sharing the reasons or circumstances for why they breastfed for the time that they did. We hope that these stories will be of an encouragement to mums (especially first time mums) who can feel ok with their decision of whether to continue or stop breastfeeding.

24 Moms, 24 Breastfeeding Stories!

1 March 2014
by Mrs Kam at The Kam Family

2 March 2014
by Irene Soh at Singapore Mom Blogs

3 March 2014
by Sandra Tan at Sanses

4 March 2014
by Mabel Lee at Amazingly Still

5 March 2014
by Jiahui Lu at Mumseword

6 March 2014
by Waiwai Leung at Pei Pei Hao Hao

7 March 2014
by Christy Wong at Kids 'R' Simple

8 March 2014
by Evelyn Neo at Evespiration

9 March 2014
by Zhenzhu Lin at Stay At Home Mum of 3

10 March 2014
by Joey Wong at Joey Craftworkz

11 March 2014
by Cheryl Tan at Privikids

12 March 2014
by Cherie Lim at Cherieladie

13 March 2014
by Winnie Lee at Toddly Mummy

14 March 2014
by Nadia Efron at Itchy Fingers

15 March 2014
by Summer Goh at A Happy Mum

16 March 2014
by Cen-Lin Ting at Miracule

17 March 2014
by Adeline Tan at Growing With the Tans

18 March 2014
by Adora Tan at Gingerbread Mum

19 March 2014
by Beverly Woo at Hello Little Sunshine

20 March 2014
by Estella Goh at So Oddly Dreamlike

21 March 2014
by Dominique Goh at Dominique's Desk

22 March 2014
by Justina Tey at Mum in the Making

23 March 2014
by Angeline Ng at Simply Mommie

24 March 2014
by Sarah Lee-Wong at The Playful Parents

*Note that this is in no way despising those that breastfed for a shorter time or indicative that breastfeeding for longer means better.

Do check back everyday from 1-24 March as I will be updating the links as we go along =)

If you have a post on your own breastfeeding experience/s (whether past or present), grab our button & link up!


Don't own a blog? No problem! Simply write your story in the comments! =)

We would love to read all your stories! =)

P.S: Follow My Breastfeeding Journey with Baby #2 as I go through the whole process all over again. It has been a battle but I'm enjoying every minute of it =)

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