Saturday 22 February 2014

My Breastfeeding Diary: Week 8

*Warning: Detailed documentation of breastfeeding and its related terms ahead. Reader's discretion is advised; please do not read if you feel uncomfortable =)

Baby Boy is 2 months old now and still feeding every 2 hours, even at night. I'm sure if he were to drink from both breasts at a time, he would be able to last for at least 3 hours. However, Baby Boy has not been cooperating with me and is usually satisfied after feeding from just one breast. Especially at night, when he is perfectly happy to alternate between breasts. I tried to wake him to drink but he simply refuses to open his mouth to suck! Initially this really frustrated me as it foiled my plans of feeding him as much as I could in the last feed of the day so that he could sleep through the night.

Well surprise, surprise, things did not go as planned (and I'll have to admit, the dream of him sleeping through the night at 1 month old is a bit far fetched..). After a while I just gave up and went back to sleep, only to be rudely awaken by him exactly 2 hours later for the next feed.

There were nights when I was so tired that I forgot which side he drank from the last time and ended up feeding him from the same breast 2 consecutive times. Needless to say the other breast got engorged and I had to pump the milk out. *sigh*

In the morning he will wake up with a sweet smile on his face, making me forget all the struggles I had gone through the night before. He's really lucky he's cute!

Burping after a feed

Baby Boy is latching about 95% of the time now (nipples no longer hurt any more, yay!) so I'm seldom too far away from him. He loves latching so much that recently he did not seem to take well to the bottle despite being able to drink well from it when he was 2 weeks old. When we tried to feed him from the bottle after I've had my daily short-glass of DOM benedictine wine (I have to wait for about 3 hours before breastfeeding), he only drank a little bit before rejecting the bottle altogether.

I was worried that if he started to reject the bottle, I will have a hard time transitioning back to work and going for my 2 overseas trips without the baby! But the mum-in-law was confident that he would have no problem since 1) we had introduced him to the bottle earlier on and he was ok with it, and 2) babies will feed when they are hungry enough. I can only hope (and pray!) that she is right!

Anyway, I'm just glad that Baby Boy is feeding and developing well! When we brought him for his immunisation jab and developmental check up at 6 weeks old, he was a hefty 5.6 kg and at the 90th percentile! =)

Getting too heavy for one arm to carry!

I think he has definitely gained even more weight since then and should be weighing in at 6kg right now =)

Disrupted sleep aside, I'm having the time of my life being with my baby 24/7 and enjoying every minute of it. I love the fact that he is stuck to me (and my boobs!) all the time, which is just one of the many benefits of breastfeeding.

I'm soooo going to miss this when he is grown.. *sob*

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My Breastfeeding Diary
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