Sunday 16 February 2014

My First 10km Walk at Terry Fox Run 2014

"OMG I hate running!" I complained for the 100th time to the sister as we reached our 2nd kilometer. "I totally underestimated the effect of the sun on my walking. It's soooo hot!"

It was my first time joining a run of any sort after being talked into it by the sister, who enthusiastically volunteered to walk with me (because there ain't no way I'm running!). Since it's for charity and everything, I agreed to take part in this year's Terry Fox Run.

On the morning of the Run, we woke up earlier than we normally would and drove our way to East Coast Park.

Early on a Sunday morning

Decided to bring Baby Boy along since I needed to breastfeed him every 2 hours (didn't make sense to me to bring the pump). Besides, Baby Boy would always fall asleep instantly in my carrier so I was confident that he would sleep the whole time that we were walking (until the next feed that is).

With the littlest participant!

We joined the rest of our cell group members who were also participating together with us =)

Group photo 1
(me in the Terry Fox T-shirt)
Group Photo 2
(me in the carrier)
Group selfie by our resident Selfie King!
All ready to run/walk!

The sister convinced me to walk 10km instead of 5km as she thought the latter would be too easy for us. I wasn't too sure. I was confident I can make it for 5km but certainly wasn't sure if I could make it for 10km. So my agreement with the sister was that she would take over the carrying of the baby the moment I decided I couldn't any longer.

Geared up to walk with my baby

We started the walk really energetic. I enjoyed chatting with my sister as we strolled down East Coast Park. Although I complained incessantly about the sun and the terrible humidity, the first 5km was relatively easy.

Made it to the 5km midpoint!

As we proceeded to make our way back, the baby started to cry for milk. We stopped at one of the shelters so that I could feed the baby.

Hydrating while the baby hydrates under my nursing cover

Feeding the baby really exhausted me (breastfeeding burns a lot of calories!) so much so that I told the sister that it was her turn to carry the baby.

Sister's first time carrying the baby in the carrier

Although I didn't have to carry the baby for the next 5km, I found it more tiring than the first 5km! I started my long rants as I limped my way back to the finishing line. By the time we reached the end, the whole event was already over. The rest of our friends were starving just waiting for us to arrive (thanks for the patience guys)!

Enjoying our much deserved brunch at Old Town

On hindsight, although we totally should have done 5km instead of 10km, the sister and I were really proud of ourselves for making it to the end! We could have just given up but we didn't. I think that was the most important thing. It was my first achievement for the year! =)

The sister had done many 10km runs and so far, she thought walking was definitely more tiring than running! *laughs*

It is unlikely that I will ever do another 10km ever again, even though I really enjoyed participating with my family and friends. It was fun while it lasted man.

Swimming is more my thing =)
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