Friday 14 February 2014

Love Signs

They say opposites attract. That is so true for us.

I'm the enthusiastic and over-the-top personality while the hubby's more chillax and cool. I love to talk non-stop while the hubby talks only when required. I speak my mind all the time while the hubby only shares his true thoughts with people close to him. I love to take slow walks while he likes to walk as if a hungry tiger is on his heel (we had to adjust our pace to accommodate each other after we got together)!

Nine years ago on 7 September, I said yes to be his girlfriend. Four years ago on 2 May, I said yes to be his wife. From the time we were together till now, he had always known what I wanted before I said it.

"What do you want to eat?" he asked me one day when we were having dinner at a nearby hawker centre in the good old days when we were poor and a date meant taking the bus and eating cheap hawker food.

"I don't know. I feel like eating something but I don't know what I want to eat," I replied. (I can see you rolling your eyes!) I know, decisiveness was never my strong trait!

The then-boyfriend-now-hubby just shrugged, walked away and came back with the sugar cane juice I was craving for! =)

When I was pregnant with Baby Boy, the baby (ok fine, me..) suddenly had a really strong craving for tasty durian. And what do you know? When I got home, the durian was sitting on the table waiting for me. It's like he can read my mind! *laughs*

Of course later my buddy at work tells me that it's not difficult to read my mind because it's always out there and open for everyone to read!


The only thing I asked God for at 18 years old was for Him to give me a husband and children. Not career. Not money. Family :)

And God gave me a husband who really gets me. We both want the same things and have the same goals. Although he's not a typical romantic (he's really practical!), he always sensitive to my (really strong) hints whenever I need him to do something special :)

To the father of my 2 beautiful babies, you have made my dream of a complete family come true! I love that we now celebrate Valentine's Day (and Lunar Valentine's Day) changing diapers, breastfeeding and controlling a very active toddler in the restaurant where others are having romantic dinners. Our dinner may not be romantic but it's just the way I wanted it! Love you deep :D

 Happy Valentine's Day! 

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