Friday 2 May 2014

Celebrating 5 Years of Marriage

Five years. Sounds like a short time but felt really long to me.

Our wedding photo shoot in JB, which we only spent $2200!
Included an outdoor photo shoot at Kota Tinggi
We were actually inside the water :)
On the actual day of our wedding banquet
(I think the hubby was still a little high from all the alcohol)

I've learnt over the course of these five years that as long as he doesn't push my buttons and I don't push his (and believe me, we know exactly which button to push), we will get along just fine.

What buttons, you ask?

#1: Hurt my children
#2: Insult my parents
#3: Accuse me of something that I didn't do
#4: Let me witness you bullying someone weaker than you
#5: Disturbing me when I'm in deep sleep

#1: "Sorry I'm LATE!" (I've improved on this over time =P)
#2: "Sorry sir, you'll have to wait!" (when he has already waited for a long time)
#3: Accusing him of something he didn't do (and even if he did, should not use tone of accusation)
#4: Continuing to argue when he is already fuming (let him cool down before bringing the topic up again)
#5: Sarcasm (if you know me, I'm the master at this. Had to learn how to tone it down.. =P)

Don't push it (no matter how tempted we are) and we avoid killing each other *laughs*

Yes, we kept the Mickey & Minnie from our wedding car (see previous photo)
You'll be surprised but it was the hubby, and not I, that had wanted to keep them =P

Here's to many more years to come! =)

P.S: Check out our Facebook page and enjoy the festivities with Baby Boy! =)
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