Monday 28 April 2014

My Breastfeeding Diary: 4 Months

Baby Boy has been getting used to transitioning between nursing and drinking from the bottle although occasionally it's hard to latch him.

He has also started teething, which explained why he keeps biting on his hands (sometimes stuffing both of them into his mouth!), putting stuff into his mouth and drooling all the time. As a result of that, he has also finally discovered the magic of a pacifier!

The pacifier & favourite pillow, necessities for him to fall asleep!

His need for his pacifier also made it harder for me to distinguish whether he was hungry or just sleepy. It used to be that I would put the back of my finger into his mouth to test if he was hungry or not (suck vigorously = famished; no reaction = not hungry).

However, now that he sucks on everything, it's harder to tell. Instead, I find myself relying on other cues such as the time of his last feed, his facial expression, the way he cries and even my own motherly instincts to determine what he wants.

There are times when I just don't know and would try to nurse him, only to have him reject it because all he wanted was to sleep! Sigh.

Feeding him under a nursing cover is also quite the challenge as he's a lot more wriggly now!

Nursing him under a nursing cover sewn by Sharon of Mummy's Love.
Check out her blog shop for nursing covers that can be used in 3 ways: nursing, keeping warm and covering the stroller.

Sometimes I have to stand and rock him before he is willing to latch. This is not quite possible in public as I have not mastered the art of nursing while he is in the carrier.. yet. I should probably start training for it.. makes it a lot easier *laughs*

But until then, I would probably find myself in nursing rooms a lot more these days.

Baby boy is really growing fast! He's smiling a lot and to anyone who is willing to smile at him. He's a very friendly and sociable boy (like me!) and especially loves to have a conversation with us. We will talk to him and he will respond with cooing and babbling and then wait for us to talk again (in Psychology, this is called Turn-Taking). He's so easily tickled by everything it's really fun to play with him! :)

Smiley little 3 going on 4 months old

He is definitely a chillax baby who needs little attention.. well, on most days anyway! :)

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My Breastfeeding Diary
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