Thursday 24 April 2014

Celebrating My Big Three-Zero

I'm like the typical woman. I love shopping and finding a good bargain. I'm always on a diet or trying to lose weight. I always have a body part that I think is simply ugly and absolutely hate even though no one else in the world would agree or even notice it until I mentioned it (am I relating to somebody out there?!).

And like every woman, I don't like to disclose my weight or my age. But ever since I got married to someone 5 years older than me and gave birth at the age of 26, I love to reveal my age!

Otherwise people think that I'm a lot older simply because I have a much older husband (and I love to emphasize that 'cos people kept saying we look like the same age -_-) and already have 2 kids!

So screw it. I'm letting the world know, hello, I'm just turning 30.

And just for fun, this was how I celebrated my 1st birthday:

My 1st birthday 29 years ago!
(Look like my kids yes?)

This was how I celebrated my 30th birthday:

"Birthday" Noodles made by the Mum-in-law for breakfast
Left for my half-day birthday time-off for my me-time!
Got my nails done after 5 months without it!
(Left nail art to celebrate our 5th anniversary, right to celebrate my birthday)
"Candlelight" dinner with the hubby (no kids!) at Hua Ting Restaurant at Orchard Hotel
Food clockwise from left: fish paste noodles in double boiled shark-bone seafood soup;
kurobuta pork and foie gras; roast duck drumstick and roast pork belly
Hubby surprised me with a cake and my birthday present!
My first ever pink phone, something that I've always wanted! Yay! =)

I had an awesome day! Thanks to everyone for all your birthday wishes both in person and over sms, whatsapp and Facebook! I'm feeling the love =)

They say the 30s is the best time of a woman's life. You know what you want and you've got the finances (well some anyway) to get it! You've got some achievements in your life that you can be proud of and you're more confident in who you are (you've got nothing to prove).

Indeed, I tend to agree. My babies are one of my proudest achievements and now that I'm a mum, I really have nothing to prove.

Here's embracing my 30s... since I really have no choice anyway. *laughs*
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