Monday 30 June 2014

Sister's Birthday Staycation at MBS

The mum and I decided to celebrate my sister's birthday with a staycation last Friday at the very beautiful and iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel. However, the birthday girl had to work so she was only able to join us after work (which was like -_-).

This was Girlee and my 3rd time at MBS (the first was during our wedding anniversary when my girl was just 10 months old and the second at my good friend's bachelorette party when my girl was 2.5 years old)

This time, we stayed at a smaller room as compared to our previous stays but we really can't complain since we only paid the casino-member price of $120 for the room, and no, we were not the members (it was my mum's friend).

Significantly smaller toilet and view from the 12th floor
Twin beds instead of double beds
Requested for a cot from housekeeping for baby boy
(although it was also long enough for my girl)

While I'm thankful that we managed to get the last available cot, it was simply too deep to comfortably put the baby in and out without straining your back! Definitely wasn't as good as the cot provided by the hotel we had stayed at previously. But well, better than nothing I guess.

We didn't have time to relax for long because the girl started demanding, "can we go swimming now?! Can we go NOW please mummy?!"

So we got changed and headed straight to the pool on the 57th floor.

All ready for a swim
(View from Tower 3)

Baby Boy grabbed me as the lift soared up the tower. He wasn't too pleased with how fast it was travelling *laughs*. We arrived at the Infinity Pool and my girl was super impatient. She wanted to jump in as quickly as possible!

Baby Boy's first time at the Infinity Pool
(Photo taken by my Samsung Note 3, good right?)
Girlee enjoying her swim in the clouds

Mum and the brother stayed on the deck with Baby Boy as he was cranky (it was time for his nap) while the girl and I hit the pool. The boy loves looking at the clouds and admiring the lovely sky before drifting easily off to sleep.

The girl and I swam until my mum gestured for us to return to the deck for some of the best truffle fries in Singapore! Awesome =)

We ordered the famous Truffle Fries with Cheese (S$12) which was really tasty! *yum*

As we ate, the sky started to turn grey and the winds started to blow really strongly. It looked like it was about to rain.

Grey skies with just a shimmer of light

Thankfully it didn't and we went back into the pool for another dip!

By now Baby Boy has just woken up from his nap and I was keen to let him experience the water. Unlike his sister, he was not a fan of the pool (evidently). However, step by step (literally!), I managed to get him to descend the stairs of the pool into the water (it started with just the toes, then the feet, then the knees, then the waist). He cringed with every descent and did not look happy but well, at least he was not crying! =)

Chilling at the stairs, going slow and steady

I took another step and soon I was carrying him in the water and twirling him around. He was not amused, the poor boy.

With my baby, on top of the world!

After we have had enough, we returned to the room to bathe. Soon after, the sister and hubby arrived after work. We ordered Pizza Hut for dinner while the girl and the baby slept on the bed and in the cot respectively. They were exhausted!

Sleeping soundly in the cot

We had a great time of fellowship and drinking! The sister was super happy =)

When it got late, the hubby, brother and girl took a cab home as there was not enough space for everyone to stay over. The boy refused to sleep in the cot so I ended up sharing one of the beds with him (we pushed the 2 beds together so that he would not fall off the bed!).

He slept really well the whole night and woke the next morning in a really good mood! We decided to explore the Observation Deck as the sister has never been to MBS before (I've never been to the Observation Deck before either).

View from the Observation Deck
With the Singapore Flyer in the background

All in all, we had a blast at MBS! And since the sister missed out on some of the action, she was keen to come back again.

Till next time! =)

The one I shared my bed with for 22 years until I got married. I love you very much :)


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