Saturday 28 June 2014

My Breastfeeding Diary: 6 Months

Has it been 6 months already? I can't believe that my baby is 6 months old!

I'm tearing up because it is likely that he is my last baby (I really want to close shop!) and I won't be able to cuddle a baby that's mine any more! *sob*

Nowadays he is a lot more aware of his environment. He recognises when I'm going to feed him and will stop crying where as in the past he'll keep crying till I actually latch him (and even then he doesn't realise it until I prompt him).

We decided to start introducing him to solid food two weeks before he turned 6 months just to see if he was ready to wean. Initially he was really apprehensive when we fed him baby food so we didn't force him. Later on, we tried feeding him some cereal (that his pediatrician introduced to us) mixed with my breast milk and he really liked it. As time went on, he got increasingly interested in what we were eating and would stick his tongue out whenever someone pretends to put something into his mouth.

Sticking his tongue out to try different things
(don't worry, we only let him lick it for taste; of course we didn't feed it to him!)

I took it as an indication that he was ready for us to introduce more food so we started feeding him crackers from Pigeon and pumpkin porridge (made by the mum-in-law of course, you know that this is not my department in the house!).

He loves biting on Pigeon's fish crackers, which are easy to digest

Although he is eating pumpkin porridge once a day, his main meals are still very much my wonderful breast milk which I still lug home everyday after work (I latch him when I'm at home with him though because I really don't like to pump). Pumping at work never gets easy; I'm always grateful for extremely awesome and understanding colleagues. The guys especially are really chill even though they feel really uncomfortable seeing and hearing me pump at my desk and sometimes at unit meetings (yes, my unit people are really cool!). Can't ask for better environment to pump in =)

And even though it is tiring to pump, wash, store (in the fridge the colleagues got me, no less!), work, pump, lug the packets of milk home.. it's extremely gratifying to see all of my hard work turn into chubby cheeks, arms and thighs! *yum*

My sweet little 6 month old boy

I truly enjoy every minute of my bond with my boy, even though it means sleepless nights and dehydrated days. I love you Baby Boy, and your smiles can truly melt any frozen heart =)

Since Baby Boy will be taking solids and slowly reducing his intake of breast milk, I will be updating this diary every 2 months instead of every month from now on. I hope that I will be able to breastfeed him for 18 months like I did his sister (just to be fair, if ya know what I mean. Why? Because I don't want him to blame me one day when his sister graduates from a top university and he didn't and he complains it's because I breastfed her longer than him. I know, I'm crazy).

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My Breastfeeding Diary
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