Monday 7 January 2013

My First Bachelorette Party

My BFF of 15 years is getting married in 2 weeks time so we, her bridesmaids, organised a bachelorette party for her to celebrate her last days of single-hood.

After brainstorming for weeks, we finally decided on MBS, which I was really excited about since we had a blast the last time we were there. We kept it a secret from the bride-to-be until 10 minutes before arrival at the hotel so she was pleasantly surprised when we finally revealed the big surprise =)

We were allowed to check-in earlier than the allocated time so it was off to check out our room on the 13th floor.

Lazing on the comfy king size bed
Left: Girlee fully enjoying the bed; Right: Spacious living area

I brought my girl along because I wanted her to go swimming in the Infinity Pool again since she enjoyed it so much the last time. As I was afraid that the good weather might change suddenly, I hurried everyone to change into their swim attire and head for the pool!

Wearing her brand new swimming suit, her Xmas present from Po Po (maternal grandmother)

As usual, we needed to take many lifts to reach the pool at the 57th floor and were greeted with the beautiful skyline of Singapore when we arrived.

Awesome view of our beautiful garden city

The moment baby girl saw the pool, she got really excited and was the first to jump right in!

As you can see, baby girl was exhilarated!

She was happy to climb up the side of the pool and jump in again and again and again! None of us could keep up with her energy level, which did not seem to die down even when the grey clouds started to gather and the strong winds made us shiver. When we finally decided that it was time to leave, I almost had to drag her out of the pool as she was so reluctant to leave! Who can blame her, since it's not everyday that one gets to swim in a pool with such an awesome view =)

We were famished by the time we returned to our room so after a very relaxing and warm shower, we called for room service and paid for the most expensive plate of fries any of us had ever eaten.

Room service!

To be fair, the service was excellent, the fries crispy and warm as though it had just been fried outside our room and the ketchup came in the cutest bottle we have ever seen! We really enjoyed it very much, especially my girl, who kept taking more and more from the plate whenever I wasn't looking.

When we were all ready to head out, we decided to explore the newly opened Gardens By the Bay located just next to MBS. On the way there, we made our bride-to-be don on shocking pink feathers and a sash which she had to wear for the entire day!

Sporting bride-to-be in her uber bright get-up
Girlee joined in the fun as well!
(Though she wasn't really too pleased with feathers tickling her neck)
With the bridal party at Gardens by the Bay =)
Awesome photo of us and the Singapore flyer (thanks Mei)

We didn't have time to explore the garden as the grey clouds started to gather and our hungry stomachs were calling us. Plus my girl's energy finally wore out and it was time for her to go home with the hubby.. I will definitely be back again though =)

After passing my girl to her daddy, we decided to take a slow walk to Esplanade for dinner.

At the Helix Bridge

We had our dinner at a Korean Charcoal BBQ restaurant, which was recommended by the bride-to-be as a nice place for Korean food.

Korean Charcoal BBQ
Yummy beef

I had a craving for kimchi soup so we ordered a large bowl to share and I finished 2 bowls on my own! It was a satisfying meal which left us all full to the brim! Thankfully, we had to walk back to MBS so that we can feel less guilty about eating so much! *laughs*

We bought wine and snacks back and enjoyed the rest of the night in our hotel room, discussing how we were going to torture the groomsmen and gossiping till late into the night (well at least they did.. I was sound asleep by 1am! Shocking I know..).

And that concluded our super relaxing bachelorette party, just the way we like it! Looking forward to the big day just round the corner! =)
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