Tuesday 1 January 2013

Mini Edible Toy Donuts

My colleague gave me two boxes of Kracie Happy Kitchen (i.e mini edible food) to make with my girl.

Mini burgers & Mini donuts

We decided to make it our New Year's Day activity and since we only had time for one, she chose the mini donuts.

Materials and ingredients inside the box

After laying out all the materials, I was at a loss of what to do next because the instructions were entirely in Japanese, which obviously I didn't know how to read. So I tried to figure it out by trial and error and by looking at the photos at the back of the box.

First we added water and the orange packet (according to the instructions) into the biggest part of the tray and mixed them together with the spoon provided.

"Mummy can I help you please?" *big grin*
Mixture of water and powder

It was supposed to be the dough for the donuts but I added too much water by accident and the mixture came out too gooey. Thankfully there was another packet of dough mix (chocolate flavour) for me to try again.

This time, I put much less water, mixed it more evenly and ended up with five round balls of dough.. success!

Chocolate balls of dough

Next, I pressed the dough into the mold inside the tray (see tray above) and made 5 little donuts.

Cute mini donut

While I was molding the donuts, my mum-in-law made the icing with the help of my girl. All you need to do is to mix one of the smaller packets of powder with a teaspoon of water.

You can get your child to help you with making the icing

You can make 4 different flavours of icing! We only made 2 since we only had 5 donuts (I ruined the first batch of dough remember? *laughs*). And then top off the donuts with your choice of icing and colourful sugar sprinklers!

The icing on top

And viola! Throughout the whole process, Girlee kept chanting "Can I eat it now? Can I eat it now, please mummy?!" every minute! *laughs*

So excited to eat it that she can't even sit still
Finally given the permission to eat the cute donuts!

My mum-in-law felt it was a little too much work for just 5 tiny donuts but seeing the excitement on my girl's face to have "Playdoh" that she can eat (don't worry, I warned her that Playdoh can't be eaten), it was worth the time and effort. Girlee was so excited that she wanted to make the burgers as well but we need a toaster for that so I'll have to save it for another post.

Try it yourself! It's really fun =)


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