Monday 31 December 2012

Ten Thanksgivings for 2012

We were in the depths of a dark winter in 2011, which was the worst year we've gone through together since our wedding day. The hubby lost his beloved father and grandfather while I completed my studies but was still jobless. And when I eventually found one, it wasn't even a permanent position! It wasn't easy having to deal with "well meaning" comments from people on why I was still not working and how "lucky" I was to be able to stay at home and be a "tai tai". I smiled and do admit that it was actually quite relaxing going out for high tea everyday but truthfully, I hated the financial dependence. Deep down, I knew that I won't do very well as a SAHM.

And then one day in church, pastor preached that there is a season for everything. If you're in winter today, hold fast to your faith for spring is coming! We dug out whatever little faith that we had left and trusted in the Lord for a breakthrough. And true to His Word, spring finally arrived.. in the year 2012!

And thus I have much to thank God for, in this year of financial breakthroughs and blessing =)

#1: Officially Graduated with My Masters Degree

NUS Commencement 2012

After many years of toil and heartache, I've finally finished my graduate studies (well.. for now at least.. until I apply for my further studies in future). I never thought I would make it to the end but by the grace of God, I did! =)

#2: Became a Psychologist
It's one thing to get a good job but it's another thing to get a job that's relevant to what you spent years in college studying! I really like what I do and believe with all my heart that God has placed me here for a purpose.

I also thank God for the amazing bosses and colleagues that I work with!

Taken at our cycling outing

It's really a joy to go to work everyday and hang out with these folks who genuinely celebrate your successes and cheer you up when you're cranky! It really doesn't get better than this =)

#3: Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB)
This was also the year that our secret Facebook group was formed! It was a gathering of like-minded mothers who banded together online, exchanging tips and sharing experiences. Perhaps it was the fact that we were not only mothers but also mothers who were willing to share our lives publicly on our blogs that caused us to click with each other immediately.

One of our SMB lunches @ 313 Marche

When we finally met at regular SMB lunches throughout the year, there were endless things to talk about. Although I was meeting many of the mothers for the first time, it felt like I already know them!

Our only regret is that we should have this group earlier when we were all struggling as new mothers, thinking we were alone in this world when in actual fact, we were not! I'm so thankful for the encouragement and support that they've given me this year and am looking forward to greater things ahead for us next year! =)

#4: Greater Heights in Blogging
I've finally decided to get my own domain name this year and managed to increase my Alexa ranking from 27 million to the top 1.1 million sites in the world =)

My blog also reached new heights this year, with the assistance of my blog agent. She secured many sponsored campaigns for us and taught us how to work with PR companies such that it is beneficial to both parties. The list of campaigns that I've done continues to grow, with the most significant being Lifebuoy and Legoland Malaysia, and for that, I'm thankful.

We also have the privilege of being featured on an advertisement board in United Square as one of the reviewers who rated their nursing room as one of the best in Singapore.

Hubby & Girlee were excited to see their faces on the poster

It was a proud moment for me as it's the first time my work is being printed on a poster! Looking forward to greater things for this blog in the year ahead! =)

#5: Reviewed 85 Nursing Rooms!
One of the proudest achievements of my blog is my comprehensive list of nursing rooms both in Singapore and overseas. Although my nursing room search was halted when I started work, I've still managed to update the page at least once a month. As of today, I've reviewed 85 nursing rooms and counting! =)

#6: Removed All of My Wisdom Teeth
On a personal level, I'm proud to say that I faced my fears and surgically removed all four of my wisdom teeth, thankfully with no complications! I'd never have to worry about them ever again! *cheers*

#7: Mummy Time
With my new found financial independence this year, I was able to afford facial and manicure packages that I've always needed/wanted. And I can find time to do them, thanks to an understanding mum-in-law and hubby (although they do complain if I overdo it.. understandably.. *laughs*). This was also the year that I watched my first musical with my sister and enjoyed myself thoroughly =)

#8: Overseas Trips
This year we've been to four countries in total!

Left to right from top left: 1) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 2) Shenzhen, China;
3) Bangkok, Thailand & 4) Hokkaido, Japan

Going to Japan has always been my teenage dream so to finally be able to fulfill it was literally a dream come true! I'm also thankful for the couple time that we had in 2 of the 4 trips where we travelled just the two of us. It was a much needed time of reconnecting and relaxation!

I'm looking forward to our trips next year, which we are already in the midst of planning! The hubby and I live for our travels =)

#9: Suitable School for My Girl

Playing and learning in school

The hunt for a suitable preschool for her was not easy so when I found it, it took another load off my mind. Thankfully, my girl was able to adapt well to her new school and actually learnt a lot from her teachers. She would be leaving this school soon as I managed to enroll her in a childcare just across the road. Hopefully she will adapt just as well as she does now *fingers crossed*.

#10: A Healthy Little Girl
Lastly, I am thankful to God for the growth of my baby girl. She grew from a chubby, babbling baby to an active and talkative toddler! Her vocabulary is ever expanding and she speaks in paragraphs, not sentences! I'm amazed at how fast she picks up the lyrics of songs (ahh.. just like her mummy indeed) and how she imitates me almost perfectly! Words cannot express how thankful I am to God everyday for blessing me with such a beautiful girl =)

It's been an awesome 2012 but I believe that greater things are ahead for us. Here's to a bigger and better 2013! *cheers*

May the Lord be with you in everything that you do =)

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