Sunday 18 March 2012

Top 5 Best Nursing Rooms in Singapore

After listing the top 5 worst nursing rooms in Singapore yesterday, we'll be moving on to the best nursing rooms today. Having visited and utilised more than 70 nursing rooms, you gotta believe that when I say it's good, it's really good! =)

#1: 313 Somerset
There are 3 nursing rooms in this mall (Level B3, 1 & 5) but the largest of them is located at Level B3.
Top: Diaper changing area; Bottom: The 2 nursing cubicles which is separated from the changing area by curtains and toilet
This nursing room is so big that it can accomodate at least 3-4 families at one time (a little squeezy but possible) and has more than enough amenities to meet the needs of all them.
Clockwise from left: Amenities included a sink, hot and cold water dispenser and even a microwave!; a child friendly toilet; the entry way into the nursing room and a nice comfortable waiting area for dads and other family members.
It is not perfect of course. For one, people might pull open the curtains without asking first and stumble into you while nursing halfway (and you can't blame them because there are inconsiderate people who leave without opening the curtains after they are done). There is also a lack of electrical points (for nursing mothers who wish to express milk) and the door of the toilet cannot be locked, which probably signals that it's only for children and not for adults. I suppose that's reasonable since they probably don't want people who are not parents with young children to keep popping in and out of this room to use the toilet. Already many people keep popping into the room to get their refill of water and heat up their lunches. Nevertheless, I regularly feed baby girl here because of its comfort and amenities.

#2: City Square Mall
There are also 3 nursing rooms in this mall (located at Level B1, 2 & 4) but the one I frequent most often is the one at B1 because of it's proximity to NTUC, Kiddy Palace and other stores that I shop at.
Left: Hot & cold water dispenser and sink; Right: One of the 2 nursing cubicles available
The nursing room is beautifully decorated with cute little lady bugs and has adequate amenities (including electrical points) available although the space is not very big. If you bring a stroller with you and you're alone, you may have to leave it outside while you nurse your baby inside the cubicles. But the nice thing is that you are able to lock the doors so there is no problems with privacy here.
Changing table
There are only 2 problems that I see with this space. One, there is only one changing area and it's located right next to the main door so it can be quite difficult for one parent (with a stroller) to enter if there is a parent changing a child's diapers there. And two, people liked to come in and use it as a pantry so it can get rather noisy and cleanliness might be compromised at times. Nevertheless, it's still one of the better nursing rooms in Singapore compared to the others.

#3: Isetan
There are nursing rooms available in three Isetan outlets in Singapore: Isetan Scotts/Shaw House (level 4), Isetan Serangoon/NEX (level 3) and Isetan Katong/Parkway Parade (level 3). Don't worry if you can't remember which floor they're located at because they are usually next to the kid's section so if you're able to find the kid's section (which is usually the place young parents often frequent anyway), you'll be able to find it.

The nursing rooms are generally similar in size, design and amenities available (I visited all 3 so I know).
Top: Three changing tables with plastic bags provided for soiled diapers to reduce the bad smell in the room;
Bottom: Comfortable waiting areas for dads and other family members, sink and hot water dispenser
(picture taken at Isetan Scotts)
Very spacious, nicely decorated and clean, this nursing room has enough amenities (including electrical points) to serve the needs of parents. There are even high chairs for parents who need to feed their children and a Yakult machine.
Left: One of the 2 nursing cubicles available; Right: Two high-chairs and a Yakult dispenser!
(picture taken at Isetan Scotts)
As you can see, the nursing cubicle is even big enough to fit a stroller. Doors with a lock that are clearly marked "breastfeeding room" also provided much needed privacy.

#4: United Square
Located at Connectz at Level 1, this nursing room is not only beautiful and clean but also spacious and can easily accomodate 3-4 families at one time.

Left: One of three nursing cubicles available; Right: the three nursing cubicles and hot & cold water dispenser

The doors with lock ensures the privcy of the nursing mother and has adequate amenities such as electrical points, hot & cold dispenser and a high chair to serve the needs of parents.

Left: Beautifully decorated waiting area for dads and other family members and a high chair (you can see it peeking in from the side); Right: Changing tables and sinks

However, it might be crowded during weekends so be prepared in case you need to wait.

#5: Vivocity
There are many nursing rooms located next to most of the toilets at level 1, 2 & 3 so there is more than enough available for nursing mothers. Most of the nursing rooms were of average sizes except for the main one at level 2 next to the playground, which is large enough to accomodate 4-5 families.
Nursing room at level 2 with 6 cubicles for nursing, 3 changing tables & 3 sinks and waiting area for dads and other family members
Six cubicles is the most I've seen in all the nursing rooms that I've been to. Even if all 6 cubicles are utilised, there's always the many smaller nursing rooms located all over the mall. They've also recently added a hot water dispenser, which makes it easy for parents to make milk for their babies.
Left: 1 of the 6 nursing cubicles; Right: hot water dispenser
All of the rooms are also beautifully decorated and relatively clean except on weekends by the crowd of people utilising it. Nevertheless, there is plenty of space for nursing and diaper changing so you never have to compete with other parents for space.

P.S: This list is generated based on my own personal experiences with the nursing rooms. However, changes may have been made since I last used the rooms. Please let me know of the changes if any and I'll update my page! =)

P.P.S: Visit my nursing room review page for more of my reviews =)
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