Tuesday 20 March 2012

Rider Sandals for Babies by Ipanema

We were sent by Royal Sporting House to their store at Orchard Central to pick out a Rider Sandal (designed for babies and toddlers) so that baby girl can try on another pair of sandals in person since the slippers that they sent me the last time was a little too big for baby girl (appreciate the thoughtfulness!).

Trying out the Rider Sandals at Samba, OC

I chose a bright pink one for baby girl 'cos it's the girliest of all the Rider Sandals (which were generally more boyish in my opinion). Anyway, did I tell you my favourite colour is pink? Yeah.

Baby girl is equally excited to be trying out new shoes. Whenever she's out shopping with us/her grandma, she would always stop at the shoe section, shout "BUY SHOE, BUY SHOE!" and then promptly try to take off her shoes to try the one on display. Like mother like daughter, so says my mum-in-law (-_-").
Excited to try on new shoes!

I must say I really like these sandals! They fit perfectly on her feet and are so comfortable that she can run around in them without falling down.

Love the colour! Can't believe the sister tried to convince me to buy orange. Seriously?!

And since the straps are attached with velcro, this is also the only pair of shoes that baby girl is able to remove on her own without our help. Really makes it so much easier for me when we get home and I have a ton of things in my hands. All I have to do is say, "ok, sit down and take off your shoes" and she'll be able to do it! She's real pleased about that too =)

But that also means that if it's not secured properly, the shoe might fall off.

Anyway, she wore the sandals right out of the store and got to wear it while we shopped around in the area (come on, we're in Orchard Road.. what did you expect!? *laughs*).

Playing a fool in H&M

And as you can see, she's really happy with it. Another pair of shoes to add to her growing collection!

"See all my SHOES!!"

These are only the shoes that she is currently wearing or will be wearing in future. There is a ton of others that she can't wear anymore.

Truly a shoeholic in the making..

If your kids are shoeholics as well and you'd like to get some sandals for them, great news! RSH is offering a promotion on their Ipanema or Rider sandals/slippers for toddlers.

All you need to do to enjoy the discount is to download the discount voucher and present it at authorized stores.

I might just get one more for baby girl. If I can find another girly design that is =)

Disclosure: A complimentary pair of shoes was received from Royal Sporting House Singapore for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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