Sunday 12 August 2012

Bangkok: Our 2nd Honeymoon

This is actually the first overseas trip that we've taken just the 2 of us since our honeymoon in 2009. And since I've been really busy trying to adjust to juggling work, parenting and blogging, I decided that this will also be our first trip where we truly relax and the OCD me did not come up with a strict itinerary. Go with the flow and all, if ya know what I mean *laughs*

We boarded the brand new Scoot airlines, which is the largest plane we've ever taken via a budget airline. It was a really comfortable ride and we both enjoyed it very much =)

The view from my window seat

When we arrived at the airport, we proceeded to the public taxi stand and took a cab to our hotel. It ran by meter and cost only 320 Baht =)

Hotel Novotel Bangkok Platinum

We stayed at the Novotel Platinum Hotel because it's located just above the famous Platinum Mall where we did most of our shopping! =)

The hubby even booked a room on the Executive Floor, which is at the highest level of the hotel.

Executive Room

Although the room was not very big and there isn't a bathtub, the best part about getting an Executive Room is the access to their Premier Lounge.

Premier Lounge

Not only do you get to check-in and check-out here (i.e. you don't have to squeeze with the crowds), you get to enjoy a free flow of canape and drinks between 5-7pm everyday =)

I love their selection of desserts!
And the incredible view of the city!

The hubby had the time of his life enjoying all the different kinds of alcoholic drinks while I tried the different desserts. Both of us loved it and ate so much that we literally saved money on dinner *laughs*.

Of course I can't talk about a Bangkok trip without talking about the food and the SHOPPING!

First of all, there's Platinum Mall, one of the largest wholesale centres in town. It's so big it took us almost 3 days to cover the whole mall from top to bottom and from left to right. And cover we did, all 98.88% of it *grin*. It definitely didn't hurt that we live just upstairs and could go there as and when we please =)

We also decided to explore the other malls in the area, such as Big C.

Big C

Big C houses a megamart, where we gladly stocked up on daily necessities and snacks (a must for all Singaporeans) as well as a rather large foodcourt.

Tasty dishes we ordered at the foodcourt which cost only S$1-4

If you prefer something more atas (high class), you can consider this restaurant on the same floor.

The name of this restaurant is in Thai (as you can see on the menu) so I have no idea what it is called

I loved their fish cakes and noodles with Tom Yum soup *yum*

Next, cross the overhead bridge to Centerpoint aka Central World where Isetan, Naraya & Cath Kidston are located.


We also visited Siam Paragon, located just behind Centerpoint, as well as MBK center.

MBK Center

However, we didn't really like the place so we left soon after.

Nevertheless, one of our unexpected favourites (which the hubby initially didn't want to visit until I bugged him) turned out to be Terminal 21.

Terminal 21

The interior design and themes on every floor really intrigues you and makes you wanna explore further. Even the toilets (and toilet attendants!) follow the theme to a tee =)

Tokyo (Japan)
London (England)
Hollywood (USA)
Istanbul (Turkey)

The things they sell here are really unique and very different from the goods we saw at Platinum (or even Singapore for that matter). One of our favourite purchases was this pair of "statues", which were actually cloth coin banks!

His & Hers statues

They will look fantastic in the living room of our future home, doncha think? =)

Finally, on the last night of our trip, we visited the famous Chinatown in Bangkok.

Chinatown, Bangkok

Everyone raved about how cheap and good the bird's nest and shark's fin was so the hubby and 2 of our friends were dying to try them. I was less keen on the shark's fin (well you know why) but I caved quite quickly to peer pressure especially in the presence of good food *sigh*

Nam Sing is well-known to be the best in the business for Bird's Nest & Shark's Fin

I have to say that it really lived up to its name and we really liked the taste. Oh well, at least we finished every drop so the poor animals did not sacrifice in vain. Oh man, I feel so guilty =(

We were a little full from the meal so we decided to get oil massages at a nearby spa. We asked the kind uncle where he thought was a good place to eat seafood and he told us xx restaurant, which is small and not very noticeable but has really cheap and good food.

Of course I'm not going to share with you where it is otherwise that place will be flooded with people the next time we're there! *laughs*

Our last seafood dinner

It was the best dinner of our trip which included large prawns, fresh fish, tasty Tom Yum soup and BBQ sotong (we loved it so much we ordered 2 plates of it). The best part is the entire meal of 7 dishes only cost S$72 for 4 people. Jealous yet? *grin*

I can't believe that we allowed ourselves to relax, have no itinerary (although it is important to note that we literally stole ideas from the amazing itinerary diligently put together by my cell member's friend SY!) and ended up really enjoying ourselves so much!

Sometimes, it feels good to not have to be in control all the time. And also to take time away from our busy schedules and reconnect. Both the hubby and I giggled like honeymooning lovebirds the entire trip, something which we have not done in a long while!

We should really do this every other year, if not every year! That is, if my mum-in-law let's us (thanks mum!). Till next time.. *waves*


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