Wednesday 15 August 2012

The Only Breakfast I Know How to Cook

I think I mentioned this previously, my idea of a typical breakfast is very unlike my hubby. I love me my bread and eggs (soft, hard-boiled, fried, sunny-side up, scrambled, etc). And that's what I'm going to do =)
Prepared the eggs and olive oil
Look, I'm seriously not a morning person so the fact that I even bother to fry anything is commendable ok *laughs*

I decided to do scrambled eggs because I used to eat it every morning when I was in primary school and watched the canteen lady do it. All you need is eggs, salt and pepper =)

Mum-in-law only reminded me after I finished that I should have turned on a bigger fire so that the eggs wouldn't stick. "Pan hot, oil cold, to fry egg" she said.

Now you tell me.. -_-
Scrambled eggs, bread and jam/peanut butter for breakfast!
I was supposed to spice it up a bit and add ham and sausages but 1) we ran out of ham and I forgot to buy more and 2) I was too lazy to defrost the sausages.

It's just too early in the morning lah.

I like to have peanut butter or jam with my bread *yum*
Introducing my version of eggs to baby girl
I feel embarassed to share my so-called 'recipe' and nearly chickened out of posting this but I made a promise so I was going to keep it! At least I get an A for effort? *laughs*

This post is part of a Breakfast for Champions initiative hosted by Adora at Gingerbreadmum.
Head on over to read about the amazing recipes by the other Singapore Mom Bloggers, which I guarantee is many, many times better than mine =)
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