Monday 6 August 2012

An Unlikely Kid-Friendly Eatery

We celebrated my birthday and our anniversary at Hard Rock Cafe two months ago and really loved the restaurant.

Hard Rock Cafe @ Resorts World Sentosa

It doesn't look like a kid-friendly eatery from the outside (or the inside for that matter) at all. But once inside, the staff immediately prepared a baby chair for Girlee as well as a set of crayons and paper to colour on.

Busy playing with the crayons
Colouring activities that were focused on saving the Earth

The best thing was, when baby girl dropped the crayons on the floor and broke one by accident, the manager kindly told us with a smile "No worries, I'll get you a new set." I really appreciated his understanding and great service =)

And it didn't hurt that the food tasted great as well.

Burger; Starter Platter; Mushroom steak

These were great but I think a more suitable choice for kids would be the Macaroni & Cheese with Grilled Chicken.

Macaroni & Cheese with Chicken

I'll highly recommend it especially if your kids love cheese like we do =)

Overall, we had a lovely experience there and would definitely return again.

Kid-friendly Rating: 7.5/10

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