Friday 9 November 2012

Seven Guilty Pleasures

I'm always reminded that as mothers, we need to find time for ourselves. A happy mother is a happy family, they say.

So even though I feel really guilty leaving my girl at home in the care of her grandmother while I go indulge in some 'me' time, I still do it anyway.. for the greater good of all yo! =)

These Are My 7 Guilty Pleasures:

1) Chocolates

Some of my favourite chocolates!

Can't. Live. Without. Cocoa. Period. *manic grin*

2) Manicures & Pedicures

2-tone gelish nails at Prettify Me

I always feel sheepish returning home late after a session at my favourite nail salon but then again, it makes me happy. Yes I know.. little things like getting to look at beautiful nails everyday makes me happy. I'm that shallow *laughs*

3) Beauty Masks & Facials

My Beauty Diary masks

I have always believed that we should not abandon our beauty regimes after we become mothers. And one of my favourites is to apply a mask at least twice a week =)

My ex-colleague once told me that she asked a senior (and older) teacher on the secret to her flawless skin and the latter replied, "regular facials!" So I decided to board the "vain train" and started going for facials at least once a month. Since then, I've noticed an improvement to my skin and I've had less acne breakouts than before =)

4) Catan

Catan Cities & Knights

We love to play board games and one of our favourites is the Settlers of Catan, more specifically, the Catan expansion Cities & Knights.

It takes approximately TWO hours per game and requires a lot of concentration! Hence my girl isn't allowed to join in whenever we meet to play.

5) Swimming

My favourite underwater photo =)

I think I mentioned a million times how much I hate to run but still do it anyway on a threadmill at home. I do however, love swimming!

There's a pool near my workplace and my colleague happens to be a member of the club there so I get to tag along for free. We try to go at least once a week (although it's not easy to coordinate both of our hectic schedules) and I look forward to it each time.

Swimming allows me to clear my head and gives me time to reflect or brainstorm on craft or art ideas =)

6) Art

Some of my paintings

I love arts & crafts!

While it's not easy to find time to paint when I have so many parenting and blogging commitments, I try my best as it really relaxes me.

7) Travelling
Unlike most mums, I will leave my girl (albeit unwillingly) and travel overseas without her just because I love traveling too much!

And to date, I've done it FIVE times!

Trip #1: Phuket, Thailand
My girl was only 1.5 months old when I went on this trip
so I was still carrying my post-baby weight and expressing milk! *gasp*
Trip #2: Brunei
Left my 4 month old girl at home and joined my hubby on his work trip. As you can see,
I still had my D-cup boobs and post-baby tummy! -_-
Trip #3: Batam, Indonesia
My in-laws refused to let me bring my girl for this one even though it was so near.
And thankfully too because we had so much fun without her *laughs* 
Trip #4: Taipei, Taiwan
It was too cold to bring the baby so once again, we went without her.
By this time, I'm already pretty used to it.
Trip #5: Bangkok, Thailand
This was our 2nd honeymoon for us and we thoroughly enjoyed our alone time together =) 

It was really tough being separated from my baby girl and to make things worse, I had to bring along my breast pump and pump every 4 hours as I was still nursing (except for trip #5). I felt guilty sometimes but when I think about how the hubby and I were enjoying the alone time together, it was a worthwhile sacrifice. I felt I needed to send a message to the hubby that he was just as important to me as my baby girl!

We're going for our third honeymoon to Hokkaido in 7 days time and will continue to go for many, many honeymoons after that!

Well.. as long as my super awesome & understanding mum-in-law allows us that is. Thanks 妈! *laughs*

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