Monday 24 September 2012

My Uphill Battle to Downsizing

If you remember, I mentioned previously how I lost 17kg after the birth of my girl 2 years ago. And then I got stuck at that weight, sometimes even increasing!

And it didn't help that I stopped breastfeeding and started to work full time. Where to find time to exercise?! I really needed to keep fit!

Alright, who am I kidding? I only exercise because I want to lose weight and not to keep fit. I mean if I were super skinny and wouldn't get fat no matter what I eat, I don't think I'd even bother! *laughs*

I suppose that's how God gets me to exercise..

Anyway, I usually find it so hard to keep up with my exercise regime especially after I started work. But recently, I got really motivated and finally dragged my fat ass on our treadmill, which we conveniently have at home but don't use regularly!

Treadmill right in front of the TV

What's so motivating, you ask?

#1: Hard Core Fitness Fanatics

When most of your colleagues your age, whom you see and interact with everyday, are talking about going to the gym during lunch, climbing stairs to get to the office, rock climbing/horse-back riding/spinning/going to the gym over the weekend, you've really got no choice but to get with the program.

Of course said colleagues are also single and have no kids, which explains why they are able to do so. But then again, we are supermoms right? *laughs*

#2: Inspiring Mom Bloggers

For some reason, fellow SMBs have been blogging about keeping fit and losing weight for the whole of last week. We had a mum who exercises by playing a game with her kidsa mum who lifts weights dutifully at home and yet another mum who is training for the vertical marathon!

Obviously I decided to join in rather than sit back and wait for my weight to magically drop, which incidentally happens to some people. Soooo unfair! =(

#3: Bridemaid's Duty

And finally, there is nothing like squeezing into a bridesmaid's dress standing next to the super skinny bride to get your ass right on the threadmill.

There is absolute no way that I'm going to look fat in the many photos that will be taken on her wedding day! Granted, everyone will be looking at the bride but still.. *laughs*

My goal is at least 1 kg every month till the wedding, which is in Jan. That works out to be approximately 3 kg in total. This is actually pretty achievable =)

Will let you know if I make it or not! *cross fingers*

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