Tuesday 25 September 2012

At the Beginning, 8 Years Ago

He joined our cell group together with a few others 8 years ago in Jan 2004.

I didn't really notice him till we started to work together on planning for events. Later I found out "going to buy birthday presents for a cell group member" was just an excuse to go out with me *laughs*.

In those days where we were hanging out as just friends, we discovered that we had a lot in common and had endless things to talk about.

On 7th Sep 2004, we met for dinner at the old Spaggedies at Tanglin Mall (where Chillis is now). After dinner we walked as we always do to the nearby Haagen Das for ice-cream before proceeding to the old Borders at Wheelock Place.

That spot at Borders (which no longer exists anymore *sigh*) taken a few weeks after we got together

It was at this spot in front of a bookcase that we sat on a bench a read a book together. Since we sat so near to each other, pretty soon I was leaning my head on his shoulder and he was putting his hand around my shoulder.

And that was it. No questions, no holding hands (yet), no nothing. Admittedly looking back, I should have played harder to get! *laughs*

Our 1st photo we took as a couple =)

I've always known that I wanted to marry an older guy who's mature so the hubby, who's 5 years older, fits the bill nicely *grin*

We loved to hang out near the beach so Sentosa, West Coast Park and East Coast Park were some of our favourite places to go when we were dating.

At East Coast Park

It's also why he chose to propose at East Coast Park too =)

Since then we met each other every single day (or called each other on the phone) because I'm of the opinion that if you can't even stand to see each other a few hours at the end of every day, how are you going to stand each other for the rest of your lives when you are married? Of course.. that's just us =)

And that's our story of how we met and became a couple. What's your story?

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*Note: Photos were taken with my "high-tech" 1.2 megapixel Nokia camera phone, which was actually considered an awesome phone back then. Sigh, how things have changed.
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