Thursday 27 September 2012

The Artistic Genome

I have to say that I'm actually pretty good at arts and crafts. I learnt to paint instinctively, based on my own observations and practice.

So of course I had high hopes for my girl, hoping that one day we would spend afternoons painting together at home, the Botanical Gardens or even the beach. I even sent her for an art class for babies, just to get her an early head start.

Initially she showed some promise, but then she started to show immense dislike for getting paint on her hands! She even hated to get paint meant for finger-painting on her finger! -_-

The hubby was all smug about it and happily poured more cold water onto my enthusiasm by saying she probably had his non-artistic genes =(

However, one day after she returned from school, my mum-in-law informed me that baby girl actually commented that she liked to paint.

Her 1st ever painting she did solo!

And then it hit me! She does like to paint. She just doesn't like to paint with her hands, she wants to do it with a brush!

So I got her a brush, some paints meant for finger-painting (so that it cleans off easily and is safe for kids) and a sketchbook for easy storage of her art (you know I can't stand pieces of paper floating around right?).

Dipping her brush into the paints (and mixing up all the colours -_-)
Painting carefully within the paper after Mummy warned her sternly
not to get paint anywhere else

Just to show you that I didn't stage these pictures (which I sometimes do *hush hush*), here's a video to prove it! *laughs*

In case you didn't catch it, she was saying "涂啊, 涂啊, 涂" ("tu ah, tu ah, tu", which means apply paint in Chinese). Yup, she learnt it from her Chinese teacher at school =)

I proudly showed the final product to the hubby with a "HAH! See! My girl is artistic like me!" *smug grin*

Secret garden?

As usual the hubby was all, "so ugly can be considered art meh?", towards which I retorted, "you know what is abstract art?!" -_-

There is hope for us after all! =)
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