Saturday 10 December 2011

Art for Babies at Little Art Bug

A few months ago I took part in the giveaway at mamawearpapashirt and won a $30 voucher from Art Bug. After learning about all the different programmes that they offer for children, I decided to sign up for Baby Bug as it was designed to cater to infants and toddlers from 6 months to 3 years old.

Baby girl and I made our way to Waterloo Street via the new circle line, alighting at Bras Basah Station. Art Bug was only a 5-minute walk away, which was very convenient =)
51 Waterloo Street
We climbed our way up to the 2nd floor..
Art Bug
..where a very interesting door greeted us.

The minute we entered the studio, baby girl made herself right at home!
Running around and playing a fool
Strangely enough for some reason, baby girl did not feel scared in a brand new environment. I guess it's because Art Bug has successfully created a space that was very inviting to little children =)

In the midst of her running around, her art teacher Carmella (aka Miss Moo Moo to the kids) gave me a run down on what we'll be doing in this first session: we'll be stripping baby girl down to her diapers and then smearing paint all over her body so that she would get a feel of how paint feels like.

Right on cue, alarm bells rang in my neat-freak head! "O. M. G. How am I going to clean it off?! I didn't bring a towel.."

Out of courtesy (and trying not to look like a dumbass), I tried to pretend to look cool about it when in actual fact I was totally freaking out inside! Although on hindsight, there was really nothing to worry about.
Playing with paint for the first time
The paint that they used was non-toxic and easily washable so that it wouldn't harm delicate baby skin at all. Also, all but one of the air-conditioners were switched off so that she wouldn't catch a cold. I wasn't too concerned about that since baby girl is seldom afraid of being cold anyway.

Baby girl was ecstatic to play with paint!

Girlee (if she could talk eloquently): "Ooo, this paint looks like fun! And tasty! I wonder how it tastes like?..." *proceeds to take a spoonful of paint and put it in her mouth when I wasn't watching*
Me: "Ahhhhhh Girlee! Nooooo! That is not for eating!" *sigh*

I swear she already had her lunch -_-

She splashed paint on herself, on the paper and even on mummy to her heart's delight! Then her art teacher painted her hands and feet and got her to imprint them on the paper. The prints looked really good and in some sort of abstract-art way =)

After all the painting, the art teacher loaded up the sink with warm water and I gave her a nice bath. The paint was surprisingly easy to wash off and a few minutes later, she was all dressed and clean again (her art teacher provided me with a towel).

Just as I was thinking, "Wow, that went well! Perhaps my girl is artistic like me after all.." baby girl then refused to sit still and draw on a piece of paper with crayons. Ah well.

Each Baby Bug art lesson costs $45 so I had to pay $15 on top of the voucher that I already had. It was a great lesson but I'm hesitant to send her back for more lessons since I feel she's still a little too young. I'll definitely look to send her for more lessons when she is older, and perhaps take some lessons myself! *grin*

It was a great experience overall and I would definitely recommend it. It's never too young to be artistic =)
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