Tuesday 6 December 2011

Life is All About the Mundane

It's one of those days where I'm feeling a little bored and have nothing interesting to blog about so I thought I will write about my ordinary life even though probably no one even cares about but I'll do it anyway since life is all about the mundane (ok, I think I just got lost in this sentence..). Anyway..

Mundane Fact #1: There's a Lizard in My Toilet

A baby lizard has recently decided to take residence in my toilet and will scoot to hide whenever anyone opens the toilet door. I wanted to add a picture of it here but even looking at the pictures on the internet creeps me out so I shall spare you (and myself) from its ugliness.

So why are we even allowing it to live there? Granted that I absolutely hate lizards and will almost always insist on its destruction, if not removal, but then I remember that lizards devour annoying insects like ants and most importantly, my sworn enemy the mosquito! So I suppose it couldn't hurt to let it live there for a while.. but wait a minute, what if it grows into a big giant lizard?! And breeds?! Or dies?! *Ewwwwww*

There is only one person to call in a situation like this........ "M U M M Y !"

Mundane Fact #2: Finding a Preschool is a Pain in the Ass
Wearing her bag given by her paternal grandmother
Baby girl looking like she's going off to school soon only serves as a reminder of how much I dread hunting for a preschool for her. Choosing a preschool nowadays ain't the same anymore. You gotta to find out about the curriculum, the qualifications of the teachers, the teacher to student ratio, etc. And after narrowing down your options, you still have to put your kid on the waiting list for at least a year! *sigh*

What's worse than choosing a preschool for your kid?

Choosing a primary school. Totally not looking forward to it at all -_-"

Mundane Fact #3: Engorgement is No Fun

In the course of her flu and cough, baby girl developed an erratic appetite which translated into her wanting only breast milk one day (while totally rejecting formula) and totally rejecting it the next. As a result, I've had to suffer engorged boobs with milk almost bursting out and getting no sympathy whatsoever from the hubby (-_-). Thankfully, she woke up the next morning in a great mood for mummy's milk thereby ending my discomfort.

I don't know what's worse, engorgement or the fact that no one gives a damn =(

Mundane Fact #4: Tip on Frizz Removal Actually Works

I learnt this trick while watching 'Tips & Tricks' on Style (Channel 442). Instead of tackling the frizz (you know, the bits and pieces of straying cotton on clothes after many washes) with my bare hands like I used to do, I tried using a disposable razor as advised.
Disposable razor to remove frizz
And you know what? It worked! Girlee's dress looks as good as new =)

Yeah, life at home is pretty mundane but I'll probably miss it once I start working (which is soon I hope!). Can't wait for the many Christmas parties and gatherings coming up!
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