Sunday 4 December 2011

Baby I's 1st Birthday!

It's Girlee's little friend Baby I's 1st birthday party today! I can't believe we just visited him in the hospital 12 months ago! How fast time flies..

I decided to make him a little frame with a picture of both of our families, which I decorated as usual with stickers from Made With Love and Popular.

Happy 1st Bday!

We gave it to them during their party held at their void deck.

Disney's Cars themed banner & balloons!

His mother had also ordered Cars and Angry Birds cupcakes.

The birthday boy's delicious cupcakes

They looked so delicious that I had to eat two, even though I was having a cough and flu! (Terrible mistake that I paid for later with a terrible headache but considering how tasty the cupcakes were.. it was totally worth it *laughs*).

The birthday boy was sleeping when we arrived (even princely babies need their naps) so we busied ourselves with the food and playing with a friend's cute not-so-little dog.

Eating while the bday boy slept
Baby girl playing with Domo

This was the first time ever that baby girl has a direct contact with a dog so she was obviously a little scared. It didn't help that I myself wasn't used to being around dogs either so I couldn't really help her much. But she soon got used to Domo and even patted her, which was a breakthrough! She still finds it weird whenever she gets licked though, although all Domo is doing is just showing her some affection! I don't really fancy dogs to be honest but Domo's one gentle, lovable cutie =)

Not long later the birthday boy finally woke up from his nap! Yay!

Paige boy & flower girl anyone?

But of course baby girl has to go and steal his thunder by standing next to him and getting her photos taken as well. Luckily the birthday boy didn't mind and looked absolutely dashing in his little suit =)

First birthdays are always a fun time to celebrate the one looooonnnggg year that the parents has had (feels that way when your baby looks different this month than the previous month). I'm totally looking forward for more to come! In the meantime,



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