Monday 8 October 2012

A Day in the Life of a Psychologist Mum

7.15am: My alarm clock rings faithfully every weekday morning and my hand automatically reaches for the iPhone and mutes it. Ten minutes later, it rings again and I finally stretch and drag my still-asleep ass out of my bed.

7.45am: After my bath, I start applying makeup at my new dresser and accessorize my outfit.

One stop dresser, a must-have for every woman!

8am: I grab my breakfast, which consists mostly of bread and chocolate milk, and head out of the house.

8.10am: Waiting for the bus at the bus stop. I usually take 2-3 buses to work so most of my commuting time is spent at the bus stops waiting for the bus rather than on the bus itself (the actual journey on the bus is only 25 minutes).

At one of the bus stops where I transfer to another bus

9am: Depending on how "coordinated" my buses were that day, I'm usually in the office by about 8.40am to 9am (on rainy days, I may even reach the office as late as 9.20am despite leaving my house at the same time as I always do >.<).

My cubicle at work

9.15am: Switch on my computer, check and reply emails, check my "Things To Do" list.

Working at my desk

9.45am: Make myself a cup of tea every morning and eat something from my own little pantry in the corner. It's the reason why I gained weight when I started work and I have tried to reduce the amount of biscuits here but I just can't live without chocolates. My colleagues also help themselves to the stash here by eating and stocking it up *laughs*.

My mini pantry

10am: Sent an sms to my supervisor, "I'm very sorry but next week I have to take parent care leave as my mum-in-law is extracting her wisdom tooth so I need to take care of my girl". I feel bad because just last week I sent an sms to apply for child care leave because my girl is sick. Ah, the perils of a working mother *sigh*. Thank God for the provision of leave!

12noon: Lunchtime! Happiness =)

1pm-6.30pm: I'm usually busy with meetings and working on research projects at work. While working at my computer, I pause and apply hand cream and lip balm. It helps to moisturize my skin and keep me awake at the same time =)

Hand lotion in a bee container & lip balm

6.30pm: Leave the office and take the usual 2-3 buses home.

7.30pm: Arrive at home, greeted by my girl while the hubby complains that I'm late (-_-). The hubby & I eat dinner together while I ask Girlee about her day. After dinner, Girlee and I would continue to either watch TV, play or paint together while the daddy plays his computer games.

9.30pm: Start Girlee's bedtime routine.

Getting into her pyjamas and ready for bed

10.30pm: Once she's asleep, it's usually my time to read, paint or blog (depending on my mood). I may also fold and keep our clothes or pack my room if needed.

12mn: Get ready for bed (I can't sleep earlier than this unless I'm really tired).

And then the next morning, it all begins again. Boring and mundane but just the way I like it =)

How's your day like?

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