Saturday 6 October 2012

A Little Girl Called Girlee

Every time I look into her eyes, I think, it's such an honour to be her mom.
At 26 Months Old
She's got my amiable and outgoing personality, which also means that she'll always get special privileges with family and even total strangers. The shop assistant at the 24 hour convenience store at our house liked her so much, she got free gifts (like magnets, keychains, etc) every time she visited the store with my mum-in-law. Totally not kidding =)

On the other hand, she has also inherited her dad's cautious nature. She doesn't immediately run towards anything, no matter how inviting it looks. She ventures cautiously in playgrounds and treads lightly on water.
Treading carefully in the baby pool
So I was amazed at how well she took to the water even at a young age! Now we are bringing her swimming every other week and she's having a blast! =)
"I love swimming!"
"I don't want to go home!!"
I know I must have said it a million times but I thank God everyday for blessing me with a very affectionate little girl. She hugs you when you're sad, kisses you when you're in pain, tells you every night that she loves you before she sleeps and loves you unconditionally even if you push her by accident and she got hurt.

She makes everything so worthwhile =)

Happy Children's Day
to all our little ones!
May you grow up to be everything that God has purposed for you to be =)

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