Tuesday 31 May 2011

My Little Swimming Champ!

Last Saturday we had our church services at our church's Jurong West building. The building has a riviera which we liked to gather around and fellowship. One of my cell group friends then thought it fun to dip Girlee's feet into the water to see her reaction. Not only did she not make any fuss, she was very happy to get her feet wet!

Splashing her feet in the riviera

Seeing how happy splashing her feet in water made her, I decided to bring her to the public pool yesterday. The nearest one to our house is the Delta Swimming Complex next to Redhill MRT Station. It's at least four bus stops away but it'll do.

This was the 3rd time baby girl has been in a pool. The first was at Batam Harris, which did not end well as she was just recovering from a fever and was not in the best of moods. The second time was at MBS' infinity pool where she responded much better to the water. This time I'm hoping to see her more relaxed in the pool.

Delta Swimming Complex does not charge for children younger than 1 year old, but children from 1-12 years old have to pay S$0.50 on weekdays and S$0.70 on weekends to enter. Adults pay S$1 on weekdays and S$1.30 on weekends. It's really very cheap =)

I got her in her swimming gear but totally forgot about her float and swim diapers! We decided to take the chance as she will probably only be in the pool for 15 minutes max and she has already pooped in the morning. Yeah I know it's not ideal but as a mother you learn to go with the flow and hope for the best. Go ahead and judge me =)

Swimming at Delta Swimming Complex's Wading Pool

My little swim genius took to the water like a bird to the sky. Straight away she got into splashing around. Even when she swallowed large amounts of water or got water in her eye, she coughed or wiped and then acted like it was nothing. Seriously, not even a single tear in her eyes.

I know you won't believe me so I got some proof.

I have to say, from a swimmer's point of view, she is a natural! I was only supporting her tummy as you can see. She does all the typical swim actions on her own. Even onlookers were amazed. An Indian lady asked me how old she was and when told that she was only 10 months old, remarked, "Wow she will be a swim champ in future!" Her husband further added that when he first brought his two sons to the pool they cried their eyes out and took a long time to get acquainted to the pool.

Not surprisingly, I'm very proud of my little swimmer. Just like your mummy baby! (Daddy can't swim for nuts and hates it so this is definitely ain't like him)

Finally! After looking only 20% like mummy, at least there's something else like me and not daddy. *beams proudly*

I had learnt swimming under an instructor when I was in primary school and loved it so I'll definitely be sending my girl for swim lessons to develop her potential. Wonder if they'll take in a one year old..
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