Sunday 29 May 2011

Night Out at Wild Honey

You know that as a mother, you hardly go out anymore. For whatever reason, we just don't go out as often as we would like anymore.

So it was definitely a treat to go check out Wild Honey with my friends last Friday. I've heard so much good reviews about that place so naturally I was excited to check it out!

Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery

We arrived at around 7pm and were told that we needed to wait for 30 minutes for a table (either they're that popular, or the place is just too small. I vote the latter). As one of our friends has not arrived yet, we decided to give them one of our handphone numbers and just wait.

We hung out for a while at one of the resting areas of Mandarin Gallery.

Resting Chair @ Mandarin Gallery

They make you feel like you're on vacation.

When they finally called us 30 minutes later, we went back to Wild Honey only to realise that the table was not ready yet. So we sat on the chairs outside of the restaurant and it was then that my friends surprised me with a birthday card and birthday-cum-mother's-day flowers.

Handmade Card and Fresh Roses!

They know how much I love handmade stuff =)

Me with my flowers

They said I looked like a bride. I said, 'but I'm not bride-size!' *laughs*

Oh and if you must know, the white dress I'm wearing was bought during my recent vacation in Shenzhen for just 120RMB (S$24).

Finally, after what seemed like forever (feels that way whenever you're really hungry), the waitress told us our table was ready, apologized for making us wait and thanked us for our patience.

After we sat down at the table, I was told that we had to order from the counter, which had two iPads displaying their menu for you to look at. There were large crowds of people surrounding the iPads (and handling it way too roughly if I might add), so I decided not to squeeze with them and order according to my gut feeling.

Turned out to be pretty good.

Drinks: Honey Bee Mocktail

Two of us ordered the Honey Bee Mocktails, which were really refreshing.

Main Course (clockwise from top left): European, I Love NY, Tunisian & Japanese

My order was the European, which I vaguely remembered Mr P or Am recommending it. It was very nice, with smooth bacon and egg oozing out onto freshly toasted bread. It was not very filling though so if you want something more substantial, you should order either the Tunisian or I Love NY instead. But don't order the Japanese. Although the meat was nice, the accompanying vegetables smelt and tasted like freshly cut grass. We did not like that at all.

The Belgium waffles, on the other hand, were a hit with my Little Culinary Food Taster!

Belgium Waffles

Every time I fed her some (the parts with the least honey), she would nod her head vigorously displaying her immense approval.

Feeding Girlee at Wild Honey

I must say that this place isn't very child-friendly. The waiters did not automatically bring me the high chair and when I asked him politely for it, he looked as if I asked a very troublesome thing. Although I can understand why as the place was just too tiny. I was literally squeezed between the stroller and the high chair.

They really need to rent a bigger premise for their business to keep growing.

Nevertheless, it was a very enjoyable night out with The Girls. I can't wait for all of us to have kids and have them hang out and play together while we talk about life.

Group photo outside Wild Honey

All in all, this was a nice place to hang out with good food and reasonable prices.

Can't wait for our next gathering =)
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