Thursday 22 March 2012

Shenzhen Day 1: Ticket to Seafood Heaven

I was very excited for our fifth trip to Shenzhen (we go once every year except for 2010 since 2007) as we would be flying by Silkair!

Silkair flight MI966 to Shenzhen

This is the first time that we are flying a non-budget airline to Shenzhen because:
1) Singapore Airlines was having a promotion on their website (each ticket only costs $400+)
2) We're tired of flying at night, reaching there at midnight and putting our lives at risk
3) I just hate having to board any plane from the budget airport (glad they'll be tearing it down in future)

Baby girl is more than ready to go kai kai ("walk the streets" in cantonese)
Arriving at Terminal 2 early in the morning.. check in at the Silkair counter

As we have not had breakfast yet, we decided to have our breakfast at a foodcourt in the airport transit.

At T2 transit

We kinda regretted the decision as the food was almost twice the price of the food outside. But once we got our tummies filled, we were excited to board the plane.

"Mama, Airpane! Seet Airpane!

Another reason why parents with young children should pay a little more to travel on a non-budget airline: we got priority to board the plane first as we were "travelling with young children" and also got to sit at the first row which has more leg room.

We love to sit at the window seat!

Baby girl fell asleep even before the plane took off so she had no trouble with the air pressure in her ears. I thought I had to endure carrying her for hours throughout the whole journey until the flight stewardess introduced me to the in-flight baby bassinet.

Silkair's baby bassinet

I can't believe I had no idea this even exists till now. So suaku ("mountain tortoise")!

The bassinets are hung right in front of us so that we could still keep an eye on her

With baby girl tucked safely in the bassinet, we able to enjoy our lunch and entertainment in peace
Clockwise (from left): Shared entertainment station just above baby girl;
eating our lunch right under baby's nose (literally); seafood hor fun

It was a real bummer for me that there wasn't any individual entertainment and the meal wasn't exactly fantastic. Also, I had to carry baby girl out of the bassinet whenever there was turbulence so it can be a little inconvenient. Thankfully I only had to do it once so baby girl really had a good and long nap! By the time she woke up 3 hours later..

Eating the baby food provided by Silkair

..she was in an amazingly good mood =)

And this is why I'm willing to travel with my baby girl. She is such a great traveller and we have so many special privileges *grin*

First to disembark the plane as well! =)

We finally arrived at Shenzhen airport (on time too if I might add)!

Waiting for our luggage

As we arrived in the daytime, we were able to join the horde of people queuing up for the red taxis which we didn't manage to do previously (against our better judgement).

Red taxis in Shenzhen

We decided to stay in the Days Suite at our usual hotel (Days Inn) since it costs only S$20 more than the regular suite per night but was twice as large!

Clockwise (from left): Furniture to hold the fridge (which wasn't cold at all), utensils and kettle;
living area; main door and dining area
Clockwise (from left): Study area with lan connection (the extra bed was added in front of it);
king size bed; a 2nd TV

We added an additional bed which costs about S$30 a night just so that all of us can bunk in together as usual.

Clockwise (from left): The toilet attached to the living room;
A second larger toilet at the back of the room; The sink and large bathtub

There were a total of 2 TVs, 2 toilets, a large bathtub and separate shower facilities. More than enough to cater to our family's needs =)

For dinner, we had nothing else but seafood as usual.

Clockwise (from left): Entrance to our favourite seafood restaurant just across the street from our hotel;
The hubby excitedly choosing his favourite seafood while baby girl shouted "see fishh, see fishh!";
LIVE seafood galore!; Various interesting Chinese delicacies

The nice thing about this restaurant is that they give you fully sterilised utensils to use. Definitely perfect for the cleanliness freak or germ-phobe.

Sterilised utensils which are certified environmentally friendly

Some of my readers (ok ok, only my close friends) complained that I didn't post enough pictures of the food in my last blog posts of my previous trip (I was too busy eating if ya know what I mean), so I'm making it a point to post more food pictures for this trip =)

Clockwise (from left): The hubby's favourite fresh cockles; fresh live prawns (yummy!);
mantis prawns fried with chili and pepper
Clockwise (from left): steamed tiger garoupa (the fish was alive just 5 minutes ago, that's how fresh it is!);
fresh scallop with noodles; fried beehoon noodles

There is a wave of inflation in China recently so the prices of the seafood were definitely higher than our previous trips. Nevertheless, they were still cheaper than the seafood in Singapore so it's still worthwhile to make the trip here to try it.

Enjoy the food pictures! More to come tomorrow =)

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