Friday 23 March 2012

Shenzhen Day 2: Dim Sum & Cheap Shopping

We had dim sum at the hotel's restaurant for breakfast in the morning.

Clockwise (from left): Fried handmade glutinous rice balls filled with pumpkin paste (very tasty!);
Char Siew Pau that both Girlee and I love (we can eat 6 between the 2 of us *grin*);
Tasty Har Gau ("shrimp dumpling") here costs only S$4! =)
Our entire breakfast meal

Due to rising inflation in China, a breakfast like this no longer costs under S$20 like it did in the past. Nevertheless, at S$25-35 a meal, it is still cheaper than in Singapore or Hong Kong.

After breakfast, baby girl played with water and took a bath in the beautiful bathtub in the big toilet.

We hit the streets not long after to start our shopping spree! As usual, my little shoeholic stopped by one of the many shoe stores..

She chose this blue pair, sat on the tiny stool and tried it on all by herself! I'm not even joking.

..and tried on a pair of shoes. Initially she was set on the blue pair (which her daddy liked too) but then when she was shown the same pair in pink, she immediately changed her mind so we ended up buying another pair of pink shoes (not that I'm complaining of course *laughs*).

Wearing her new pink shoes immediately!

We took a break from shopping to have a late lunch at our favourite Li Wan Restaurant.

At Li Wan Restaurant's 2nd outlet eating their signature wanton soup

Their business was so good that they even opened another outlet at the 2nd floor of the same building!

Clockwise (from left): Beef and wanton noodles (dry); Wanton noodles soup;
The hubby and his brother enjoying their noodles

And it's no wonder their business is so good. A set consisting of a bowl of noodles and a cup of milk tea only costs S$4! The beef was tender and soft, the soup tasty and the noodles "bouncy". Yum!

The hot dishes were perfect to warm us up when the weather outside sudden became chilling.

Baby girl got to wear this jacket that her grandma bought for her since last year but didn't have a chance to wear it in Singapore as she's so scared of being hot.

I thought the weather was like Singapore on a rainy day so I didn't bring any leggings or boots with me! I ended having to brave the colder days/nights with nothing but a cardigan, dress/shorts and fitflops! With my mum-in-law and the hubby joining me in wearing berms and slippers, we ended up being the only aliens who walked around looking like we were at the beach. One look and you can guess that we're Singaporeans! *laughs*

Luckily I'm well-trained by my baby girl and hubby to take the cold as they are the kind of people who can even perspire in a fully airconditioned room! Needless to say, the 2 of them were in high spirits throughout the whole trip!

We also spent an incredible amount of time at the shops that sold iPhone and computer accessories as they were selling them at only 1/4 of the price of those sold in Singapore!

Clockwise (from left): My newly decorated iPhone *grin*; Cute little pluggies I got for only S$3 a pair!; Cartoon 8 GB thumbdrives for just S$9 each (I saw the same thumbdrives selling in a flea market in Singapore for S$20-30)

There were many thumbdrives to choose from but the minute I laid eyes on the camera one, I knew instantly that I had to get it for my brother! Hope you like it bro! =)

Since everything is cheaper if we bought in bulk, I thought I might as well get them for my family and friends as souvenirs too.

Look at my shopping loot! Heh heh =)

I would have bought more if not for the hubby's constant nagging that I bought too much. Seriously, how can I pass up on such a good deal?! *laughs*

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