Saturday 24 March 2012

Shenzhen Day 3: Getting Our Just Desserts

Despite blogging about how bad the food and service at New Star was last year, we ended up going back there for dim sum again just because the restaurant at our hotel did not have our favourite Siew Mai.

Daddy writing down our orders while baby girl entertained herself by imitating the big-mouthed fish

As usual, it took a long time for the food to arrive.

Clockwise (from left): Har Gow (prawn dumplings); Century egg and chicken porridge; Pork ribs and Siew Mai

I don't know why we keep going back even though the food isn't as good and the service sucks. They even overcharged us on one of the dishes which we ordered but they didn't serve it yet they charged us for it -_-" *sigh*

Thankfully the cooling weather kept our spirits up =)

Baby girl in her rockstar look, which is really the most covered up she has been since her birth *laughs*

We decided to travel via the Shenzhen Metro to the mall near Window of the World to get a whole different shopping experience.

Nearest station to our hotel = Lao Jie

They recently upgraded this station to a interchange station so it was much much larger than before! We had to look carefully at the map to know exactly which direction to go. It's pretty easy really. Just take the green line to Window of the World station (FYI, the train going in the opposite direction is going towards Hong Kong).

When we finally arrived at Holiday Plaza, we shopped around at H&M but didn't buy anything 'cos the prices were similar to Singapore (they totally lost their appeal to me once they opened a store in Singapore).

Entrance to Holiday Plaza from Window of the World Station

As we weren't very hungry after such a heavy breakfast in the morning, we spotted Honeymoon Dessert in a corner with almost maxed out capacity and decided we had to try it.

Honeymoon Dessert @ Holiday Plaza
Clockwise (from left): Nice little background of books;
Durian pancake that I immediately decided on once I saw it (yum!);
Mango & sago with green tea ice-cream (you choose which flavour you like)
Had to force them to pose for the camera, which they finally did
'cos I suppose the sweet desserts put them in a great mood =)

We each chose a dessert of our fancy. My bro-in-law chose the chilled black sesame soup/paste with green tea ice-cream while I chose the warm version with tang yuan (glutinous rice balls) and peanut-paste filling.

I love me a good tang yuan with black sesame while my mum-in-law preferred the red bean soup 
Guess which dessert baby girl liked the most? *grin*

So in love with the desserts! Other than the red bean soup, every other dessert was spot on in terms of taste! Well worth the whole effort to travel all the way there even though this was basically the only thing we did there as there weren't much shopping to be done. If you have older children however, you might enjoy the ice-skating rink within their premises.

We decided to head back to the area where we were staying to do some grocery shopping and had dinner at the nearby restaurant again.

Clockwise (from top left): Roast meat platter consisting of duck and pork meat;
Fried beehoon & scallop with glass noodles (yes again!); hubby's favourite fresh oysters
Everyone's too busy eating to give a damn about taking a picture except for me

The service wasn't very good and the food standard dropped a little but we still enjoyed the dinner nevertheless. You definitely can't eat like this for only S$100 in Singapore =)

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