Wednesday 8 February 2012

Oh Wickedly Good!

This week started off really bad but turned out to be wickedly good!

The bad part, I dropped my iPhone by accident and totally lost the network connection. I tried changing the SIM card but nothing worked, which left me feeling just a little frustrated.

But then came the good part.

First, my colleague sent me an sms (before my phone got cut) asking me if I wanted to join her for Wicked the Musical showing at the Marina Bay Sands. Her friend has got a great deal: a ticket worth $250 for just $100! I was so thrilled that I agreed immediately because I could finally afford to watch a musical after so many years of wishing and wishing (since I was 15 years old actually.. OMG that's more than 10 years ago!) but couldn't because of financial reasons (c'mon how was I going to afford to pay $250 for a ticket?!?).

Here's a sneak peak:

Soooo excited! THANK YOU JESUS! =)

And since I was feeling in the mood to be a blessing to others, I decided to sponsor my sister half of her ticket to go watch with me! *grin*

We were so blessed to be able to sit at the 7/8th row right in the center!

Love our seats! =)

The best seats in the house in my opinion. We got an awesome view of the whole performance! Not bad for my first major musical (yes, I'm that pathetic).. not bad at all =)

I was tingling with anticipation while waiting for it to start as I've heard so many good reviews. And boy, was I not disappointed!

Wicked the Musical in Singapore

The musical captured us from the start to the finish and there wasn't even a dull moment. From the elaborate costumes to the realistic set to the incredibly good vocals of the cast, I was absolutely blown away at every scene. I laughed (like really really hard) and I teared. It wasn't just a love story. It was a story of two totally opposite people becoming best of friends and then realising that they have to walk different roads (kinda like Professor X & Magneto in 'X-men 1st Class' come to think of it..)

So although my phone was spoilt, I can't help but sleep that night with a smile on my face =)

And the good news didn't stop there! When I brought my phone down to the Comcentre to fix it, they decided since my phone was still on warranty that they would give me a new replacement for free!

YAY! I was soooo happy! Finally.

I seriously have so much to be thankful to God for =)

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