Tuesday 10 July 2012

My Master Commencement

Master of Social Sciences

I've already graduated with a Master's degree but I had to wait a whole year to receive my official certificate and transcripts just because I missed last year's commencement by a hair.

But my dad was super excited about it and was dying to go so I started to get excited too even though I wasn't initially.

I remembered a time in my graduate studies where I thought that I will never finish it or graduate due to the many problems that came up because of my thesis project. Thankfully I didn't, so here I am =)

NUS Commencement 2012
With my greatest supporters of my studies! =)

My dad and the hubby were the happiest because their financial support is the very reason why I'm able to do my masters in the first place.

With the Hubby & Dad

My dad was the one who paid for my school fees while the hubby took care of my daily expenses. Although I was earning a little from giving tuition, I'm sure I would have been slogging my life away after school hours if it were not for them!

My proud parents

I know my new-age parents don't require their children to give them a monthly allowance but I do, not out of obligation but out of love and appreciation to them.

Thanks to my awesome family for your love and support! And especially to my brother, who specially took leave to attend my commencement just to be my personal photographer. Thanks bro!

P.S: It's my first day at my new job as a civil servant! Wish me luck! =)
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