Thursday 12 July 2012

I May Have Some Kind of Balance Disorder

I have zero spatial awareness.

I knock into people all the time.

I walk on a flat ground with flats and still managed to trip and fall. True story.


I think I may have some kind of Inner Ear Dysfunction or Balance Disorder.

And I think it's genetic.

My mum has it. My sister has it. And now my baby girl have it.


And this is why, unlike other fashionista moms, I adamantly refused to wear heels of any kind when I was pregnant. I just hated the thought of having to carry a large bowling ball at the tummy while balancing on 'stilts', knowing full well that I have a predisposition for falling flat on my face.

I will never forgive myself if anything happened to my baby because of vanity!

So I chucked my heels to the far forgotten corners of my shoe cabinet, only to finally dig them out when I went back to work.

Only to fall and scrape my knee very badly on the way to my 1st class as an associate lecturer

*Double sigh*

Maybe it's time to pay a visit to an Otolaryngologist... an ENT doctor lah *laughs*

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