Thursday 2 April 2015

Family Day at Sentosa (I): Brunch at Rasa Sentosa

Sentosa has always been one of those places that will have a special place in my heart. The hubby and I loved to hang out at Sentosa during our courting days and we always had a lot of fun together. We even celebrated one of our anniversaries at Resorts World Sentosa.

Hence, we were very excited to accept the invitation to attend the Sunday Garden Party brunch buffet at the beautiful Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa located at Siloso Beach, Sentosa.

The beautiful Rasa Sentosa looks very similar to Golden Sands Resort in Penang because they were designed by the same architect
Lovely Sunday to be having lunch by the sea

We were greeted by a whole variety of almost everything you can find on land, sky and sea! Yum!

Full range of appetisers

Hubby, the resident seafood fanatic, was excited when he saw the "mountain" of seafood at the seafood section!

Includes everything from crab to prawns to clams
Clockwise from left: Tower of fresh prawns, crab and clams;
Fresh oysters imported from France;
Tasty cold Boston lobster.

The grill section is located outdoors so be careful of wandering amphibians; case in point, we actually had to avoid a roaming monitor lizard who was probably looking for scrapes of meat that had dropped onto the ground. Scared the hell out of me! =S

Grilled potatoes and vegetables
Grilled chicken (left) and grilled lamb (right)

The lamb here is done really well and does not have the typical "lamb taste". The hubby is a beef lover and he said he liked it more than beef! Imagine that!

Grilled prawn on a stick
Grilled lobsters (very tasty!)

There was also a section just for little humans!

Table was low enough for little ones to help themselves
Clockwise from left: Fresh watermelon juice and other food that I pick for my girl;
Eating the hotdog bun until there's tomato sauce all over her face!;
Waffles and hotdog buns kept warm on the burner.

But no matter how good any buffet is, it's never complete in my opinion unless it has a kickass dessert table! That's always my favourite part of any meal! =)

Lovely spread of cakes, mousse and eclair
Loved the delicious macarons!
Delicious spread of tasty Nonya desserts! My favourite! =)

This, however, was my girl's favourite part of the buffet:

Ice-cream!! Yum!! =)

She was super full from eating so much! It's a good thing that one child eats free with every paying adult =)

It was time for the magic show to start, which entertained my girl after her meal while we continued our feast.

Magic show with a balloon sculpture for each child
Looking nervous because she was really shy to be among so many kids that she doesn't know
The magician had a real bird in his hat!

Baby Boy couldn't understand what the fuss is about but he did enjoy walking around on the boardwalk and donning his balloon hat sculpted specially for him =)

Baby Boy in an extremely good mood, joining in the fun

Complimentary use of the resort's pool facilities comes with purchase of the buffet (a tag will be given to you to tie around your wrist) so we headed straight to the pool.

Lovely swimming pool of the resort
(awesome weather for a swim)
So nice to be able to cool down in this heat!
Kids having a great time hanging out with daddy

Like Golden Sands Resort in Penang, there were also slides at Rasa Sentosa. However, unlike the former, the latter also had a water playground for little ones to run about. They also had a lot more slides!

Water playground for little ones
(I noticed that the older kids were far more interested in the slides)
There were three, yes three, slides!
Left: Despite what the sign says, there were a few pool attendants on duty to keep the order and adults were allowed on the slide if we were carrying a young child (the hubby and I went down the slide a few times. Super fun!);
Girl was initially apprehensive of the slides but soon enjoyed them so much she didn't want to leave (as usual)!
Clockwise from left: Scared that she will slide too fast so she put her hands on the slide to slow it down;
The smallest slide which most kids did not want to slide down including my girl (she said it was boring -_-);
Going down faster and faster!

As usual, she had so much fun on the slides that she went again and again. Soon she was so confident that she could do it even if we were in the other swimming pool with the baby (don't worry, there were attendants on duty and we always kept a watchful eye nearby). The baby on the other hand, was kinda terrified of the slides even though he endured it (with a frown no less) when we slid down with him. Me? I was glad to have an excuse to slide down the slides. I love water slides! *laughs*

When it was time to go, we literally had to drag my girl away from the pool! She was soooo reluctant to go. Well, perhaps we'll be back one day for a staycation so that we can enjoy the lovely pool a little longer. In the meantime, there's a show to catch =)

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Disclosure: An invitation to the Sunday Garden Party brunch buffet was received from Rasa Sentosa Resort for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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