Monday 30 March 2015

Ho Chi Minh Day 4: Flight Back & My Reflections

Can't believe that it is already the last day of our short trip to Vietnam. Time always fly when you are having fun =)

Baby Boy wondering around the hotel room and looking out of the window onto the busy street

We had our last meal in Vietnam at the Crazy Baffalo in Pham Ngu Lao (we were actually looking for a cafe selling bread but the cafe had closed down).

Crazy Buffalo Saigon
Nice view of the busy streets of Pham Ngu Lao
Clockwise from left: Tall glass of fresh MJ (mango juice);
Crispy sandwich that tasted ordinary;
Teriyaki chicken pizza that took a long time to arrive

Overall I think that you can skip this place as the food is so-so, not much to rave about.

We got back to the hotel just in time to collect our luggage and make our way to the airport to catch our plane back to Singapore.

Putting Baby Boy on the luggage trolley
(sun was shining into his eyes which was why it could not be opened)
Left: Baby Boy truly enjoying the ride on the trolley
Right: Falling asleep on the bag since we didn't have a stroller with us
He didn't actually sleep so I let him walk up and down this parapet (before we boarded the plane) to exhaust him
(my plan worked because the moment he got on the plane, he slept till we landed! Hehe *grin*)
Boarding our Jetstar flight home =)

My Reflections

As a first time visitor to Ho Chi Minh, and by extension Vietnam, I was actually really surprised that I liked the food and culture so much. I wasn't affected at all by the noise and pollution as I thought it was comparable to Bangkok (and we all love Bangkok right? *laughs*). Although traffic was indeed high and can be quite scary, the Vietnamese drivers usually do look out for pedestrians and will avoid you if they can (in fact, you should be worried of the many tourists who rented motorbikes as many of them probably don't know what they are doing!).

We will definitely return to Vietnam, albeit to the city of Hanoi! Looking forward =)

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