Monday 22 November 2021

Hubby's Bday Staycation at Shangri-La

Day 1

We enjoyed our last stay at Shangri-La Singapore so much that we're back again, this time to celebrate the hubby's birthday. 

We chose to stay in The Valley Wing again, in a similar room type because we had truly enjoyed our previous experience. 

This time however, we were given a room with a view of the pool. 

The hotel also kindly provided us with a complimentary cake to celebrate the hubby's birthday! The drinks in the mini bar were also complimentary 😊

Shangri-La also provided a goodie bag containing toiletries and colouring materials for the kids. Very thoughtful of them!

The Littlest enjoyed colouring her bag with the help of her sister. 

On top of a cake, they have also done a simple set up of balloons and decorations! So pretty! 

Our package included Evening Canepes, which we can choose to either have it at the lounge or dine in-room. With so many kids, we thought it might be easier for us to just dine in our room.

We love the snacks and desserts, which were beautifully presented on a 3-tier stand! It was really good 😋

After enjoying our yummy tea break, we went swimming! Unlike our last stay here, where we could go to the pool any time we wanted without having to book, we had to make a prior booking before heading to the pool. We only managed to book the 6pm slot, but that was ok for us because the pool was rather empty and we could swim until sunset 😀

Gotta love this super big pool with a diving area, water fountains and lifeguards 😊

We went back to our room to wash up, just in time for the in-room dining we ordered. Though we didn't have credits to spend this time, we splurged because we enjoyed our meal so much during our last visit

So yummy and definitely worth the splurge 😋😁

Day 2

After a good night's rest, we woke up early the next morning so that we can arrive in time for our 8am breakfast slot. 

The younger kids enjoyed colouring while we ordered our food items from a tablet. Food that are a must include: French pastries, children's decorate-it-yourself pancake and laksa! 

My Eldest looks so grown up here! She's a tween who loves Kpop but that didn't stop her from joining her siblings at the Buds playground! I told her that she will not be able to enter most indoor playgrounds once she becomes a teen so she might as well enjoy it while it lasts! 

My girl was also better able to enjoy the playground, now that she is older. 

However, just 15 minutes after she started playing, the Littlest soon grew weary and cried for me to bring her back to the room. Perhaps she woke up too early and needed her nap. In any case, I had to bring her back for her nap while the rest continued to play until their 1.5 hours of playtime was up. Yup, it was only 1.5 hours! Pretty short if you ask me, but I supposed they had to do so to ensure that all their guests had a chance to play. 

The older kids returned to the room to nap too, because unlike the previous visit, we were given late check-out until 6pm for this staycation. We had a lot of time to rest and have lunch before our Splash Zone time slot at 2pm!

The weather was amazing for a nice swim! 

Again, the 1.5-hour session was simply too short because we had so much fun! The kids were so reluctant to leave! 

Thankfully, we could wash up in our room due to the late check out.

We were chilling out in our room when we heard the doorbell ring. It was another round of evening canepes! We were so pleasantly surprised as we were famished! 😋

It was a fantastic end to a great staycation! The hubby enjoyed it very much. I say this all the time but Shangri-La, we will be back! (hopefully it would be a Shangri-La somewhere in the world...).


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