Sunday 28 November 2021

Our BFF Dao's Wedding (Post-Covid)

The youngest in our group is finally getting married! We were really hoping for her to hop on the married-at-25 train but nope, she is the Except One, the nickname for our group because there is always one person who is the odd one out, case in point (and yes, you got that right, the rest of us got married at 25! 😊).

As it was difficult for us to meet up due to the Safe Management Measures, we decided to do a virtual hens night via Zoom, the new normal in these unprecedented times.

It was my first time attending a hen's night online! To ensure that it was still fun and memorable, we made a special Zoom background and sent the bride-to-be the usual 'gear' to dress up! It's too bad that we can't make her parade down Orchard Road in them!

We also came up with a list of fun (albeit virtual) things that she had to do in order to win a prize! We would put a tick each time she completed a task!

Time just flew by when the 4 of us are together and I didn't even realise that it was already almost 10pm and all of the mummies (which are again the rest of us except the bride-to-be) needed to put our kids in bed.

It wasn't the most ideal but I think we all had a fun hen's night 😊


The morning of the wedding, the other 2 headed to the bride's home to help her get ready while I made my way slowly to the banquet venue as I was supposed to bring my active toddler with me and needed more time.

It turned out that my mum-in-law gave me a free pass to attend the wedding lunch without my Littlest! Hurray! 🀸🏻

This was my first time attending a wedding lunch post-COVID! I was super excited! As we had some time to spare, we helped the bride design her wedding guestbook!

The wedding lunch was held at Grand Shanghai Restaurant and I have to say, I prefer wedding banquets at restaurants instead of hotels because the food is so much better! 

Super yummy! πŸ˜‹

We joined the bride in some professional phototaking outside.

Congrats to our beautiful bride! Except one no more (at least for this hahaha, we're still waiting to become aunties to your baby hehe)!
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